10 Strongest Characters In The Legend Of Vox Machina (Ranked)

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The Legend of Vox Machina is one of the newest fantasy shows to hit the Amazon Prime streaming service. This animated show is actually based on the Critical Role web series that follow characters playing Dungeons & Dragons. And the adventurers involved in this story are members of a group called Vox Machina. But who are the strongest characters in The Legend of Vox Machina?

10. Pike Trickfoot


Pike Trickfoot is a gnome who is actually the most religious member of the group due to the fact that she has a great-grandfather who ended up worshipping the goddess known as Everlight. In the past, the Trickfoot family used to be known for being thieves, but Pike’s great-grandfather, Wilhand, changed that. That is why Pike proudly followed in the footsteps of her great-grandfather.

The thing about Pike is that, while she is a religious person, she is actually one of the biggest drinkers on Vox Machina. She became a member of the group when she was protected by Grog when Wilhand got himself targeted by the Herd of Storms. And after Grog protected her, she searched for the big guy as a means of thanking him and ended up becoming his drinking buddy. Of course, she also became a member of the early version of Vox Machina in the process of befriending Grog.

So, the reason why we rank Pike as the weakest member of Vox Machina is the fact that she is simply their healer. Her powers are derived from her religious beliefs and her status as a cleric of the goddess Everlight. As such, she often calls upon the power of the goddess to heal her party members and to provide them the strength they need to fight. While she may indeed be powerless in a straight-up fight, she is an invaluable member of Vox Machina because they would all be dead without her.

9. Scanlan Shorthalt

Even though all of the members of Vox Machina are funny and entertaining in their own right, the gnome bard Scanlan Shorthalt seems to be at the top of that list. The reason why he is so entertaining is the fact that he is by far the most sexually active member of the group, as he always tries to find a way to get some sexual action wherever they go. That is why The Legend of Vox Machina should struggle to find a good balance between Scanlan’s sexual tendencies and Amazon’s censors.

Scanlan is a gnome that grew up in poverty because his father was never there to aid him and his mother. That was when Scanlan decided to be a musician, who supported his mother when he joined a traveling performance act. But Scanlan eventually witnessed his mother getting murdered by goblins, and that was when he joined the mercenary group that Grog was originally a member of before the group became Vox Machina.

As a bard, Scanlan’s abilities stem from his ability to come up with tunes that allow him to cast a lot of different spells. His powers are magical in nature, but they tend to be quite flamboyant because of Scanlan’s nature. That means that he is a formidable member of the group and can be great at supporting his teammates as well. The only problem is that he might not be the best in a straight-up fight because of his lack of size and fighting abilities.

8. Grog Strongjaw

Not counting Vex’s bear, Grog Strongjaw is the biggest and most physically imposing member of the group because he is a member of the goliath race, which descended from the giants long ago. Grog used to be a member of a group called the Herd of Storms, which is a warrior group that honors violence above all else, and that is why they often attack innocent people who just happen to pass by. This also explains why Grog does have a tendency for violence.

Considering that he grew up in a violent community, Grog loves fighting different people and warriors to prove his strength. However, he wasn’t like all of the other members of the Herd of Storms, who love violence for the sake of violence regardless of whether they were targeting the weak or the strong. Instead, Grog is honorable and a big softy, as he protected Wilhand and Pike against the Herd of Storms. That was how he became friends with Pike, who he often hangs out with for drinks.


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Given the fact that Grog is the biggest and physically strongest member of Vox Machina, he serves as the group’s tank. But, unlike other tanks, he can both take and dish out punishment because he has an insatiable appetite for battle. He likes battling strong opponents and is capable of dishing a lot of damage with one strake of his great ax. That is why Grog often delivers the final blow, especially when they killed the blue dragon in episode 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina.

7. and 6. Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia

Vox Machina has a pair of twins that were born to a human mother and an elven father. The male twin is named Vax’ildan or Vax, for short. At first, Vax lived a simple life as a human but ended up getting summoned by his father to the elven city of Syngorn because his father was an elven ambassador.

But the problem was that, at age ten, Vax didn’t fit in with the rest of the elves because he was only half-elf. This caused a sense of loneliness within Vax and his sister, as they decided to go back home to their mother, where they felt home. However, the twins’ mother was killed by a dragon, he and his sister had to resort to mercenary work to find a way to support themselves. That is how Vax became a member of Vox Machina.

Vax is different from his sister in the sense that he has a different talent as a fighter. He is more proficient as a stealthy warrior because of his ability to keep himself hidden and find a way to kill monsters and people alike with his quick hands and trickery. Vax excels as a rogue or assassin that usually works as the team’s resident spy. And, in a straight-up fight, he can handle himself really well because his skills are suited for one-on-one fights.

Vex’ahlia is the female of the two half-elven twins. She shares the same origins as her brother, as she used to be live in human society until her father took her and her brother to an elven city. Of course, like Vax, Vex didn’t feel like she belonged there, and that was when she decided to go back home to her mother along with her brother.

