‘The Girl in the Mirror’ Review: A Supernatural Thriller That Will Play with Your Mind

The Girl in the Mirror

A good thriller with the added bonus of a fantastical element is always a welcome addition to any library of content. On this occasion, we are ready to review “The Girl in the Mirror” a new Netflix TV series made in Spain that is effectively a nice mystery plot that also dwells in the realm of mythology. It takes inspiration from some of the most obscure legends in Asturian folklore. Odin, Thor, Zeus, and Osiris, are all cool, but the cultures from around the world have so many stories and entities that it would be a crime not to talk about them.

The Greek, Nordic, and Egyptian mythologies have been the most popular ones in the modern world. The myths and legends from these collections of tales have been powerful enough to survive the inquisition and the past of time, revealing that humans are always drawn to powerful stories. However, as those mythologies end up becoming more and more of a constant commodity in entertainment, it is time that we look somewhere else to find new stories.

The Girl in the Mirror does just that and brings together a wonderful cast of young talents, as well as a mysterious plot that will keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. The show is created by Sergio G. Sanchez and stars Mireia Oriol, Alex Villazán, Milena Smit, Maria Caballero, and Claudia Roset. The show tells the story of Alma, a young girl who goes on a camping trip with some friends from school. However, sadly, a terrible accident on the road kills most of his companions and leaves the rest crippled, including her.

The Girl in the Mirror

TV series production in Spain has become more and more efficient in recent memory. Of course, Money Heist proved that the country could basically make a big blockbuster spectacle that could be enjoyed everywhere in the world, even spawning a South Korean spin-off. So, it is nice to see that the industry in Spain is also willing to go for the most fantastic tales involving their own mythologies, which already makes it stand out from other similar shows in the industry.

The Girl in the Mirror displays some great production values, it makes good use of the visual effects, without ever going overboard with them; and the pacing is quite remarkable, never going too fast or too slow. For example, the accident that serves as a catalyst for the rest of the story, which happens in the first episode of the show, is quite gruesome in the best way possible. It also comes off as real and brutal. Some years ago, the Spanish industry could not have pulled off a sequence like that, but now they can execute it with confidence.


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The writing is also quite solid. At some points, the show falls prey to some basic tropes that always come up when telling stories about young people. Who will of course have romantic feelings for each other, and many more that reappears as the show dwells into its more horror aspects. And yet, the story just works and flows very well. The revelations come at a good pace, and there is always a question lingering in the corner to make you watch the next episode.

The series also boasts an amazing main performance by Mireia Oriol. The young actress is already a veteran of many TV shows and movies, and here she takes the spotlight in the role of a young woman trapped in a situation that goes way over her head. Nevertheless, Oriol makes her character feel compelling, ever ready to face the problems that face her, and always in the look for answers, even if they are not the answers she wanted to hear.

The Girl in the Mirror

The rest of the cast pulls their weight, and they make Oriol’s role shine even more. Claudia Roset especially stands out in the role of Veda, one of Alma’s friends. She makes a great contrast with Oriol’s performance, and it makes the whole thing a lot more interesting and dynamic in terms of performance. Maria Caballero also stands out as a doctor on a mission. The entire cast is quite nice, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the show makes big stars of some members of the cast.

Sometimes the show can also fall prey to running around in a circle too many times. It is quite noticeable when it does it because the rest of the show is just so straightforward in its delivery of the plot. So, when it happens, it totally feels like a redundancy. However, this is something that doesn’t happen regularly, so it shouldn’t be a big problem for most people.

The Girl in the Mirror is a great show that displays the potential of industries outside of Hollywood to create quality television. The cinematography is quite solid, allowing for a great atmosphere to be created, and the acting is outstanding. The actors are able to elevate the writing to a new level and make the story come off as more mature and adult content. If you need a good dose of mystery mixed with some fantasy, then The Girl in the Mirror is the show for you.

SCORE: 9/10