30 Strongest Ghouls & Their Ratings in Tokyo Ghoul (Ranked)

30 Strongest Ghouls & Their Ratings in Tokyo Ghoul (Ranked)

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Although Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul really had a great story, it was the characters that made us love the show so much. Humans, inspectors, ghouls… the series offered us a colorful plethora of various characters, personalities and powers. In this article, we are going to talk about the Ghouls of Tokyo Ghoul, as we bring you a list of the 30 strongest Ghouls from the series, along with their official government ratings, as per the manga and anime. The list is going to be ranked.

30. Hooguro

Hooguro27s mask in the anime

Rating: A+

Hooguro is a ghoul who seems quite strong, he has a scaly kagune, currently, his kagune hasn’t been shown yet. He stands up to Haise Sasaki alongside his allies, Haise will give him A+ rank in view of his strength.

29. Yumitsu Tomoe (Grave Robber)

yumitsu tomoe holding her sword in combat tokyo ghoul Cropped

Rating: A+

Yumitsu is an accomplished fighter, however the excessive consumption in RC cell of her Kagune makes her prefer the use of Quinque so as not to be quickly tired like a winged ghoul. Yumitsu is a very athletic woman. When fighting with her quinque, she can easily overwhelm an opponent with these punches. She is able to move at high speed in an environment. The young woman knows how to fight with a quinque very well; most of the time she uses weapons similar to swords or katanas.

28. Mayu (Nutcracker)

Nutcracker27s dual kagune re anime

Rating: S

Nutcracker possessed both tail and shell claws with the ability to sever them. Her tail claw took the form of a long tail. She could use these to hang from ceilings. Her armored claw resembled a pair of spider limbs, which she uses for self-defense. Nutcracker demonstrated the ability to sever her tail claw. Nutcracker could sever her claws and then use them as traps that unsuspecting enemies could pierce through using triggered vibrations from these individuals.

27. Miza Kusakari (Three Blades)

Triple Lames Anime

Rating: S

Miza is an S-rank ghoul whose power is feared by CCG inspectors. Her strength and rigor led her to become the head of the 18th Ward. Miza’s kagune takes the form of three long, wide, blade-like tentacles. Generations of inbreeding within his family allowed his Kagune to be sharper than normal.

26. Demon Yamada

Oni Yamada

Rating: S

Yamada has a tailed Kagune that takes the form of several large butcher blades. After his death, his Kagune was recycled into a quinque taking the form of a large butcher’s knife.

25. Bin Brothers

Bin brothers3

Rating: S

The Bin brothers were respected and notorious ghouls, certainly recognized for their strength and their leadership abilities, but also and above all for their ability to fight in synchronization using tactics they themselves had designed.

24. Naki


Rating: S

Naki has an Armored Kagune, he almost always with. Fe does not show major physical assets, so he uses his Kagune exclusively in combat. He remains good in close combat and can last a very long time, possessing great endurance, he is very good at hitting the pile without worrying about anything.

23. Kuki Urie

Urie27s kakugan anime

Rating: S

Kuki is a Quinx, a new generation of inspectors with Ghoul-like abilities thanks to an RC pocket encased in metal in Quinque, which was given to him. He is therefore able to have the resistance of the ghouls and their ability to use a Kagune while retaining his ability to digest “normal” food. Due to his zeal to win, Kuki is a very good inspector whose abilities allowed him to obtain the prize of excellence from his academy.

Selfish, he will initially be a very bad team leader until the loss of a companion makes him question himself. Kuki later became a good leader, advising his subordinates and caring about how they were. Relying solely on his Kagune, which he finds more powerful than his Quinque, his wanderings will lead him to train and then use both equally.

22. Yakumo Oomori (Yamori / Jason)

Yamori Ken

Rating: S

Yamori was an S-rank ghoul, a powerful threat with physical strength and speed enhanced by numerous acts of cannibalism. In the 13th District, there was hardly anyone who dared to challenge him. Yakumo was able to quickly overpower Ken, and beat him against a wall right after, breaking him in the process. Additionally, in the Tokyo Ghoul:JACK OVA, he is seen breaking through a wall with only his hands.


