Tom Holland Supports Making Of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 With Andrew Garfield

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Ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home assembled all three live-action Spider-Men on the big screen, a lot of new opportunities opened up for both Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, and everything between that.

Although producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal confirmed that Tom Holland will continue playing Spider-Man in the fourth untitled MCU Spider-Man movie, No Way Home also opened up a question about the future of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s incarnations of the web-slinger.

Shortly after No Way Home’s release, Spider-Man fans gathered on social media to start a campaign called #MakeTASM3, and it’s quite obvious what fans are demanding with this. After No Way Home brought back Garfield’s Spider-Man for the first time since 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, now they think that No Way Home was a great jumping point for his Spider-Man to get his third solo movie.

As we remember, Andrew Garfield debuted as Spider-Man in 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and reprised the role in the sequel two years later. Unfortunately, the sequel wasn’t successful as Sony wanted it to be so they scrapped the ideas for the third movie and formed a partnership that allowed Spider-Man to join the MCU with Tom Holland as the new web-slinger.

Andrew Garfield was more than happy to play Spider-Man again in No Way Home, and it could be that that movie won’t be the last we see of him. Tom Holland recently also expressed his support for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to become a real thing.

“I think what was so wonderful was how Andrew was able to kind of make amends with the character and the studio, you know, to kind of win the general public back. That scene where he saved Zendaya, the fan reactions in the theater was so spectacular. So should Sony decide to do that, they would have my full support, and obviously, so would Andrew.” — Tom Holland for Phase Zero Podcast


Despite the pandemic, Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed over $1.7 billion worldwide, which makes it by far the highest-grossing movie of the pandemic era. It is also the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie ever, the highest-grossing movie made by Sony ever, and the third highest-grossing MCU and superhero movie ever, only behind Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Also, it is currently the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time.

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