‘The Next 365 Days’ Ending, Explained: Do Massimo And Laura Live Happily Ever After?

The Next 365 Days

Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Next 365 Days is the third installment in the popular series of Polish movies telling the story of Laura, a normal woman who ends up getting married to a mafia boss in Italy. After this happens, Laura’s life will never be the same, and she will become entangled in the problems of the mafia as well as in a powerful love triangle that she is unable to escape from. The Next 365 Days is labeled as an erotic thriller thanks to the constant use of sex scenes to fill up the running time.

The Next 365 Days is really one of the most empty movies in recent memory. When we say empty, we don’t only mean empty of meaning. The movie really has no message or no intention whatsoever with its story, but we also mean that nothing really happens in the movie in terms of plot. The movie deals with the aftermath of the events of the second movie, and it deals with those events by creating a lot of scenes where people go to parties, have sex, and have zero meaningful conversations. It is quite incredible, in the worst possible way.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the Next 365 Days. Read at your own risk.

Do Massimo And Laura Live Happily Ever After?

The Next 365 Days is a two-hour-long movie where nothing happens. The movie starts by letting us know that Laura is still alive. She was shot by Massimo’s crazy twin brother at the end of the second film, but here she is fine and dandy. She actually wants to have a lot of sex with Massimo, but he is concerned about her health, so they don’t. This really makes her mad. Laura also lost her baby after the attack in the previous movie, so she is quite sad.

Massimo knows that Laura and Nacho had something going on in the previous movie and wants the truth from Laura, but she doesn’t respond. She only says she is trapped in this life and wants to be free. She focuses on her career as the owner of a fashion house, and that is it for quite a while. Laura goes partying with Olga, and we see a ton of imaginary sex scenes where Laura takes turns having sex with Massimo and Nacho.

The Next 365 Days

Massimo withdraws more and more into his business with the mafia and doesn’t pay a lot of attention to Laura. This is something that happened in the previous film as well, but it is repeated here and presented as a new plot point. Nacho reappears in Laura’s life, and they have a lot of sex. Laura is confused. She doesn’t know if she should pick Massimo or Nacho. She loves them both, and she even dreams of having sex with both of them at the same time.

Laura goes to her parent’s place to clear her mind. There, her mother tells her that when she makes the choice between both men, she will know what to do. It is one of the most useless pieces of advice ever, but poor Laura doesn’t have a lot of bright people around her. Olga has been only a concern alarm throughout the movie and calls Laura. Olga tells her that Massimo knows everything about Laura and Nacho and that Massimo will kill her along with knowing how many other people.

Laura returns home to find that Olga is safe; she just exaggerated. On the way home, she meets Nacho once again. Nacho tells her that she loves her very much. Laura tells Nacho, that she needs more time. Laura finds Massimo at the beach, and they talk. Massimo says he cannot live without her, and he requires her. Laura understands that Massimo always knew about her and Nacho. They look at each other in a very intense way, and the movie ends without revealing if they are a couple once again or if Massimo kills or who knows what.

Will There Be A Fourth Movie In The Series?

The 365 series of movies is based on a trilogy of books, all of which have been adapted into movies at this point. However, the ending of this third film is so underwhelming that it is very probable that the producers will decide to continue the story and milk the franchise as much as they can while it is still somewhat popular. This third movie is one of the worst movies ever released on Netflix, and the poor quality will definitely make some people lose interest in the franchise.

The Next 365 Days

The series just needs to hire a couple of writers and do another nonsense script like the one for this movie, shoot a lot of sex scenes, and there you go. You have a movie that Netflix is willing to pay money for. These actors are not going to find a lot of work with these movies as their presentation cards, so they will also be more than available for another movie.

One thing is for sure. As long as people still watch these films, and Netflix sees there is a potential future audience for them, we will keep having them in the content library year after year. It is quite maddening.

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