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21. Shuu Tsukiyama (Gourmet)

Shu Sword

Rating: S

Living completely as a ghoul, Shu possesses an Armored Kagune with enhanced physical abilities. He can form a linear metallic ribbon that can wrap itself into a flexible spiral that serves as his armor to protect his right arm. To extend his reach, he can shape it into a large sword-like blade suitable for thrusting and stabbing. During his fight against Toka, Shu was able to survive despite having his arm and part of his face ripped off.

20. Rize Kamishiro (Binge Eater)

Rize reading a novel

Rating: S

Living as a ghoul, Rize possesses great physical abilities as well as a Scaly Kagune. Rize is considered one of the strongest ghouls in Tokyo, and her Kagune is capable of taking down multiple opponents with a single blow.

19. Nishiki Nishio (Serpent)

Nishio about to kill Hide

Rating: S~

Nishiki is a tailed ghoul, which grants him increased regeneration and stamina, but he also has agility and strength outside of his Kagune. Although adept at fighting, Nishiki uses his wits rather than strength when in battle. His Kagune wraps around his right leg to make the power of his kicks even greater.

He was able to withstand many injuries from Shu Tsukiyama and maintain his consciousness. His physical strength is especially enhanced as he was able to shatter Kuki Urie’s Kagune with a single kick without much effort. Nishiki was agile enough to fend off multiple attacks from the Quinx Squad members.

18. Enji Koma (Devil Ape)


Rating: SS

Enji is a powerful ghoul who considers himself stronger than Kaya Irimi, an SS-rated ghoul by the CCG. Leader of his own gang who specialized in the murder of talented CCG inspectors, he has a whole network of members who answer his orders. His power allowed him to stand alone against a special inspector.

17. Shikorae / Rio (Jail)

Shikorae27s kagune blade anime 1

Rating: SS

Although classified as an A-rank Ghoul, Shikorae seems far more powerful than expected, this being due to the fact that he has a very specific RC pocket. The ghoul proves its strength thanks to a rather fast regeneration; it can regenerate multiple wounds as well as limbs. He is also a fairly agile ghoul and knows how to take damage.

Shikorae is, at present, the ghoul that can develop the most different types of Kagune. He has shown to possess three types of Kagune but probably possesses all four; he even surpasses the chimera ghouls having two Kagune. It is also possible that Shikorae has RC pockets capable of taking the form of any Kagune, which means that he has a mimicry power allowing him to recreate the four types.

16. Kaya Irimi (Black Dog)

Kaya young

Rating: SS

Kaya is an exceptional fighter, being a member of the Anteiku and living alongside ghouls like Yoshimura, Yomo, or Enji. Kaya is therefore very powerful. She is an SS rank ghoul, thus proving her dangerousness. During the assault on the Aogiri Tree, Kaya reveals one of her hidden talents: the perception of the movements and actions of her opponents by concentrating on the number of opponents and their movements, all thanks to vibrations.

She is very precise and does not make mistakes, always achieving perfect results. This ability is very useful during CCG assaults such as their clash against the Aogiri Tree, as it allows other members of the group to be informed of danger.


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15. Donato Porpora (Priest)

Donato27s kagune anime

Rating: SS

As a ghoul, Donato possesses superhuman strength and regeneration, and is one of the strongest Clowns, behind Roma Hoito and Uta. Donato’s Kagune is detachable, so he can split it into several parts in order to hide it in the ground and walls and surprise his opponents. He used this in his fight against Kuki Urie to hold him on the ceiling, or even to cut off Toma Higemaru’s arm from a long distance. Donato was also able to control the Owl through the “music box” system, with Eto Yoshimura’s head taking the shape of a cross, and the Owl’s strength being equivalent to Donato’s state.

