Tatiana Maslany, Star of MCU’s She-Hulk, Addresses Marvel Fan Sexism: “It Felt Like Part of the Fun”

Tatiana Maslany On She Hulk Season 2 I Think We Blew Our Budget

If you’re part of the MCU fandom, no matter which “side” you’re on, chances are you noticed that most shows and live-action movies in one way or another focus on female superheroes. It’s part of the new progressive and inclusive strategy that aims to open up the exciting world of superheroes to more than just one demographic.

The success of that strategy remains uncertain for now, as plenty of backlash is generated overall. The most recent example of that is ‘The Marvels,’ the lowest-grossing MCU movie so far.

But before ‘The Marvels,’ there was the ‘She-Hulk’ live-action TV show that introduced Bruce Banner’s cousin to the MCU. Strangely, the show was largely praised by the critics but totally panned by fans, which led even its main star Tatiana Maslany to comment on how the chances of the show getting a sequel were slim.

As it turns out, the creator of the show and its main star expected the “sexist” backlash from the mainly male community of fans, and in her most recent interview for ‘The Independent,’ Maslany explained that it was part of the fun.

I think what’s exciting…I think what’s fun about it is that [series creator] Jessica Gao built into the story that people were going to troll us.When we started to get the same responses that [Gao] had actually baked into the writing, it felt like part of the fun.

The show was special for several reasons; it never tried to present itself as anything other than light-hearted feminist fun. However, that plan for the show came at a steep price, as it was the most expensive project per episode to date. This obviously makes the chances of a second season even slimmer. Maslany’s comments that Iger is out of touch with reality, when the multi-millionaire CEO had, during the months-long SAG-AFTRA strike that ground Hollywood to a halt, called the actors’ union’s demands for a fairer wage “unrealistic,” don’t help the odds as well.

We certainly hope to see her back as She-Hulk, not necessarily in another stand-alone show. The crowd doesn’t care about the character enough for that, and there’s really no reason to care that much about She-Hulk other than being outraged by her merely existing. But perhaps, teamed up with the Avengers, her portrayal in the MCU will get some justice.

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