The Boys: Jessie T. Usher Shares New Bloody Look at A-Train in Season 4

Amazon Prime Video’s superhero satirical series The Boys aired three seasons so far and the series received widespread acclaim from critics and the audience who cannot wait for the fourth season which is currently in production. After the second season concluded, the viewers waited more than a year and a half for the premiere of the third season. Now, looks like producers do not want to keep the fans for so long for the next season.

Jessie T. Usher, who plays a supe known as A-Train in the series, shared on Instagram that his back on the set. His character appears to be covered in blood, which isn’t unusual for any character in this series, and we can’t wait to see the context of that scene.

A-Train is the parody of DC character The Flash and Marvel’s Quicksilver. His superpower is super-speed, and we met his first when he ran over Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, killing her in an instant. Since then, Jack Quaid’s character joined a vigilante team known as the Boys, whose goal is to expose evil supes who are presented to the public as heroes by the corrupt company known as Vought. Of course, nothing in this series is straightforward. A-Train also helped the Boys to defeat Stormfront in Season 2, while in Season 3 his storyline was focused on battling a racist supe known as Blue Hawk, who A-Train ultimately defeated.

The Boys is currently regarded as one of the best superhero shows ever produced. The fourth season is widely anticipated, and with most of the cast returning, Season 4 cannot come soon enough.

  • Lukas Abramovich

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