14. Big Madam

Big Madam27s kagune re anime

Rating: SS

Her abilities are unknown, although she is considered an extremely dangerous ghoul. Despite several attempts to exterminate her, she always managed to escape. The CCG is extremely suspicious of her. Furthermore her sphere of influence in the ghoul world makes her a very dangerous and difficult person to pin down.

Big Madam has a huge tailed Kagune, with whcih she can stick to a wall and cling onto pillars. This technique allows her to be very agile and to stay in height. Moreover, her Kagune has a very long range. The power of her tailed Kagune is very high as the ghoul can easily destroy a Kagune or send an opponent flying with it.

13. Uta (No Face)

Uta27s Kakuja.PNG 1

Rating: SS

Being a ghoul, Uta possesses superhuman regeneration and speed. In his youth, his strength led him to become the “peacemaker” of the 4th Ward. Uta’s Kagune takes the form of 6 spider legs that can strike opponents from a distance. Uta possesses a Fire Kagune which takes the form of several large arms that sprout from her shoulders and back with flesh covering most of her face.

Uta is able to transform his head into a three-part mouth with jaws, similar to that of a Venus Flytrap, which he can use to devour his enemies whole. He nonchalantly dodges Hirako’s continued assaults with his Quinque, taunting him as he closes in on the Inspector.

Uta has shown inhuman feats of regeneration; without any consumption, he healed his face after being stabbed by several Quinques in a short interval in addition to his instant regeneration when his face was injured again by Hirako severing the upper half of his head. Uta possesses the ability to mimic the appearances of others, though the exact means of this are currently unexplained.

He previously mimicked Kisho Arima’s facial features, while leaving his overall appearance and hairstyle unchanged. On another occasion, he managed to mimic Yukinori Shinohara’s physical appearance and voice so accurately that he momentarily tricked the latter’s former partner, Juzo Suzuya. He was also able to mimic the physical appearance and voice of Ken Kaneki, when he was Haise Sasaki.

12. Kurona Yasuhisa (Floppy)

Kurona27s detached kagune anime

Rating: SS

Kurona is able to detach her Kagune to form a kind of sword which she wields brilliantly due to her quinque training she received before. The ghoul still has tentacles and it can now deploy six; the tentacles are wider. The ghoul can also deploy a kakuja in this form. The woman wears a mask of flesh on the upper face.

The mask is made of RC Cell, with many eyes moving in different angles allow it to see an area better. All of the eyes are red Kakugan. The ghoul’s arms in this form transform and will become much larger and take on a more eccentric shape. These arm extensions made of RC cell allow it to give powerful punches.

Kurona also demonstrates very strong regeneration, as when she was cut in half and quickly reformed and reappeared whole. She also carries a higher pain resistance, and will be able to regenerate stab wounds in seconds. Even when dismembered, she continues to fight and can quickly reform.

11. Hinami Fueguchi (Yotsume)

Hinami vs Mado

Rating: SS

Hinami is a natural chimera ghoul, as she was born with two Kagune at once, one armored and one scaly, as well as heightened senses. Her armored Kagune looks like two flower petals that serve as shields. A few years later, Hinami can now create four armored petals, which are strong enough to block Higher Mind blasts. Her Scaly Kagune takes the form of flexible red and yellow spines.

Initially, Hinami could only produce up to two tentacles. Over time, Hinami has shown the ability to create four tentacles while having greater control over them. Having a great sense of hearing, Hinami can easily sort through sounds to gain information. And with her abnormal sense of smell, Hinami can find locations of people by their smells.


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10. Touka Kirishima (Rabbit)

Toka Kagune anime

Rating: Unknown

Toka is a winged ghoul possessing a Kagune capable of changing shape at will. During her fight against Shu Tsukiyama, Touka formed a unique wing and controlled her Kagune with ease. Over time, Toka gained a second wing with much larger projectiles. Additionally, her Kagune stopped projectiles from Kiyoko Aura’s Zebizu and Morgan Tanakamaru’s Higher Mind upon emergence, even negating the attack for a brief moment.

