The Ten Commandments in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked by Their Power

The Ten Commandments in Seven Deadly Sins Ranked by Their Power

Seven Deadly Sins is a shōnen manga written and drawn by Nakaba Suzuki. The Ten Commandments were an extremely powerful group of ten elite warriors who were among the most powerful of the Demon Clan. Hand-picked by the Demon King himself, each member possessed a Precept, a unique power granted to them by the Demon King, which issued a unique curse to anyone who broke a rule specific to each member.

These curses were absolute; they could not even be countered by their carriers, even though each member was immune to all other Precepts except their own. These curses could only be lifted if the victim defeated its wearer or the victim died. Precepts could be removed from their wearer if they gave their consent or if they were powerless, unable to fight, or dead.

This list is going to introduce all of the Ten Commandments, ordered by their level of power. We’re going to start off with the weakest (10th) and continue until we reach the strongest (1st) Commandment. We’re going to give you some information on them so you know just how powerful they are. Enjoy!

10. Fraudrin (Selflessness) – 31,000

Fraudrin 1

A monstrous demon whose Full-Size power allows him to grow bigger. Furthermore, he is able to use a technique that allows him to possess people. In fact, he manages to enter the bodies of Hendrickson and Dreyfus. He is also a replacement after the demon Gowther dies.

Zaratras and Hendrickson eventually expel him from Dreyfus’ body, but before he can kill them, he is confronted by a returned Meliodas. When defeated, he attempts to self-destruct to exterminate the Lionesse population, but Griamore clings to him and uses his magical ability to erect a barrier that separates them from the others, desperately trying to save everyone by containing the explosion and pleading with Fraudrin not to do it.

Fraudrin then realizes that in all the years spent pretending to be a loving father so as not to be discovered, he actually ended up really fond of Griamore and decides to give up blowing himself up, only to recognize his faults and paternal love for Griamore and asks Meliodas to kill him, which the latter will execute instantly with a single punch.

Although in truth it was never a true commandment, since the Demon King never gave him one, technically it represents the commandment of altruism that the wizard Gowther had: if someone wants to have something for himself that does not belong to him, he loses all memory of himself and feeling.

This commandment has always been in Zeldris’ possession, never having found a sufficiently strong and trusted replacement to entrust him with.

9. Melascula (Faith) – 34,000


A female demon skilled in manipulating the dead and dying. Her power, Hell Gate, allows her to open portals for various purposes, such as summoning lower-ranking demons.

This gives her tremendous summoning abilities, and also seems to give her the ability to manipulate space, having been able to create a dimensional distortion to prevent anyone from reaching Camelot and corrupting the door leading to the Celestial Kingdom, the home of the Clan of the Goddesses, transforming it into a channel for the World of Demons.

She resurrects Elaine and the former holy knight Zaratras along with many other people by drawing strength from their negative feelings using the spell called “Awakening of Rancorous Souls”, even if he cannot have full control over her.

Because of Ban, she loses six of her hearts. She will be defeated by the Seven Deadly Sins and stripped of her miasma by Elizabeth to be eventually captured by Merlin. She will turn out to be a simple snake that had spent hundreds of years in the midst of the miasma of the Demons.

She actually represents the commandment of Faith.

8. Grayroad (Pacifism) – 39,000

ten commandments

The commandment of Pacifism gives him the ability to kill in old age anyone who kills in front of her presence. Regarding his physical appearance, she looks like a dark mass surrounded by faces very similar to those of gray demons.

Due to being the most dehumanized member in appearance, it is difficult to determine hers gender but Fraudin uses feminine terms for her.

Grayroad, along with his companions participated in several of the wars between his Clan and that of the Goddesses, until the defeat of the archangel Mael forced the Goddesses to use a technique that would seal Grayroad and the rest of the Ten Commandments for thousands of years.

After freeing himself, Grayroad teams up with Fraudin to try to conquer the kingdom of Britannia, a situation that is eventually taken advantage of by the Seven Deadly Sins to confront them. However, when Meliodas is killed in a fight he has against all the Ten Commandments, the demon clan tries to hasten his conquest of the kingdoms.

