‘The Perfect Mother’ Ending, Explained: Who Is The Killer In The Perfect Mother?

The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother is the new Netflix crime mystery show that serves as a new way to keep the subscribers engaged with the platform. The demand for this type of contact has been increasing exponentially on the platform. So it makes sense that Netflix has been pushing these shows left and right in the last couple of months, there seems to be a new one each week. They are a welcomed sight, though, as many of them end up being quite solid in their execution.

The Perfect Mother doesn’t really have anything that will make it stand out from all other shows of its genre, but it doesn’t matter. The miniseries presents solid performances by a great group of young and veteran actors, as well as clean production, and an even better running time. The show can be binged in about four hours, so it makes for the perfect choice when it comes to watching something that doesn’t need a big time commitment from the audience.

The next paragraphs contain spoilers for the entire miniseries, so if you still have not seen it, go and do it and then come back if you have any doubt about the ending.

What Happens In The Perfect Mother?

The show begins with the introduction of the Berg family, seemingly perfect. They live their lives in the city of Berlin with not even a worry. Helene, our main character, is a housewife, while Matthias, the father, is a renowned surgeon. Lukas the youngest kid is preparing for his last exams at school, while Anya, the oldest child, is in Paris, at the university. It all comes crashing down when Helene receives a call from Anya, she is being investigated for murder, and she is taken into custody.

Matthias decides to stay in Berlin with Lukas, as he has an important surgery coming up. Helene leaves and arrives at the police station. Anya is already a legal adult, so Helene cannot do much to stop the police from doing their job. Apparently, a young man, belonging to a significant family, has been murdered, and many people saw Anya leaving with him the previous night after a party.

The Perfect Mother

Anya tells her version of the story. In it, she met the young man, named Damien, at a bar and then went with him to his house, she liked him. However, Damien’s drug dealer arrives at the house and begins fighting Damien, and kills him. Anya hides in the bathroom and then passes out. When she goes out, she finds Damien’s corpse and leaves the apartment while terrified. The police hear the story but need to verify it, so until then she will remain in their custody.

Helene, in desperation, goes to ask for the help of a lawyer, an old flame, named Vincent. There is a clear attraction between the two even after 25 years without seeing each other. Vincent promises to help, and they begin investigating what could have happened. Their first discoveries are about Anya’s life, which is not what her mother thought it was. It is revealed that Anya is not studying at the university, but working at a women’s shelter that takes victims of abuse and rape. Helene is shocked that Anya kept this hidden from her.

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The police also find out that the dealer could have entered the apartment from one of the buildings next to it, there is even a witness that saw someone climbing the roofs that night. Anya’s story doesn’t seem to match the findings of the police and so, Anya changes her story. She tells a similar story but this time, she reveals that Damien raped her, before the dealer came to kill him. The drug tests revealed that she was drugged and so, her story starts matching the evidence a lot more.

Vincent gets injured while trying to capture the drug dealer, and he and Helene become way closer after it. The drug dealer is captured, and he reveals that while he knew Damien, and saw Anya with him that night, he never went to his apartment. He also taunts the police with the fact that there are many people on the street with his haircut and baseball hat. The police start doubting Anya’s story once more.

Who Was The Real Killer In The Perfect Mother?

Anya is released as there isn’t any more evidence against her. It is there that she meets with Kamal, a young man who looks very much like the drug dealer. It is revealed that Anya is in love with this man, and she tells a new story where after Damien raped her, she called Kamal to rescue her, and he went, killing Damien in the process. She doesn’t want anything to happen to Kamal, she says they are in love, and they will get married. Sadly, Helene discovers that Kamal is already married with a child. Anya can accept the truth and shuts down.

The Perfect Mother

The police intercept Kamal on the street, but as he tries to escape, he falls to his death after jumping from a bridge. Julie, a friend of Anya, goes and visits Vincent and reveals the whole truth. This isn’t the first time Anya was raped, it is the second. She reveals that Anya and Julie have been blackmailing husbands and rapists from the cases she accepts at the women’s shelter. Damien was going to be just another blackmail victim, but it went out of control.

Vincent reveals this truth to Helene before the hearing with the judge. Helene knows now her daughter is a criminal, but she cannot see her going to jail, so she asks Vincent to go to the judge and defend her. Vincent is in love with Helene, so he accepts. Anya goes free and when they leave, Anya tries to hold her mother’s hand. However, not knowing the truth, Helene rejects her. Anya chooses her dad instead. The final shot of the show is, Helene, alone, seeing how her family and Vincent are not far away from her grasp.

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