In use, Touka’s Kagune is surrounded by a lightning-like aura capable of generating electricity that can be used offensively and destructively. During her fight against Shu, she moved at a high enough speed that Shu didn’t know where she was for a short period of time. When fighting Ayato Kirishima during the Battle of the 11th Ward, Toka was able to remain conscious, even after having the Kagune eaten by her brother.

9. Ayato Kirishima (Black Rabbit)

Image 3

Rating: SS

Like his big sister, Ayato inherited the winged Kagune from his mother, Hikari. This Kagune takes the form of two wings of fire, turning from red to dark blue, which allow him to block attacks by giving them the shape of a cloak, or to fire projectiles in the form of blue-black crystals. He can also use his wings to destroy bodies by ramming them with great power.

His kagune obviously allows him to fly, and he seems to be able to fly at quite high altitudes. Also, he wields his Kagune better than Toka and can hit his target even inside a narrow room, as if they were an extension of his body.

Ayato is also very good in hand-to-hand combat; according to him, it would be his specialty. Winged Kagune are generally weak in melee, but Ayato manages to overcome this flaw to make it a quality. He fights very well in hand-to-hand combat, using various techniques and only taking out part of his Kagune so as not to hinder him.

8. Matasaka Kamishiro (Shachi)

Sachi27s Kagune

Rating: SS

Shachi is a ghoul of terrifying power. He is able to defeat very powerful ghouls without even using his kagune. He has trained all his life and mixes human combat techniques with ghoul combat techniques. This mixture makes him a very powerful opponent. Shachi possesses colossal strength even for a ghoul, he is able to destroy the ground or a wall with a single blow.

He is also endowed with an impressive speed and far superior to ordinary ghouls, able to swoop down on an enemy without him being able to see him coming. He is also very knowledgeable about human anatomy and knows where to place his punches. His training with humans greatly increased his knowledge of the art of combat and its techniques. He also possesses a powerful kagune. Shachi knows different martial arts and juggles them perfectly, all these data together make him a formidable opponent who currently remains undefeated.

7. Ken Kaneki / Haise Sasaki (Eyepatch / Centipede)

Kaneki27s Kagune Anime

Rating: SS

After inheriting Rize Kamishiro’s RC Cells, Ken displayed a unique healing factor, as well as a Scaly Kagune and increased physical power. Due to his “interbreeding” and the Washu bloodline RC cells he obtained, Ken’s abilities are more powerful than those of a “thoroughbred” ghoul. When Banjo Kazuichi came to the Anteiku, Ken accidentally hit him unconsciously with an elbow, knocking him out on the spot.

Ken was able to rip out an asphalt lamp post and use it to hit one of the Bin Brothers. Ken was able to evade Narukami’s condensed projectiles, flailing Arima. While facing Yukinori Shinohara, Ken was traveling at immense speed, fast enough that Shinohara couldn’t track his location. In his fight with Karren, Haise was able to maneuver and dodge his Kagune’s quick attacks, quickly approaching it from behind towards the end of the move.

During his second encounter with Nishiki, Ken was able to withstand the many blows of the ghoul in his weakened and starved state, and when he was fighting Matasaka Kamishiro, Ken maintained his consciousness after being tackled to the ground and walls of the Kano underground laboratory.

During his torture at the hands of Yamori, he continuously regenerated his fingers and toes for an entire 10 days. He recovered easily from injuries inflicted by Matasaka Kamishiro, and recovered from a hole he received while fighting Kôtaro Amon. He survives his fight against Arima, and heals his wounds despite losing his memories.

Ken possesses a more than evident pain tolerance during his fight against Naki. When he twists and breaks his foot to prevent her from killing him, his only reaction was a slight smile, moreover, after being tortured by Yamori, despite the latter crushing his leg and sending him into the wall, he feels absolutely no pain.

