‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 4 Ending, Explained: What Happens To Homelander In Episode 4?

The Boys

Amazon Prime Video brings us one more episode of maybe the most successful show in their roster, The Boys. Season 3, Episode 4 brings all the humor, violence, and action that we have expected from the show up to this point. But it also brings the characters to the next level, as the stakes in each storyline keep getting higher and the solutions to the problem become also more complex.

Episode 4 more than anything proves that Homelander cannot longer be contained by the proper channels and his interests and necessities are just beyond anyone’s control, they are even out of reach from the charismatic and equally dangerous Stan Edgar. The episode also brings the standard production values that we are used to seeing in the show and delivers the best action sequence of the season so far.

The next paragraphs contain spoilers for season 3, episode 4. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Homelander In Season 3, Episode 4?

Homelander, like in so many episodes, is the focus of this one. After snapping at this birthday party in front of a worldwide transition, the superhero has been campaigning for his freedom in very interesting ways. He, like so many other tyrants in the past, and the present, has begun a campaign where division is the key to his strength, by pinning us against them and playing on that dangerous mentality.

During his speeches, Homelander only names Vought as one of the many possible entities that try to control him, while many more are trying to control, not only him but also the rest of the world from the shadows. This kind of rhetoric ignites the engines of tons of conspiratorial thinkers, who believe that there is really some sort of illuminating type of group out there pulling the strings. Homelander knows he is gathering an army to defend him in the coming days.

The Boys

Stan Edgar tries to play a move against Homelander, using Veronica Neuman, his adopted daughter, as a tool, and start an investigation on Homelander that can stain his presence in front of the public. However, Homelander was one step ahead of Edgar, and he makes a deal with Neuman, who wants to give powers to her daughter, as she thinks this will protect her more than anything. Therefore, when the moment of truth comes, Neuman betrays Edgar.

There is one last conversation between Edgar and Homelander, and the CEO doesn’t really back down from his throne. He warns Homelander that now that he has decided to show his true self, it is only a matter of time before people get to know him and reject him as the bad product he is. Only this time, there won’t be anyone to clean after him when the crap hits the fan. If Edgar’s prediction is true or not, we have to wait and see.

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On top of this, Homelander also discovers Starlight’s plot inside the Seven. Supersonic, the newest member of the group and an old flame of Starlight, is killed in a very dreadful way to teach Starlight a lesson. Homelander threatens Starlight by saying that if she continues to plot and undermine him, then he will have to do the same with Hughie. Starlight complies. However, he still hasn’t found out that Maeve is also plotting against him.

What Happens To Kimiko In Season 3, Episode 4?

In the case of The Boys, they have managed to go to Russia, in search of this mythical weapon that was able to kill Soldier Boy. This weapon then becomes the only solution to the Homelander problem. Soldier Boy was apparently just as powerful as Homelander, so if this weapon killed him, by logic, the weapon must be able to kill Homelander as well.

Before, they get to the location of the weapon, The Boys need to do a favor to Little Nina, a terrible female gangster that plays on fear and abuse to get what she wants. Frenchie and Kimiko are not really into working for her, and they plan to just escape from the group once this job is done. Which is something you must never do.

After Little Nina’s favor is done, the group goes to the secret location for the weapon. What they find is a military lab, guarded and containing strange experiments. For example, a superpowered hamster. The Boys get into the facility, but they are discovered by the guards, and they are quickly overwhelmed by them. It is there that Butcher reveals to the group that he has powers, and he kills all the guards.

The Boys

Hughie also reveals that he has taken V-24 and also has powers. Both Hughie and Butcher behave like classic drug addicts, making excuses for their addictions. Inside the facility, they find a special container and inside this container, they find Soldier Boy, as alive as he can be. Soldier Boy seems to be confused and attacks Frenchie. Kimiko saves Frenchie and receives the impact of Soldier Boy’s attack.

Soldier Boy escapes, but something awful is happening to Kimiko. Her healing factor seems to not be functioning. Is this the weapon that can kill Homelander? A weapon that takes the powers away from Superheroes? Right now, the group’s priority is to find a way to save Kimiko, but right after that, they need to find Soldier Boy as fast as they can.

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