The Marvels: Brie Larson Shares BTS Images With Co-Star Zawe Ashton

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With Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye, Marvel projects that were just recently released, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as the next MCU movie that fans are eagerly expecting, it’s still too early to think about the standalone sequel of the 2019 movie Captain Marvel. Or is it?

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels, previously titled Captain Marvel 2, will see Brie Larson returning as Carol Danvers, also known as intergalactic superhero Captain Marvel. In the sequel, she will be accompanied by Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan. Parris debuted as adult Monica Rambeau in the Disney+ series WandaVision, and Vellani will debut as Kamala Khan in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, which will premiere next year.


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Nia DaCosta is directing the sequel, and it’s expected the movie will be a lot bigger than Captain Marvel’s original movie. I mean, it’s sort of obvious with so many additional characters. English actress Zawedde “Zawe” Ashton signed to play an undisclosed villain role, but knowing the fanbase, they already have theories on who that villain could be.

The main star Brie Larson recently shared a few photos with Ashton, and we can see that Larson is wearing a shirt with the ‘Villain Lovers Club’ sign. At first, one would think this has nothing to do with a Marvel movie, it could be that they’re just hanging around. But, if we look at the description, where that’s where the fun starts.

“Marvel fans, start your theories.” — Brie Larson

Brie Larson obviously knows what kind of fanbase Marvel deals with every day. Marvel fans are always looking for even the most simple-hearted reason to make up some theory on what could happen or who could appear in the upcoming movie. Well, thanks to Larson, we already have our first theories for The Marvels. Like one commentator on Instagram said: “When u say theory with Marvel you already know it’s gonna go crazy.” After a couple of swipes through comments and replies, we can say that “Carol will fall in love with a movie’s villain” is the most popular theory. Do you think so too?

The Marvels will be released on February 17, 2023.