6. Noro

Noro healing himself

Rating: SS~

With the exception of Owl and Shachi, the CCG has rated Noro as one of the most powerful Ghouls known to date. Noro has an extremely concentrated Kagune, the latter is able to shape it so as to form a mouth at the end of its enormous tentacle in order to tear or devour its opponents. Noro’s Fire Kagune differs from the others in that in this form, as Noro seems to “transform” into a huge mass of Kagune from which many appendages such as his eyes or many mouths appear.

By deploying this Fire Kagune, Noro loses all mobility, but benefits from a power and resistance capable of knocking down many opponents. Its tentacles seem uncontrollable and it is very complicated to approach its “heart”. Even for a ghoul, Noro’s ability to regenerate is incredible. The ghoul was indeed able to survive several attacks that should have killed her without showing any signs of pain.

The latter was decapitated, sliced ​​in two or pierced and was always able to survive thanks to his incredible regeneration whose psychological impact allows him to give his opponents the impression of fighting an invulnerable adversary. Noro demonstrates incredible resistance to pain and is capable of taking severe damage without expressing any pain.

Being an extraordinary ghoul, Noro must eat much more than a normal ghoul in order to continue living. Noro also demonstrates surprising agility, the ghoul can jump several meters off the ground while fighting with his kagune. It can also be attached to flat surfaces such as walls or ceilings. He can fight while being fixed on a ceiling several meters above the ground.


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5. Tatara


Rating: SS~

Although Tatara hasn’t shown his full strength, it can be easily deduced that the ghoul is very powerful. Tatara possesses incredible strength and very high fighting skills for having risen to the highest of Aogiri. The ghoul prides itself on its combat abilities. Tatara is capable of killing an entire Inspector team as he demonstrates in the Battle for Anteiku. He also kills an assistant inspector during this raid with disconcerting ease.

The ghoul is very fast, as he manages to run into an inspector and grab him by the collar before he realizes it. He can also dodge and has very good reflexes, which he uses avoid shots even near him. In the second season of the anime, we can see Tatara’s Kagune for a brief moment. His Kagune takes the form of a huge red tentacle. This kagune would be tailed or scaly type.

However it is very likely that it is not complete; moreover it only appears in the anime. Also in the anime, he is shown to have great strength capable of destroying a quinque like that of the director of Cochlea. In the manga, we can see a tentacle will come out of Tatara’s dress to hit an opponent; this tentacle could be a part of Tatara’s kagune, which he never shows. This tentacle is very long and cuts his opponent’s arm in a few moments. Tatara seems to have mastered his kagune to perfection, making it a fast and deadly execution weapon.

4. Seidou Takizawa (Owl)

Takizawa27s half kakuja anime

Rating: SS+

After being operated on by Doctor Kano, Seido receives the Winged Kagune from Yoshimura, who is an SSS-ranked ghoul. After his operation, Seido is tortured in a manner similar to Ken Kaneki and thus develops incredible strength and speed, far exceeding human limits. He can run at incredible speed, leap several feet easily, catch up with a group in moments, run up a wall, and even scale a huge building just by running over it.

It can throw humans several meters away with great ease or decapitate and sever human bodies in a single blow. His physical strength is incredible, as long as his speed he can break bones with a single kick or send an inspector flying dozens of meters. He can perform actions and possesses strength and speed that even very powerful ghouls cannot match.

In addition, he can suffer serious injuries without being affected, since he is used for the torture of Eto and Kano: he can have his body pierced or hit without ever feeling pain. Seido also has a great capacity for regeneration, he can easily regenerate limbs like arms, if a part of his torn body is near him, his flesh can be transformed into threads to recover the missing limbs and rejoin a great speed.

