Hunger Games Movies in Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

Hunger Games Movies In Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

With the announcement of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, a prequel to The Hunger Games franchise, you might be considering (re)watching all of The Hunger Games movies, and thus it would be preferable if you follow a certain order.

That’s why I’m here; stick around as I show you the right way to watch The Hunger Games movies in order.

How Many Hunger Games Movies Are There?

There are four The Hunger Games movies. Here is the list of all The Hunger Games movies in order of release:

  • The Hunger Games (2012)
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014)
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)

Hunger Games Movies in Order

The Hunger Games books have developed into four movies. Every movie is connected to previous installments in the series. Therefore, the best chronological order to watch The Hunger Games is by its release order, as shown below:

1. The Hunger Games (2012)

Hunger Games Movies In Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

The Hunger Games begins in District 12 on the day of the reaping. The story’s 16-year-old narrator, Katniss Everdeen, goes off to meet her buddy Gale so they may go hunting and collecting before the reaping that afternoon. 

We learn about Katniss’ life in the impoverished area of her district, the Seam, and her family as she makes her journey from her house to the Meadow and, eventually, to the woods, where people from the district are forbidden to go.

Katniss considers her 4-year-younger sister Prim and her mother, both of whom have relied on Katniss for survival since her father perished in a mine explosion when she was 11.

The reaping is a nerve-wracking experience since it involves the harvesting of crops. decides which 12 to 18-year-old boy and girl will be the district’s tributes in the Hunger Games. Each of the 12 districts is assigned two tributes, who are then taken to an arena to battle until only one tribute is alive. 

The victor is allowed to return home, and his region is lavished with presents, primarily food. The Capitol’s Games are intended to punish Panem’s 12 districts while also reminding them of the Dark Days when the 13th district was decimated for rising up against the oppressive and cruel Capitol.

Prim’s name gets chosen at the reaping against all odds. Katniss volunteers to take the place of her younger sister and become the new president of the United States. s the girl tribute for the 74th Hunger Games from District 12. The other tribute is Peeta Mellark, a young kid Katniss age and the son of the baker. 

She recalls Peeta’s generosity to her as a youngster when he gave her a burnt piece of bread so she wouldn’t go hungry. Peeta’s selection does not bode well for Katniss, who believes she owes Peeta a debt of gratitude for saving her life when they were youngsters, which is awkward given that she is now expected to murder him in the Hunger Games. 


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Before she departs, Katniss says her goodbyes to her mother and Prim; Madge, the mayor’s daughter, who gives her the Mockingjay pin, a recurrent symbol in the novel; Peeta’s father, the baker; and Gale, for whom she already has mixed feelings, vacillating between friendship and love. Katniss and Peeta board the Capitol’s train. 

Katniss gets to experience luxury like she’s never experienced before on the train, and she gets to eat the richest, most sumptuous meals imaginable. 

They meet Effie Trinket, their escort, and Haymitch Abernathy, their alcoholic mentor and the lone surviving Hunger Games winner from their district, who vows to sober up enough to assist Katniss and Peeta survive the Games after recognizing that they have some fighting spirit. Katniss and Peeta meet their stylists as they arrive at the Training Center. 

When Katniss meets Cinna, a young guy who dresses casually and uses very little makeup compared to the other stylists, she is pleasantly delighted. Katniss and Peeta are introduced as a pair at the opening ceremonies, a method that has never been done before. Katniss gets the moniker “girl on fire” as they race through the Capitol in a chariot while holding hands, their costumes glowing in false flames. 

The highlight of the opening ceremonies is their arrival. The tributes begin their training after the festivities. According to Katniss and Peeta’s request, Haymitch tutors them together and tells them to keep their greatest abilities hidden from the other tributes. 

For Katniss, this entails avoiding archery. Her bow and arrow skills are unsurpassed after many years of hunting wildlife in the woods. During her private session with the Gamemakers, they award her an 11 out of 12 for her abilities and tenacity. 

