‘Stranger Things’ Season 4, Vol. 2 Ending, Explained: Does Vecna Get Defeated At The End Of Season 4?

Stranger Things

Netflix finally released the last two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 and wow! They are some of the best episodes, not only of the show, but also of any current TV series on the air. Netflix and the Duffer Brothers have really put their everything, both in the monetary and creative sense, to make this season a monumental piece of work, one that feels doesn’t come too often to television. These last two episodes are special in any way you look, and they amount to four hours of pure entertainment.

The ending of season 4 leaves our characters at their lowest point. We have seen our heroes win time, and time again against formidable foes, but this time, their enemy was just too much for them. What happens in the last section of this fantastic season, really opens the possibilities for an impressive fifth and final season that will come sometime in the future. The Duffer Brothers, the actors, the composers, the cinematographers, and even the VFX team are all working at the top of their game.

The following paragraphs include spoilers for season 4, volume 2 of Stranger Things. Read at your own risk.

Does Hopper Escape From Russia At The End Of Season 4?

Like in the previous volume, the story for these last two episodes is divided by a group of characters. We have Eleven who reconnects with Mike very early on. Then you have Nancy, Steve, and Dustin who are on a mission to kill Vecna, before the monster can take over the world and destroy it. Last but not least, we have Hopper’s storyline as he tries to escape from Russia. All three storylines have been somewhat separated throughout the season, but at least two of them manage to blend in a satisfying way.

Will, Mike, and Jonathan are still on the way to Eleven, who is still trapped inside the facility where Brenner has her training to become strong enough, so she can face Vecna and defeat him. There is a huge conflict between Brenner and Eleven. She wants to leave the facility and help her friend, but Breener prohibits her from doing so. He believes Eleven is not ready to take on Vecna, and he proposes she stay in the facility and keep training. However, she cannot stand around while their friends suffer, so she chooses to leave.

Stranger Things

However, Breener’s men detain Dr. Owens, who supported Eleven’s decision, and also try to detain Eleven. The plan to stop Eleven fails when the military arrives at the facility. Here, Brenner makes the choice to save Eleven no matter the cost, and he is killed in the process. Eleven’s powers increase, and she manages to take a helicopter down with her mind. Mike and Will arrive right away, and she is able to leave. Eleven warns the rest that Nancy and the others are in danger. They need to reach Hawkins as soon as they can.

Nancy, Steve, and the rest of the characters plan out killing Vecna, while using Max as bait. They will infiltrate into the Upside Down once again and kill Vecna’s physical body while he is distracted with Max. It is a dangerous plan, but they all agree to do it. The team buys guns and other items and prepares for the final attack. Max and Lucas will stay at the murder house, and the rest will go into the Upside Down. However, the basketball team interrupts the plan. Max finds herself alone with Vecna, but Eleven arrives mentally in time to protect her.


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Meanwhile, Hopper manages to escape the prison, but because of Yuri they cannot escape Russia. The military will soon find him and kill him. So they decide to make a call to Owens back in the States. Joyce, and Hopper seize the opportunity and finally kiss each other. As they can’t leave the country, they decide to turn back to the prison and kill the Upside Down creatures in there. They cannot be allowed to exist in this world.

Does Vecna Get Defeated At The End Of Season 4?

Vecna and Eleven keep battling, but the fight is just too much for Eleven, who almost gives up if not for Mike’s encouragement. However, it seems that Eleven’s rush in power comes too late, as Vecna manages to leave Max blind, and he breaks three of her limbs. Max, scared, begs Lucas to not let her die.

Nancy, Steve and Robin manage to find Vecna’s physical body in the Upside Down, but even after many shotgun shots and many molotovs, Vecna manages to escape. He is hurt, but not defeated. Dustin and Eddie, who had been distracting the creatures from Nancy, and company, make one last stand against the Upside Down creatures. Sadly, Eddie decides not to run and gets killed by the creatures.

Stranger Things

Max dies, but she is brought back by Eleven using her powers. Max remains in a coma, but even when Eleven goes to her mind, she can’t find her. Vecna promises to come back, as this is only the beginning. Mike, Eleven, and Will arrive back at Hawkins, which has been destroyed by the interdimensional door being almost opened when Max died. They all hug each other and Hopper finally returns home to her daughter.

The happy moments don’t live through the day. Will, who is still connected to the Upside Down, can feel something bad is coming. They look at the sky, and they see ashes falling from the sky. Vecna’s work is almost done, and the Upside Down is bleeding into reality. Our heroes stand, watching the incoming storm.

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