3. Roma Hoito (The Dodgy Mother)

Roma27s kakuja anime.PNG

Rating: SSS

Due to her ghoulish nature, Roma had inhuman abilities like pain tolerance, increased durability, extraordinary regeneration, as well as a full Fire Kagune. Roma wields her Kagune perfectly. She was able to create eight tails with ease and plunge them into the ground to surprise her opponents.

Roma’s Kagune had the ability to detach. She was able to detach such a small quantity that it looked like a kind of earthenware that she used to announce her location to the other Clowns. A serial cannibal in her youth, Roma mutated into a powerful fire ghoul. Her kagune could generate a massive form, resembling a multi-limbed creature with a gaping Sea Lamprey-like mouth.

In this form, her actual body was recessed into the creature’s forehead with additional limbs protruding from the face and sides. Roma was able to recover almost immediately from the abdominal injuries she suffered from an Inspector, attacking her right after. She also survived being hit by Urie’s Armored Kagune, despite it having pierced her head.

2. Yoshimura (Non-Killing Owl)

Tokyo Yoshimura Large2052

Rating: SSS

Kuzen Yoshimura is a ghoul possessing a Winged Kagune and a Fire Kagune obtained through continuous acts of cannibalism. His unique traits allow him to fire crystalline projectiles through his entire body. His Kagune is composed of two to four spikes allowing him to fire projectiles very quickly. The other two spikes form concentrated RC cells that look like heavy shotguns pouring through the cover.

With two types of ammo in his arsenal, Kuzen has the firepower to take down many unprepared enemies. Despite its large and bulky frame, it is fast enough to overpower many opponents in seconds. Kuzen has also shown the unique ability to fire crystalline projectiles through his entire body, not just his Kagune.

Winged Ghouls are known to specialize in long range attacks and can be outrun at close range. Having committed acts of cannibalism, Kuzen sharpened and developed his kagune to bring out two large blades from his shoulders to counter this weakness. With these two large blades, he can cover the distance between his opponents, parry incoming attacks, and retaliate synchronously.

While his winged kagune spans medium to far distances, his fire kagune reduces those ahead; it is nearly impossible to escape Kuzen’s reach. Kuzen’s fire kagune also forms a mask similar to that of the One-Eyed Owl, with minor differences in the size of the kagugan and the curves of the lips.

His fire kagune is powerful enough to endure and counter multiple attacks from CCG Special Inspectors and enhances his physical abilities at the effort required to overpower him, as Kuzen is also skilled enough to fight off an army of Inspectors simultaneously without much difficulty. wrong.


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1. Eto Yoshimura (One-Eyed Owl)

Tokyo One Eyed Owl Mask24.JPG

Rating: SSS

Eto is probably the most powerful ghoul in the series. In the guise of the One-Eyed Owl, she was able to fight and kill several Special-Deputy Rank Inspectors, causing her to be classified as an SSS Rank Ghoul. Her speed is such that she seems to teleport from one point to another; her movements are hardly perceptible to the naked eye, like her movement between Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa, as well as Banjo Kazuichi, whom she injured seriously tearing his ribs.

In her full form, Eto becomes a huge, monstrous creature. Her winged Kagune enlarges and becomes gigantic and takes the form of four gigantic scythes. Its physical appearance has almost nothing human anymore, the ghoul is surmounted by four very thin legs (reminiscent of the legs of an owl). Its improbable body is much bigger than its legs, it is usually hidden by a cape.

Her scarlet eye moves to the center of the mask, and six eye-like signs come to rest on her face. Under strong excitement, Eto’s Fire Kagune can mutate and become even more monstrous. When she gets mad, her One-Eyed Owl body lengthens, then new legs (still slender) grow and her head is constantly changing.

In this new form, Eto appears more slender, she can climb walls, grab people with her slender legs, or shoot tentacle blades from her body. These “tentacles” will also have mouths and will be able to speak. The shape of her head can take the appearance of his basic face with multiple ghoul and human eyes, or take the form of multiple overlapping mouths with no eyes.

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