Peeta’s strength is his most valuable attribute, thus he avoids weight lifting when he’s among the other tributes. Haymitch also advises them to stick together at all times. They must appear to be inseparable, which, given the training, is a tall order. 

As time passes, Katniss grows increasingly frustrated, unsure if Peeta’s friendliness and flattery are genuine or part of a plan to win the Games.

2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Hunger Games Movies In Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

The movie begins with Katniss and Peeta on their victory tour, during which they are allowed to not only see how the other 11 districts live but also to see the first symptoms of rebellion across the country. Having already resisted the capital, the pair represents hope to all those who feel oppressed, just as their narrative inspires real-world auds to feel the same way.

More than half of the film is set before the 75th annual Hunger Games begin. Much of that time is spent deepening our comprehension of this savagely cruel society and heightening the stakes for the impending insurrection.

As the couple’s CG train zips between districts, we see how Snow’s stormtroopers clamp down on what little freedom remains, offset by the empty frivolity of life in the capital — a nonstop binge-and-purge banquet where wild hairstyles and lavish costume changes provide a distraction from an idle existence.

This is Oz reinvented as a fascist dictatorship, with virtually all of its color stripped away to reveal a gloomy brown-gray. It may appear to be a little detail, but selecting the correct costume designer has a significant influence on the new picture, as Trish Summerville creates a dazzling diversity of outfits to express the residents’ arrogant views (including a dress made entirely of monarch butterflies).


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Clothing is important in Collins’ writings, and now, the team appears capable of bringing her complex ensembles to life, particularly the impossible-sounding bridal gown Katniss wears to her big TV interview.

Because many “Hunger Games” fans are obsessed with such details, director Francis Lawrence paces the picture correctly, allowing spectators time to take it all in, even if it means postponing the great arena confrontation they’ve apparently all come to watch.

The film does speed through Katniss’ visit to the victors’ housing, which could have provided a bit more insight into the lifestyle she and Peeta could have hoped for had Snow and replacement game-maker Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman, a casting coup) not found a way to draw them back in.

While it can’t match the exhilaration of seeing the Death Star destroyed — at least not yet — the picture goes circles past George Lucas’ ability to weave serious political issues into the very fabric of B-movie excitement.

3. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (2014)

Hunger Games Movies In Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

After shooting a force field into the Quater Quell arena, Katniss Everdeen becomes the emblem of the rebellion. After President Snow destroyed all except District 2 of the other districts, she currently lives with the rebels in District 13. 

She accepts to become the Mockingjay, but her main concern is to rescue Peeta, who has been kidnapped by the Capitol in the Quater Quell. Katniss Everdeen ultimately agrees to President Alma Coin and her adviser Plutarch Heavensbee’s request after the bombing of District 12 and becomes the Mockingjay, the rebellion’s emblem. 

President Snow, on the other hand, transmits a live message from Peeta Mellark in the Capitol, contradicting Katniss. President Coin is persuaded to save Peeta and the other Victors because he fears his life is in danger. However, she is taken aback by his reaction.

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)

Hunger Games Movies In Order: The Complete Mockingjay Watch Order

Katniss decides to do it alone to take down President Snow once and for all, but being the Mockingjay, the living emblem of the rebellion now led by Alma Coin comes with its own set of problems. 

For one thing, she’s been assigned to a squad of experienced fighters (including the injured Peeta) tasked with penetrating the Capitol, which has entrenched itself behind Hunger-Game-style death traps. President Snow alerts her to another threat to Panem’s peace equal to himself, leading her to concoct a plan to carry out her hidden goal through more killings and mayhem.

Do You Need to Watch Hunger Games Movies in Order?

All of the Hunger Games films follow the same plot and continue up to where the previous film left off. It is critical to see The Hunger Games films in order; otherwise, you will be unable to comprehend the narrative and content if you choose a movie at random.

Will There Be More Hunger Games Movies?

The fifth installment in The Hunger Games series is confirmed, and the movie will be a prequel based on Suzanne Collin’s new book, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.