Steven Universe Watch Order: Every Show and a Movie (Explained)

Steven Universe Watch Order Every Show and a Movie

Steven Universe is one of the most popular Cartoon Network series that first came out in 2013. The story follows a young boy called Steven and his friends Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. We follow them on many different adventures, and along the way, they face different rivals who try to attack and destroy their worlds. Steven is half-human and half-gem on his mother’s side, and his mission is to protect humans from various threats. All of this is set in the fictional town of Beach City, where all the ancient alien warriors, also known as Gems, preside and protect the humans.

Since Steven is not exclusively a Gem, he is trying to figure out the limits to his powers that came from his mother. This story and these characters resonated with many viewers, and the Steven Universe fanbase grew significantly over the years. To make things a bit easier for all the new fans that are joining, we have created a guide for watching all the seasons and movies that came out over the years. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Steven Universe watch order, which includes every show and movie that has come out so far.

How many Steven Universe shows are there?

There are two Steven Universe series, the original one that started in 2013, and then Steven Universe: Future which was released in 2019. We also have a Steven Universe movie, similarly called Steven Universe: The Movie, and it was released in 2019 as well. Keep reading for more if you want to see how the three are connected.


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Steven Universe shows and movies in order (at a glance)

It will be easier to follow this watch order if we break it down, so let’s look at the Steven Universe watch order at first glance.

  1. Steven Universe: Future (2019)
  2. Steven Universe: The Movie (2019)
  3. Steven Universe (2013)

Now that we have laid out the initial watch order, it will get easier. Next, we will look at how the story is connected and whether it follows a certain timeline.

Are the Steven Universe shows and movies connected? Do you need to watch them in a specific order?

We have seen so far that the Steven Universe franchise has two series and a movie; now, let’s see how they are connected to each other. To understand the watch order better, we have to take a look at how the Steven Universe timeline is set up. The first one to be released is the original series that came out in 2013.

The original series follows Steven and all his adventures with his friends; we are introduced to all kinds of different characters and the magical world created around them. Next, we have the movie that was released in 2019, and the story starts two years later after the ending of the original series. Finally, the Steven Universe: Future series continues around the same time as the movie.

We can definitely say that the three are connected; we follow the same characters, and the story just keeps progressing. As the story continues, we move forward in time, and our main group of characters has to face new challenges along the way.

We would recommend you watch the series and the movie following the release dates. In the case of Steven Universe, there is an obvious timeline to the story, and we believe it would be confusing to watch it any other way. Throughout the series and the movie, you would have certain references that wouldn’t make sense unless you’ve seen the original series beforehand.

There are some minor overlaps between the Movie and the Steven Universe: Future series. Still, we would definitely advise against watching the movie before the original series and other variations of the watch order. In the next couple of paragraphs, we will explain the best way to watch Steven Universe.

What is the best way to watch Steven Universe?

Regarding the Steven Universe franchise, we believe the best way to watch it is by following its release dates. With that said, in the case of Steven Universe, the release date order also follows a chronological order. The original series is a starting point, and then the movie starts two years later after the last season of the original. Finally, the second series, Steven Universe: Future, continues after the events that took place in the movie.

Steven Universe in order (by release date)  

Now, we are going to take a look at the best way in which to watch Steven Universe. We’ve already mentioned how even though we’re following a release date order, we are also following the story chronologically.

Steven Universe (2013)

steven universe

Steven was born half-Gem and half-human, and we follow as he goes on many different adventures with his closest friends and companions. His friends, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl are also Gems, and their mission is to save the humans from various threats that come along. Gems are known as ancient alien warriors, but Steven is still learning about his powers, unlike his peers.

Steven Universe: The Movie (September 2019)

steven universe movie

The Steven Universe movie takes place two years after the season finale of the original series. Steven and his friends thought that everything would finally be peaceful in their world. Unfortunately, they were attacked once again by another Ge. We later find out that this Gem is connected to Steven’s mother.

Steven Universe: Future (December 2019)

steven universe future

After defeating the final threat to the magical town of Beach City, Steven finds himself in a new predicament. He is starting to feel lost and without purpose, and since no one is in danger, he can only reflect on his life now. This made him realize that he needed to help Gems find a new purpose.


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Where to watch Steven Universe?

If you are planning to watch the Steven Universe series or the movie, you are probably wondering where this franchise is available for streaming; let’s take a look. The original series that came out back in 2013 is available for streaming on HBO Max and Hulu, but they don’t have the final season; the final season of the original series is available on Apple TV.

The Steven Universe movie is also available on HBO Max, Hulu, and Apple TV. Finally, we have the Steven Universe: Future series, which is available for streaming on HBO Max and Hulu, and you can also rent it on Amazon Video.

Will there be more Steven Universe shows or movies?

Unfortunately, there is no news regarding a potential new Steven Universe movie or season that would be coming up in the near future. The last episode of Steven Universe: Future aired back in 2020; nevertheless, we are still waiting to see if a new season or a movie might be in the works.