In one of her attempts, Grayroad uses her uncanny ability to transform living things into demons in Camelot Castle until the intervention of a recovered Merlin who uses her magic to save the victims and eventually capture Grayroad as one of her guinea pigs.

When Meliodas regains his original personality as the heir to the demon king, he collects the commandment from Grayroad who hands it over voluntarily after her defeat.

7. Galand (Truth) – 40,000

Using Critical Over 40,000???

The Commandment of Truth, a tall demon completely covered in crimson armor in the anime and emerald in the manga. If someone lies in his presence, the person will turn to stone, an effect that can be undone if Galand is transformed by his own ability.

His main weapon is a huge spear that he uses in combat, although he possesses strength, reflexes, and a resistance superior to that of Holy Knights and even the strength of giants or other demons like Meliodas.

He is defeated by Escanor, the Sin of Pride that intimidates him enough that he retracts an initial statement, causing him to turn to stone in progress.

Shortly after, when Meliodas joins the Commandments in order to revoke Elizabeth’s curse, he sends Estarossa to collect Galand’s Commandment, but Galand wants to be petrified, so Estarossa ends up destroying his body while it is still made of stone, killing him in the process.

6. Gloxinia (Repose) – 50,000


He was the Commandment of Repose and the first fairy king before his demise and the circumstances in which he joined the Commandments.

As King, his fighting style is based mainly on the use of a magic spear; his spear bears the name of Basquias and with it, he is able to create all kinds of attacks and make him assume more varied forms than those of Chastifol, such as assuming the form of roots, pods, animals, or even full body armor.

According to his memories more than 3,000 years ago, Gloxinia used to lead a peaceful life with his people and was even close friends with a tribe of humans who hoped to enter the fairy forest.

However, when he discovered that humans had infiltrated the forest to kill the fairies and having seen that his sister was among those who were injured, Gloxinia, completely maddened with anger, eliminated all humans in the forest and subsequently joined the Commandments.

After being released from the seal along with the rest of his fellow, Gloxinia, next to his partner Drole, tried to eliminate the Seven Sins in his own way by organizing a fighting tournament where he expected his opponents to be eliminated but his plans would be frustrated with the tournament being interrupted and with the subsequent defeat and supposed death of Meliodas.

After a while Gloxinia decides to make King his successor and trains him in exchange for him doing him a favor, which is to reveal if it was possible to avoid being recruited for the Ten Commandments, discovering in the process that he could have eluded his way in the Commandments by forgiving the humans who betrayed him.

5. Derieri (Purity) – 52,000


She is the Commandment of Purity and, together with Melascula and Grayroad, one of the three female Commandments in the group.

She was part of the original clan of the Ten Commandments for thousands of years and even participated in several of the battles against the clan of the Goddesses, in part because of the great hatred that it has for these beings.

In one of the confrontations that she had against the archangels, she sacrificed with Monspeet one of her six hearts to acquire the Indura form, a form in which she gains more strength and power but consists of sacrificing her prudence.

Elizabeth, in her old life, was forced to use her abilities to purify her and Monspeet by returning her to her original form. Physically, she is similar to a young woman with an athletic physique, and, seeing how she is mostly naked, is covered with the demon marks that hide parts of her body such as her chest and her right leg.

Regarding her personality, she is mainly calm and quiet most of the time; she even speaks in a vulgar way by adding the phrase “my butt says”, in most of her expressions. She is prone to get intensely annoyed when in the presence of members of the Clan of Goddesses.

Her main attack is called Combo Star, which gives her the ability to increase her physical strength with each blow she deals her opponents.

4. Monspeet (Reticence) – 53,000


He was the Commandment of Reticence and of the original few members of the Commandments before being sealed by the Clan of Goddesses. Although the nature of his Commandment was not explicitly revealed, it is implied that it could be related to sincerity and silence, since he states that for many years he was not able to confess what he felt for his partner, Derieri.

