‘Surface’ Episodes 1-3 Ending, Explained: What Really Happened To Sophie On The Bridge?


Surface is the new psychological drama from Apple TV, and it is just another proof that Apple TV is the best streaming platform in terms of delivering quality shows to its subscribers. Yes, we are not talking about a lot of shows, but the few that are on the platform are all great. Quality over quantity, most people would choose that any day of the week, and that is exactly what Apple is offering with shows as excellent as Pachinko, Severance, and After Party.

Surface is a drama series created by Veronica West, and she brings all her expertise to the fold. Sam Miller is in the director’s chair, and together the team creates a wonderful drama with a very good mystery at the core of it. The revelations come fast and quick, and thanks to an incredible performance by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophie, our main character, comes to life in the most impressive of ways. It is easy to root for her as we follow her path in search of the truth.

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Surface has released the first three episodes of its first season, and the following paragraphs contain spoilers for them. Read at your own risk.

What Really Happened To Sophie On The Bridge?

The setup for Surface is quite amazing. It is the type of premise that instantly hooks you and never lets you go. Our main character, Sophie, is the recent survivor of a suicide attempt. We see her talking with her therapist, and he also learns that one of the consequences of her attempt is that she has lost all memories from before. You see, Sophie decided to jump from the San Francisco bridge, which would have been certain death, but she lived.

Her doctor tells her that the fact that she is alive is a miracle, and she should move forward. If Sophie keeps dwelling on her trauma, she will never get better. It is really hard to watch Sophie, not only in shock of having survived all of this, but also because the biggest issue is that she doesn’t understand why she made that decision. What could have been so bad that she decided to end her life just like that?


Sophie’s life seems to be perfect. She has money, a wonderful rich husband that really wants to love her, and tons of friends that care for her. It doesn’t seem like she had the kind of life someone who commits suicide has before ending it. This makes her suspicious. She spends time with her friends and with her husband, and she doesn’t feel any connection with them. The life of a rich wife doesn’t seem to be the life for her.

Things get even more complicated when, one day, Sophie is contacted by a mysterious man. The mysterious man is Baden, and he warns Sophie that her husband is not who he says he is. Sophie is shocked by this statement, but deep inside she knows there is some truth to it. She can feel it. Her husband has been behaving very suspiciously. He spends long hours on the phone, works until very late, and more. During a party, her husband confesses that he is happy she lost her memories, as it means a new chance for both of them.

Who Is The Mysterious Man That Makes Contact With Sophie?

The mysterious man shares with Sophie a matchbox, that comes from a bar. Sophie visits the bar, and there she meets the man, Baden. He explains that they knew each other before her incident. She doesn’t remember who she is, but she doesn’t trust him. At home, Sophie has been trying to remember how to log in to her laptop. She uses the name of the bar, and she manages to log in. In her files, she finds a video where she is seen having sex with Baden. It seems they were closer than they looked.

She gives him another chance. It came to light that they were having an affair. Baden believes that she wouldn’t have jumped from the bridge, he believes there is something more, and he is suspicious of Sophie’s husband. She knows something is weird about her husband, but it is hard to believe he would try to kill her in such a way. Sophie keeps compiling the evidence, and it seems clear that her jumping from a bridge is more than what it seems.


A member of the rescue team that saved her said that she was saying her name was Tess, not Sophie, and that someone had pushed her off a boat. There is stranger evidence, and her best friend even confesses that before her incident she and her husband were having a bad time. Her best friend even slept with her husband, for which she apologizes. Sophie doesn’t care, she doesn’t love her husband, but she is fearful of what might happen.

Baden warns that she should leave her husband as she is in danger of getting killed. It is revealed that Baden is an undercover cop, and she might be putting his cover at risk by helping and getting involved with Sophie. Her husband is also being investigated by his company for embezzlement. Millions of dollars are missing, and he is the main suspect. Sophie reveals this information to Baden, and together they come to the conclusion that he finds out about it and tries to kill her to cover up his mistake.