‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ Episode 2 Ending, Explained: Do Blair and Gina Escape from the Time Loop?

Tales of the Walking Dead

Welcome to Tales of the Walking Dead episode two ending, explained. Here we are going to talk about what happened in this second episode titled “Blair/Gina” one of the strangest but also coolest episodes in the entire Walking Dead lore. The episode tells us the story of Blair and Gina, employer and employee, respectively. As their day is ruined by the zombie apocalypse, and on top of that, they also get the misfortune of getting trapped inside a time loop that resets every time they die.

The episode stars Parker Posey, as Blair, and Jillian Bell as Gina. The two actresses have amazing dominion over comedic timing, and that really helps to cement this episode as one of the most comedic and cheerful episodes in the franchise. The time loop gimmick might not be very original at this point, but it is fun, and it comes with its own particular rules. The ending might also be a bit underwhelming after everything that happens in the episode, but it is well worth a watch.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for episode two “Blair/Gina” of Tales of The Walking Dead. Read at your own risk.

How Do Blair And Gina Get Trapped In A Time Loop?

The episode begins right away as it introduces us to our main characters for this episode. We get to meet Gina, a bored and clearly unhappy receptionist working at an insurance company. We can see her getting phone calls as her boss, Blair, is very much in speech mode, talking about all the things that are not supposed to be done in the office. From this moment, it is clear that Gina and Blair don’t like each other at all. Blair leaves the office, ready to spend time with her boyfriend on a long weekend.

Meanwhile, rumors, over the news and online, tell of a virus that turns people into zombies that love eating flesh. Nobody really pays attention to it. However, when Blair finds that Gina has left the office to go to a convenience store close to the gas station, things become a bit clearer. Blair starts to complain to Gina about how bad of a worker she is, and she ends up firing Gina. Gina grabs a shotgun from her trunk and goes to steal a gas truck. Right there, they witness a zombie eating an old lady. The rumors are real.

Tales of the Walking Dead

A Homeland Security officer makes an appearance and tries to control Gina, but they end up in a struggle, and the shotgun fires on the gas truck and makes a huge explosion, killing both Gina and Blair instantly. However, instead of ceasing to exist, they wake up back at their office that same morning. The cycle repeats a couple of times more, and Gina and Blair are now sure that something really bad is happening. They are witnessing the end of the world through a zombie apocalypse, but they are also trapped in a time loop.

Each of the cycles develops the characters in some way. Sometimes Blair makes Gina get arrested, so she can’t get to the shotgun. Sometimes Gina just runs over Blair with the truck. Gina is trying to get to her nieces and brother and escape the city, but no matter what they do, they just keep dying, and they keep waking up back in time to the office that same morning. Blair and Gina are starting to lose their minds.

Do Blair And Gina Escape From The Time Loop?

As Blair and Gina progress more and more into their time loop adventures. They basically reach a point when they realize that if they dislike each other so much, they need to work together if they want to get out of this mess. In actuality, they realized that maybe if they have met at another moment, under a different situation, they could have been friends. They decide not to get in each other’s way and, finally, just seize the gas truck and drive as far as they can.

They do seize the truck and everything happens as expected. There really aren’t many hiccups on the way. Before that, Blair let her boyfriend leave her, and find himself a safe place. She realized that no matter how many times she got into trouble during the loop, her boyfriend never left his car to help her. This means that he doesn’t really love her and that their entire relationship is just a joke.

Tales of the Walking Dead

Gina on the other hand, explains how she ended up working as a receptionist when she actually studied marketing at a university, and she also explains how her family is what matters the most to her. Blair is alone, so she decides to help Gina find her family. They are driving the truck on the highway when suddenly they hear screams and a crash. They are on an overpass, and as they look down, they see cars crashing into each other and lots of people about to get attacked by zombies.

They get the hose and start pouring gasoline over the zombies, and they manage to burn the zombies and save the people down on the highway. The fire reaches the truck, though, and it explodes once again. However, this time they just wake up in the same place. The loop is apparently broken. Blair and Gina get up and start walking together, now as friends.