Storybrooke, Maine from Once Upon a Time: Where Is It and How to Visit It?

Storybrooke, Maine From Once Upon A Time: Where Is It And How To Visit It?

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Once Upon a Time is a fantasy TV show that started airing in 2011 on the ABC network. It was one of the most popular shows of its era and provided viewers with great character, storyline, and world-building. The show ended after seven seasons, and until that point, was quite forgotten. However, one of the great things it left us with were great stories, and places that are discussed even today. In this article, we will explore where can you find Storybrooke, Maine from Once Upon a Time and see where is it and how to visit it.

There are multiple ways to visit Storybrooke from Once Upon a Time. It can be accessed going over the town line in The Land Without Magic (real world), through the Underworld portal in the Heritage Park when to moon reaches its zenith every month, Magic Wardrobe, and every other way in magical locations since Storybrooke became one after the first Dark Curse. According to Emma Swan, Storybrooke is four hours away from Boston.

Short Introduction Of Once Upon a Time

As we already said, the TV show Once Upon a Time is a fantasy show that follows Emma Swan, a bail bonds person from Boston, who had a really tough childhood. Going from foster home to another, she became very hardened and tough. However, on her 28th birthday, after she wished she wasn’t alone, a little boy, Henry, appears on her doorstep, saying he is her son and that she gave him up for adoption when she was a teen. He convinces Emma to follow him to the small town of Storybrooke, Maine.

Henry tells Emma everything – from Dark Curse that trapped everyone in town, how everything in his storybook is true, and more. Emma still does not believe him but after the spicy encounter with the Mayor of the Storybrooke and Henry’s adoptive mother Regina Mills, she decides to stay, and find out what is going on. Everything goes from there.

The show had a really strong few seasons until the fifth one occurred, but even then, the most loyal fans followed this show ’till its end in the seventh season. Every season had different arcs and obstacles the main characters had to go through, and it involved other fairytale characters.

Storybrooke, Maine From Once Upon A Time: Where Is It And How To Visit It?

What Is Storybrooke And Where Is It?

Storybrooke is a made-up small town located in the U.S. state of Maine. The town was created by the Evil Queen, who wanted Snowhite, Prince Charming, and the rest of their kingdom to suffer for the rest of their lives. The Evil Queen used Dark Curse and made Storybrooke a home to brainwashed fairytale characters. Most of the residents are leading boring lives and are unhappy.

The time in Storybrooke never moved, however, when Emma Swan entered the town, the Clock Tower clock started moving for the first time in 28 years. Storybrooke’s name came from the pun of the word “storybook”. Since the time stopped when the Evil Queen activated the Dark Curse, everything seems old in 2011 when Emma comes, but there is an available internet connection and smartphones – Regina owns a BlackBerry phone. Only the Mayor Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen is conscious of what is going on.

Storybrooke also acts like a real-life U.S. municipality – it has elections, laws, law enforcement, and more. According to Emma Swan, the town is located four hours away from Boston.

Noone supposedly could enter Storybrooke because it is hidden by magic. Emma only went through because she was supposed to – she is the Saviour. It is important to mention that according to Fairytale characters, Storybrooke is located in the realm called a Land Without Magic. The magic only appears in Storybrooke, when the Dark Curse is broken.

In real life, Storybrooke does not exist but there is a town located there – Thomaston, Maine, a small seaport town.

Storybrooke, Maine From Once Upon A Time: Where Is It And How To Visit It?

How To Visit Storybrooke, Maine?

As we said before, there are multiple ways to visit Storybrooke. Obviously, the town line of Storybrooke is hidden from the rest of The Land Without Magic realm by magic. One can’t go over the line, but after some time that fact changed for various reasons. The most famous one, besides Emma Swan, was when Season 4 introduced Ursula and Cruella, villains, who managed to get over the town line.

There is a passage to the Underworld portal in the Heritage Park which was used in the fifth season when Emma Swan became a Dark One.

Storybrooke, Maine From Once Upon A Time: Where Is It And How To Visit It?

There was another version of Storybrooke – the Underworld one. Hades, a character from season five, transformed the Underworld into Storybrooke. The Underbrooke Library Clock Tower becomes a passage after Hades restarts his heart.

Magic wardrobes are not just things that only appear in Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter franchise – it is in Once Upon a Time too. The Magic Wardrobe was used by Snowhite and Prince Charming to send baby Emma to the Land Without Magic, to save herself from the Dark Curse and enable her to fulfill her fate as the Saviour. The Wardrobe was made by Geppetto, a character from Pinocchios’ story.


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The Magic Wardrobe appears a few times in the show. Besides the first episodes, the Magic Wardrobe also appears in the episode of the second season called “Queen of Hearts”, in which the ashes of the wardrobe mixed with the waters of Lake Nostos, transport the individual to Storybrooke Wishing Well.

Magic teleportation is possible from Fairytale Land to Storybrooke only after the First Dark Curse was broken, and magic appeared in Storybrooke. Multiple magic-wielding individuals did that exactly in Once Upon a Time after season 1. There are also “travel magic tools” like Magic Beans, Silver Slippers, and Apprentice’s Magic.

All in all, there are multiple ways to visit Storbrooke in Maine.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article! If you liked this article, stick with us for future pieces like this. Until the next time!

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