The Witcher 3: Cerys or Hjalmar? Here’s Who You Should Choose

The Witcher 3 Should You Choose Cerys or Hjalmar

Witchers are supposed impartial when it comes to worldly affairs, and yet wherever Geralt goes, it seems that hard decisions follow him. This is what happens when you arrive at Skellige. Arriving at the islands, you will be met with a region almost plunged into a civil war due to the death of the former High King Bran. Two candidates as his replacement are worthy of consideration, siblings Cerys and Hjalmar an Craite. Geralt will play a deciding role in who gets to inherit the throne of Skellige. Now, both choices are good in theory, but one is arguably more calculated and better. Let’s see whether you should choose Cerys of Hjalmar as the next rule of Skellige.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Cerys is a better choice due to being a more level-headed and steady ruler. She thinks before she acts and the game itself steers you toward choosing her as the next ruler.
  • Siding with Cerys allows you to uncover the real truth about the bloody banquet at Kaer Trolde. Siding with Cerys will also give you access to the Quen place of power.

Cerys: Personality and quests

You meet Cerys an Craite as soon as you arrive at Skellige. She is the daughter of Crach an Craite, Geralt’s old friend, and a younger sister to Hjalmar an Craite. At first, you figure out that Hjalmar is the most likely candidate to inherit the throne of Skellige following the death of High King Bran but in a surprising twist of events Cerys decides to throw her name into the gauntlet as well shocking both her father and her (at the time absent brother).

You learn from the beginning that Cerys is not to be trifled with, even though she is part of a heavily patriarchal society she is allowed freedoms not granted to “lesser born” ladies. She knows how to fight, she is equipped with the best gear, and adventure is burning in her veins.

Cerys an craite

When it comes to her personality, Cerys is eager to prove herself as a worthy and strong leader. She thinks before she acts and she does not bring decisions lightly. This is a noteworthy change when it comes to the history of Skellige as they have a long tradition of being led by hotheaded rulers. But this is perhaps something that Skellige needs in order to preserve its freedom and strength.

You will get to know Cerys more during the quest Possession during which the two of you will free clan Brokvar’s leader from the wraith that tormented him for years and caused numerous tragedies. It was during this quest that you see Cerys’ best qualities. Thoughtful and analytical approach to issues.


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What happens if you choose Cerys as a ruler?

If you side with Cerys during the quest King’s Gambit you will uncover the true plot behind the bloody banquet that happened at Kaer Trolde. You will uncover that Birna was behind the plot and berserkers all along in order to install Svanrige as the ruler of Skellige. You will also gain access to the Quen place of power which is only accessible during the quest if you side with Cerys.

Hjalmar will help his sister out during her rule holding no hard feelings against her. When it comes to the ruling of Skellige, Cerys will in time prove to be a worthy Queen who will lead Skellige to prosperity avoiding bloodshed.

Cerys crowned 768x432 1

Hjalmar: Personality and quests

The first you meet Hjalmar you will notice that he is reckless, headstrong, and hotblooded. You meet her during the secondary quest The Lord of Undvik during which you will need to save Hjalmar from the Ice giant. He set off to destroy the Ice Giant in order to prove himself as a worthy ruler of Skellige but things did not go according to plan, he was stuck on an island and much of his party was killed.


Still, Hjalmar has no trouble bragging about his strength, intelligence, and planning which led to the defeat of the Ice giant. The game heavily implies that Hjalmar is an idiot who goes head-first into whatever situation is thrown his way. This is not a desirable quality in a ruler as you will soon notice.
Still, this is not to say that Hjalmar is a bad person or a terrible combatant. He has all the qualities that make him a “good ruler of Skellige”. He is proud, loves to fight, is hot-headed, and quick to anger but even quicker to forgive.


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What happens if you choose Hjalmar as a ruler?

If you decide to side with Hjalmar during King’s Gambit you will slaughter all the berserkers and manage to restore honor to the clan an Craite, but you will never find out who was truly behind the bloody banquet at Kaer Trolde. You will also forfeit the Quen place of power as this is only accessible if you side with Cerys.

Hjalmar an craite crowned

Choosing Hjalmar as the High King of Skellige means that he will continue the long tradition of hot-headed rulers.
No matter whether you choose Hjalmar as the next high king he will join you during the battle for Kaer Morhen, he will also plunge Skellige into a new war with Nilfgaard which will lead to many deaths and will overall weaken Skellige.

Third choice: What happens if you choose Svanrige as the next high king of Skellige?

Svanrige is the first-born son of the deceased King Bran and his scheming wife Birna and if you don’t interfere during the King’s Gambit quest the throne of Skellige goes to him. This is perhaps the worst option when it comes to three choices as Svanrige has the makings of a terrible king. His mother Birna was behind the bloody event at Kaer Trolde and the only reason why Svanrige survived is because his mother told him to hide when the berserkers were attacking.

Svanrige crowned

If you “side” with Svanrige you forfeit the Quen place of power and Skellige is plunged into a wart against Nilfgaard as soon as he is crowned. He will spit on the treaty between the two lands, and this will result in both Cerys and Hjalmar dying.

Cerys, Hjalmar, or Svanrige who should you choose?

Of the three choices, Cerys is the best. She is an intelligent thoughtful leader that will lead Skellige into prosperity. Choosing her also gives you access to the Quen place of power. The game itself somewhat steers you in that direction considering the fact that both Hjalmar and Svanrige are shown in a worse light.

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