However, as mentioned, Vex’s mother was killed by a dragon. In order to find a way to exact revenge on dragons, Vex studied dragon lore and absorbed as much information about these beasts as possible. And speaking of beasts, Vex has a bear called Trinket, who she saved from poachers when it was still a cub.

Unlike Vax, Vex excels in ranged combat due to her status as a ranger. She is a very skilled archer that could not miss. On top of that, she is excellent as a tracker and is capable of hunting different people and beasts. And the reason why she is one of the best members of Vox Machina is the fact that she is level-headed (sometimes acting as a leader) and has a bear that could aid her in battle.

5. Percival “Percy” De Rolo

Percival De Rolo, or Percy, is one of the central characters of season 1 of The Legend of Vox Machina because of how the story revolves around the Briarwood arc. This means that the TV show will reveal a good part of Percy’s backstory, as he used to be a noble member of the De Rolo family, the benevolent and kind leaders of Whitestone.

However, when Percy was just a boy, his family decided to welcome Silas and Delilah Briarwood into their household, as the husband and wife found a way to gain the family’s trust before deciding to betray them by killing them. As such, Percy’s family was killed while he and his sister were imprisoned and tortured. When they attempted to escape, only Percy came out alive, and that was when he eventually became one of the final members of Vox Machina.

Percy is one of the two ranged weapon experts on Vox Machina because he excels at using his firearms or guns. He himself built his guns by studying engineering and chemistry. But he eventually gained the knowledge when a dark entity called Orthax visited him in a dream and introduced the ability to build guns so that he could take revenge on the Briarwoods. Percy is said to be a skilled marksman that could kill from over a thousand feet away.

4. Keyleth

Keyleth is another half-elf member of Vox Machina that hails from the Ashari’s air tribe, which is a tribe that guards the guard the elemental plane of air where it converges with the realm of Exandria. Her father is the Air Ashari’s headmaster, and Keyleth is actually his successor. However, she left her home at the age of 20 and is tasked to complete the Aramenté trial to become the true leader of the tribe. 

However, Keyleth felt pressured when her mother never made it back from the trial. As such, she is often portrayed as a character that tends to fold under pressure quite easily. It was through her journey to complete her own quest that she met the twins Vex and Vax, who are similar to her because they are also half-elves.


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In terms of pure power, Keyleth is arguably the most powerful member of the group because of her connection with nature. She can summon amazing druid spells that can decimate opponents in a blink of an eye. She can manipulate air and plants to her advantage in combat, and that makes her the team’s resident AOE and magic specialist. The only problem with Keyleth is that she is often held back by her tendency to fold under pressure.

3. Delilah Briarwood

Delilah Briarwood was introduced at the final part of episode 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina and is the wife of Sylas Briarwood. Together with her husband, she rules the land of Whitestone, where Percy originated from.

In the past, Delilah and Sylas got close to the De Rolo family and ended up usurping them as the new leaders of Whitestone. It was also revealed in episode 3 that none of the emissaries that the sovereign sent to Whitestone made it back. And that is a clue to how ruthless of a leader Delilah can be.

Unlike her husband, Delilah is a regular human. However, she is a powerful wizard that is capable of magical feats that none of the members of Vox Machina can contend with. This is why she is a formidable opponent that is capable of killing and decimating opponents in a heartbeat.

2. Sylas Briarwood

Sylas Briarwood is the husband of Delilah and is one of the leaders of Whitestone, which he took over when he and his wife killed the former rulers. The only member of the family that escaped his wrath was Percy, who had vowed to take revenge on the people who wronged his family.

The most defining part about Sylas is the fact that he is a vampire. That means that he has abilities that far exceed the capabilities of regular humans in the physical sense. His vampire powers make him one of the strongest characters introduced to the series as of this writing.


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As a vampire, Sylas can charm people just by looking at them. He even did so to the sovereign, who became his puppet just by charming him. On top of that, Sylas is so strong that he can lift tree trunks with one arm and can fight on par with several members of Vox Machina all on his own.

1. Brimscythe

Brimscythe LoVM

Brimscythe was the central antagonist of the first two episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina and is a dragon that can transform himself into a human that serves under the command of the sovereign. However, the truth is that he only served under the sovereign to find a way to destroy the kingdom from the inside.

As a blue dragon, Brimscythe is by far the most powerful character introduced to the series as of this writing. He has the power to quickly decimate entire armies and villages alike. Even the best adventurers died in a blink of an eye when they encountered Brimscythe. That’s because he can shoot lightning, has the size and strength to overpower anything before him, and is quite intelligent in the sense that he knows common military tactics and strategies.

However, Brimscythe met his death at the hands of Vox Machina. While the members of Vox Machina aren’t strong individually, they are great as a collective that thrives at working in a dysfunctional manner. It is through the unpredictable teamwork that Vox Machina displayed that Brimscythe ended up meeting his dead, as he struggled against a dysfunctional group that didn’t have proper tactics and strategies.

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