‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 5 Ending Explained: Does Aavaros Escape from His Prison?

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Ending

Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Dragon Prince, The Mystery of Aavaros, Season 5. This is a new season of the popular animated series created by Aaron Ehazs, and Justin Richmond, who also worked on shows like The Fabulous; Avatar: The Last Airbender. The creators have managed to bring the sensibilities that made that show so great into The Dragon Prince, and they have also managed to create a detailed fantasy world that feels epic and lived-in. Netflix announced that the series will run for seven seasons, so it can end its story the way the creators intended.

Season 5 of The Dragon Prince is a strange beast. Season 4 saw the introduction of a new threat to the world and started a new arc in the show, one that we will follow right to the end of season seven. However, because the series already knows the date for its end, it is clear that the writers are taking this season as more of a transitional period. The season displays the same fabulous visuals we are accustomed to, but this time it spends most of its time setting up characters’ relationships and events that will pay off in future seasons. This is not a bad season, but it clarifies that the excellent stuff is yet to come.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aavaros, Season 5. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Zubeia?

Season 5 starts very slowly by setting up our characters in their new positions; they are all executing their jobs and taking on new responsibilities. These are not the kids we met in Season 1 anymore; these are young adults, and they are all getting ready to take on the responsibility of seeing the world have a new dawn each day. It is a hard task, but someone has to do it.

Callum has taken on the role of high mage, and Ezran is taking more and more seriously his responsibilities as a king. As the show starts, we see him making contact with Domani Profundis, the Archdragon of the Ocean.

This encounter leads him to talk with the dragon, who reveals that while she doesn’t know the location of Aavaros’ prison, she knows what the prison is. Ezran keeps this information secret throughout the show, which is quite impressive. It is necessary because they are not only searching for Aavaros’ prison.

Some are looking for it to release the dark elf. Aavarons manipulations extend far and wide, and it becomes increasingly evident that he might have more resources than he appears to have, which means that anyone could be a possible agent.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Ending Explained 3

While this is happening, Claudia is also on the race to prison for her own reasons. Many other conflicts are going around in the world, though. As the season ends, we see a wounded Zubeia, the current king of the Dragons and mother of Azymondias. She has been corrupted in battle, and she seems to be ready to give up in the face of what is coming to her, death.

She knows her son is in good hands, but right now, she has a vision. Her late husband, Avizandum, tells her she must be strong and keep fighting because Zym will need her strength in the future.

Zubeia’s fate seems to be death. She cannot even fly because her wounds have festered. However, a Mushroom magician appears in front of her at the right time and begins to heal her. She cannot talk to the magician, but we will see where this threat goes next season. Meanwhile, Karim, who has been exiled from Lux Aurea, receives a visit from Miyana, the love of her life. She has defected as well, and she brings with her the sunseed and also an entire army to put under Karim’s command.

Janai discovers the treason while also dealing with nightmares created by Aavaros. Can the two brothers reconcile and unite against the real enemy?

Does Aavaros Escape From His Prison?

This season, most of the central conflict is depicted as a race to find Aavaros’ prison. Callum, Ezran, and Rayla are trying to discover where exactly the prison is located, and they travel far and wide in search of the answer. They know that if Aavaros manages to escape, the world will be covered in darkness, and life as they know it will simply cease to exist.

However, for a race, there needs to be another competitor; in this case, it is Claudia, the little sister of Soren and former friend of both Callum and Ezran. Claudia travels with Terry but intends to free Aavaros from his prison.

Why would she do that? Well, Aavaros has allowed Claudia’s father, former King Viren, to be resurrected. This creates a conflict within Claudia, who finally decides to help the evil elf if this means she can keep her father alive.

Of course, this is only a manipulation by Aavaros, who will probably not keep his word once he is free. Both parties discover the prison’s location, and they are led to a place called the Sea of Castout. Both parties arrive and clash, concluding that the prison must be somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

The Dragon Prince Season 5 Ending Explained 2

Callum uses his magic to create a spell that will allow the group to breathe underwater. Callum, Ezran, and Rayla sink in, and down there, they meet Claudia, who has fused with an octopus to do the same as them. They battle it out after Claudia tries to appeal to the princess’ empathy, telling them they would do the same if their parents were on the line.

Claudia is defeated and needs to return to the surface, not drown. Ezran then finally reveals the information given to him by Domani Profundis. The prison is at the bottom of the ocean and takes the shape of a giant pearl.


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Ezran takes the giant pearl to the surface, taking it with them to the palace, where they can find an answer to make it impossible for Aavaros to escape. Claudia arrives to the surface and cries as she fails on her mission. Terry tries to console her, but her grief is too much. Meanwhile, Viren himself is battling Aavaros in his own way. Aavaros offer to keep himself alive if he sacrifices the blood of his child.

Viren rejects the offer, as we will never hurt a child of his, and the season ends with his fate unknown as Aavaros tells him that the new dawn will rise without him seeing it.

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