‘The Sea Beast’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Jacob And Maisie In The Sea Beast?

The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast is a new animated film produced by Netflix and directed by Chris Williams. Williams has served as a director in Disney productions such as Moana, and Bolt, and with The Sea Beast, he is bringing that powerful Disney flavor, to the library of content of the biggest streaming service on the market. With The Sea Beast, Netflix makes a statement. One that says they can do whatever they want and that they can actually offer quality films, despite what most people say.

The result of this gamble move is that The Sea Beast doesn’t really have to envy anything from any Disney production. The animation is top quality, with characters, sets, and environments showing what can be achieved through animation nowadays. On top of that, the story is filled with adventure, and a powerful message of rebellion, being yourself, but also being able to admit when you are wrong and do the right thing even when the odds are against you.

The Sea Beast is a beautiful film that deserves to be watched. The following paragraphs have spoilers for the entire film. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Jacob And Maisie In The Sea Beast?

The Sea Beasts follow the stories of Jacob and Maisie, at first they are introduced in separate ways, but later they join, and their stories become one. The first to be introduced is Jacob, he is what this world calls a Monster Hunter, a specialized sailor that travels the oceans with the objective of killing the massive kaiju-level monsters that live in them. In this world, it is taught that the sea monsters attack the cities and destroy ships without mercy. Because of it, this new type of sailor was created. Jacob is the best of them.

The first time we see Jacob, he is onboard The Inevitable, a huge ship designed for the sole purpose of killing these sea monsters. The Captain of the Inevitable, Captain Crow, is a humble, nice fellow, but when it comes to killing the creatures he becomes a wild beast. He is very much designed to be the Captain Ahab of the story, as he is missing an arm, very much in line with how Ahab was missing a leg. Crow is looking for the Red Bluster, the most giant and dangerous of the monsters.

The Sea Beast

After an encounters where they kill a monster but failed to do the same with the Red Bluster, the Inevitable goes to port once again before they go out looking for the creature. During the journey back to port, Crow confesses to Jacob he is getting old and that he has decided that after he is gone, it should be Jacob who takes the role of Captain.

The Inevitable reaches port and they celebrate. It is here we get introduced to Maisie. Maisie is a young girl obsessed with nautical stories, especially with the exploits of the Inevitable. Maisie is also an orphan, her parents were also monster hunters and died while trying to kill one, leaving her completely alone. Maisie escapes the orphanage at night and goes to the nearest pub, where she meets Jacob and the rest of the crew. Maisie proposes she is taken as an apprentice aboard the ship, but Jacob disapproves and sends her away.


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The next morning, Crow and his crew report to their bosses, the King, and Queen of the kingdom. There they discover that the whole society of monster hunters will be dismantled in favor of the kingdom having their own armada of brand-new ships, designed to kill the monsters. Everybody is shocked that their way of life could be over forever. Jacob gets in the middle of the discussion and suggests a competition. The Inevitable against the newest ship in the armada. The one who managed to bring the Red Bluster back wins. If they win they can keep being monster hunters. The King and Queen agree.

The next day the Inevitable sails away from the port in search of the Red Bluster, their way of life on the line. Without them knowing, Maisie as stealth herself into the ship and now sails with them to the open sea.

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Maisie is discovered aboard the ship, but Captain Crow allows her to stay, saying she reminds him of Jacob when he was a kid. The ship follows the trail of the Red Bluster and managed to catch up with it. The ship attacks, but the monster is just too much for them. Ropes have the monster trapped, but it is so strong that it is clear it will sink the ship with everyone in it if they keep struggling. Maisie makes the decision to cut the ropes and save the crew. Jacob falls to the ocean with her.

In an unexpected turn of events, they are saved not by the Inevitable, but by the Red Bluster itself. The monster takes the couple to an island and leaves them there. Maisie can’t understand why the monster saved them, and she begins to question the nature of the world. The monster hunters have always attacked the monster firsts, and no one has ever seen a monster attack a port or a city like the books say they do.

The Sea Beast

Maisie manages to convince Red, to take them back to their city, and the monster agrees. Jacob is reluctant at first, but as he read one of Maisie’s books of tales, he realizes that everything is a lie. The monsters don’t really attack humans or cities. It is all just a system of control, one that serves to make people live in fear. The King and Queen are just the latest tyrants in a long line of liars that have conquered the world by making it fear the monsters.

Crow fears that Jacob is dead, and his resolve for vengeance lead him to seek help from a witch that gives him a harpoon full of poison. Crow finds Red and sees that Jacob has betrayed him. He shoots Red with the harpoon and Red falls unconscious. Crow and the Inevitable drag the monster to the city to present it to the King and Queen. Maisie and Jacob follow them.

When facing the King and Queen, Jacob fights Crow, saving Red, and Maisie reveals that King and Queen as the liars they are in front of the whole kingdom. The entire city sees through the lie, and even one of the generals disobeys the Queen, opting for finding the entire truth about this terrible farce. The King and Queen flee. Meanwhile, Jacob and Maisie decide to be a family and learn more about the monsters.

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