After being freed by Fraudin from the seal, Monspeet aided his companions in their plans to retake the kingdom, killing and confronting the Holy Knights who stand in the way.

Monspeet follows Derieri when they detect the body of Meliodas being transported by Elizabeth and a resurrected Zaratras so he tries to intervene only to be defeated by Meliodas who resurrects in time to save Elizabeth.

For the next several months, Monspeet remains in hiding with Derieri, no longer showing interest in being part of the Ten Commandments and choosing to ignore Zeldris’s call to regroup.

However the two are eventually hunted by Estarossa who tries to obtain his Commandments by force to help Melodías in his plan to overthrow the demon king, initiating a confrontation between them that ends with Monspeet losing the only heart he had left, he decides to use his last strength to remove Derieri from the place and save her.

3. Drole (Patience) – 54,000


He was the Commandment of Patience and the king of the giants before he gave up his title and joined the Commandments. He is physically similar to a burly man but with his skin covered in a rock-like texture and with an extra pair of arms.

As a giant, he is able to use creation magic to manipulate the earth and he possesses a fighting style similar to capoeira. As revealed in the memories of him thousands of years ago, in the past, Drole was forced to join the Commandments when Zeldris extended the invitation and being unable to refuse because to refuse or oppose he would have been eliminated.

After spending several years sealed with most of the Commandments, Drole was freed by Hendrickson and Fraudin in order to retake the kingdom from the humans.

He and his friend Gloxinia decided to attract the sins by organizing a fighting tournament in the hope that they would eliminate each other or weaken them but to his surprise, these plans were thwarted by a sudden attack from Escanor.

Eventually, Drole, along with the rest of the Commandments, has a confrontation against Meliodas who tries to stop them all on his own account only to end up being killed by Estarossa in front of everyone present including the giant.

Some time later Drole with his faithful companion would recruit Diane and King to become his successors but to achieve this they decide to send Diane’s consciousness to his body thousands of years ago to help him free himself from the Commandments.

2. Zeldris (Piety) – 61,000


The younger brother of Meliodas, son of the Demon King and head of the Ten Commandments. He is considered the most powerful of the Ten Commandments, so much so that his strength was compared to that of the Supreme Goddess, since the Demon King gave him a part of his strength.

However, precisely because both leaders are on the same level, Zeldris is not equal to either of them. Thanks to this power, he can cancel any magical attack directed at him. Furthermore, he possesses the power known as the Ominous Nebula, which allows him to create a dark vortex capable of sucking any living being at its center with incredible attractive power.

He represents the Commandment of Piety: anyone who runs away and turns his back on him becomes blindly faithful to him and to the king of demons he represents. However, he himself seems to feel a grudge towards his father, for having forced him to kill her beloved Gelda, after the revolt of the Vampire Clan, of which the girl was a part.

He also feels deep resentment for Meliodas, whom he once admired, for his abandonment of the Demon Clan, and wishes to take the Demon King’s throne for himself even against his father’s wishes. However, Meliodas reveals to Zeldris that Gelda is alive and manages to convince him to follow his orders to break his curse.

1. Mael / Estarossa (Love) – 200,000+

Absorbed (Mael)200,000+???

Another younger brother of Meliodas and son of the Demon King, considered the second strongest of the Ten Commandments, after Zeldris. He possesses the same power as Meliodas, Counterattack, but his power applies to physical attacks differently from his brother’s power which is activated by magical attacks.

He represents the Commandment of Love: if someone in his presence feels hatred, he loses the ability to attack anyone.

As a young man, he seems to have been in love with the goddess Elizabeth; for this reason, he felt strong jealousy towards Meliodas and developed a strong inferiority complex.

It will eventually be discovered that Estarossa’s true identity is not that of the son of the Demon King, but is himself the Archangel Mael, whose memories were modified by the demon Gowther, as well as the memories of the inhabitants of all Britain, who they believed for over three thousand years that Mael was killed by Estarossa.

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