‘The Snow Girl’ Ending Explained: Does Miren Find Amaya in the End?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Snow Girl, a new mystery miniseries arriving on Netflix this weekend. The series is based on the book of the same name by Javier Castillo. The series tells the story of Miren, a young reporter with her own troubled past, who gets interested in a kidnapping case that ends up stretching for almost a decade. Miren will try to defeat her own demons, as well as find the truth about who kidnapped a young girl from her parents and why.

The series contains only six episodes, and it uses the classic mystery structure to deliver information. The pacing is pretty good, and thanks to it, the show becomes a very nice binge-watch for the weekend. The acting is a bit off though, and you can definitely feel that the dialogue is being delivered not naturally but in the way that someone delivers something they just remember from memory. It is very strange. Other than that, the mystery is captivating, and the resolution is satisfying.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Snow Girl. Read at your own risk.

How Did Ana And Alvaro Lost Her Daughter Amaya?

The first episode of the show introduces right away to the main conflict of the series: the kidnapping of Amaya. She is a cute five-year-old girl who is spending a nice day with her parents at a sort of street festival in Spain. Amaya is dressed in a bright yellow raincoat, as the day quickly turned into a rainy one. We see how, in the middle of the festival, Amaya wants a balloon, and because of it, her father Alvaro takes her to the balloon stand to purchase one.

This is the biggest mistake of them all. Alvaro goes to buy the balloon, but he gets distracted by how much change the vendor is giving him. Alvaro doesn’t see that Amaya’s attention is also elsewhere. She sees a bright electronic balloon on the ground, without an owner, and she goes to get it. The next time Alvaro turns in her direction, Amaya is not there. Alvaro goes to meet her wife, who freaks out when Alvaro says he doesn’t know where their daughter is. They scream Amaya’s name throughout the festival, but they can’t find her.

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The police get involved immediately. The assigned detectives start going around asking people in the area what they could have seen that night. A video of a hooded figure taking Amaya away is found, and so, the police start looking for subjects in that size range. A neighbor who lives near the plaza where Amaya was taken declares that she saw not one but two people with the girl and that at that moment they took her yellow raincoat away. The police will do nothing with this information for the remainder of the show.

We get introduced to Miren, a young intern at the Sur newspaper. She tries to make a name for herself, but she is having problems. Most of the people surrounding the case are very hostile towards her, as she gets near people who already have past records. Miren herself also has her own issues. She was raped some time ago, and she is very fearful to go around on the streets. We get the reveal that six years have passed and Amaya hasn’t been found. Miren receives a video at the newspaper, and inside the video is Amaya, now 12 years old. She is alive, somewhere.


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Does Miren Find Amaya In The End?

As the series progresses, the story begins to focus on Miren and her own issues, including her rape. Two men responsible for it are also found as the main suspects in the Amaya kidnapping. However, they were released not long after. Both men are killed suspiciously, and photos are sent to the police about it. They suspect Miren is behind it, but they have no proof. Eduardo, Miren’s co-worker, finds the pictures in her camera, but then takes the memory card away to cover up for Miren.

Meanwhile, the entire story of Amaya’s kidnapping gets revealed. Ana, Amaya’s mother, works as a fertility doctor, and she had a couple of patients, named Iris and Santiago. Iris receives the bad news that she cannot get pregnant. This destroys her, and she even tried to kill herself previously. At the festival, when Iris sees that Amaya is alone, she takes her away and convinces Santiago to follow through. They take her home. Iris believes she can be a good mother to her.

Santiago is not sure about it but as time passes and in order to keep Iris happy, she goes along with it. She also begins to love Amaya as her own daughter. Iris changes Amaya’s name to Julia. Amaya doesn’t take the name at first, but as the years go by, she fully becomes Julia, and she calls Iris and Santiago, mother and father. They have given Julia a lot of love, but she has been isolated from the rest of the world. They don’t receive many visitors, but when they do, they have trained Julia to hide in her room and not come out.

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The couple is about to lose their house, and when Raul, their bank agent, goes to visit them, he finds weird clues that something is happening there. Iris kills Raul to keep him from suspecting anything. They buried the body and managed to get away with it. However, Miren is also onto them. Santiago kills himself to receive her life policy so that they can pay the bank and not lose the house. Miren visits the house, and after snooping around, she realizes that is the place where the videos have been filmed. She calls the police.

Miren follows Iris and Julia in their car when she sees them leave. Iris knows this is the end. Miren knows, the police as well. She says sorry to Julia before driving their car off a cliff. Julia survives, but Iris is dead. Julia shoots Miren in the shoulder when she gets close, but Miren manages to hold her down until the police arrive. The show ends as Ana and Alvaro meet her daughter once again, but she doesn’t even react when called Amaya. She is Julia now.

Years later, Miren has written a book about the case, and she has become a famous author. Miren and Eduardo receive a package from an unknown sender. In it, there is a picture of a kidnapped person, almost drowning. The sender dares them to capture them, and the show ends. Will Miren and Eduardo find this new missing person? Only time will tell.

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