Surprising Turns in the Oscars 2022 Nominations

Surprising Turns in the Oscars 2022 Nominations

Being nominated for an Oscar is a huge honor for an actor, director, or anyone else who is involved in the making of a film. The honor is at par with having a critically acclaimed performance, cinematography, directing, a well-written script or box office hit. The only thing that might be better than a nomination for an Oscar is winning one.

Certain expectations were in place during this Oscars period. While most expectations never are met when it comes to the awards, some turns never stop to be surprising.

SpiderMan: No Way Home not Nominated for Best Picture

MCU has never had much luck when it comes to the nomination of their films for the Oscars. Black Panther was some sort of glitch in the simulation when it won a couple of awards at the Oscars in 2019. This year still, the rules were a little different which would have given SpiderMan: No Way Home a chance to make it to the list. And yes, it did make it to the list but not as it would have been expected. SpiderMan: No Way Home has become a major hit at the box office. Especially during the pandemic era, grossing $1.7 Billion is not a minor feat even during the pre-pandemic era.


Oscars 2022: Marvel’s Shang-Chi And Spider-Man Are Both Nominated For The Best Visual Effects

If numbers speak anything, it’s the truth. Except that in this case, they didn’t. It should have come as no surprise that even with the positive reviews and huge numbers, SpiderMan: No Way Home would not have made it to an Oscars nomination list but this is not the regular times. Clearly, a lot of people loved the film. They went to see it multiple times and even had their friends watch it. It is a good movie.

The failure of it being nominated for the best picture comes as a huge surprise because all the odds were in its favor. It ended up being nominated for visual effects alongside Shang Chi, which is something but not the best picture.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno Not Nominated For Best Original Song

Now, this is just disappointing. Encanto managed to score itself two nominations but its hit song didn’t make it anywhere on the list. We don’t talk about Bruno has been topping the charts since Encanto was released. The song blends multiple genres effortlessly with the smoothness that makes you not notice the genre jump. The lyrics are great and generally work well with the whole narrative and theme of the film.

Lady Gaga Snubbed for Best Actress

Lady Gaga is easily one of the most popular music stars in the world. Okay, yes the Oscars don’t have a Best Popstar category but Lady Gaga is also an actress and a great one for that matter. She was nominated for Best Actress in the 2019 Oscars for her role as Allie in the film A Star is Born. The Oscar ended up going to Olivia Coleman.

When Lady Gaga was cast as Patrizia in The House of Gucci, fingers were crossed that she will finally get that Oscar. The highly dramatic role was perfect for an actress of her caliber. She brought out the best in the role with insane transformations and hey, she even did an accent. It seems like the academy only saw the insane transformation and they ended up nominating the film for Best Makeup and Hair.

Maybe another time.

The Oscars will be presented live on ABC to the winners on May 27th 2022.