What Is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft & How to Make Them?

What Is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft and How To Make Them?

Villagers in Minecraft are one of the most important aspects along with trading to get certain resources. But effectively using a villager is not so easy if you don’t know how they work. So what is a toolsmith villager in Minecraft and how can you make them?

You’ll need to obtain a Smithing Table and find an unemployed villager to create a new Toolsmith. The table can be crafted or found in certain areas and then the villager will become a toolsmith and can be upgraded.

We’ll have a look at how to make a villager into a toolsmith, the items they want, and the items you can get from a Toolsmith, so let’s jump right in!

What Block Makes a Villager a Toolsmith?

What Is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft and How To Make Them?
Toolsmith Block

The Smithing Table is the block or job block that assigns the role of Toolsmith to an unemployed villager.

Villagers unsurprisingly live in villages, which are spawned randomly, following the surrounding biome theme.

They won’t attack you and can’t be aggroed, as the main job of villagers is to be employed and make little baby villagers. Of course, their other main role is to provide you with all the goodies.

In total there are 13 jobs available to an unemployed villagers. They will search for a job with a sweep radius of 48 blocks, and you’ll know when they’re gainfully employed as they’ll start shooting out green particles.

You can find the smithing table inside the toolsmith house in a village, or you can craft one. The recipe for crafting one requires two iron ingots and any combination of four planks.

Once a player trades with a villager, the villager is then locked into that profession, as well as their offered trades.

What Does a Toolsmith Villager Use?

What Is a Toolsmith Villager in Minecraft and How To Make Them?
Toolsmith Villager

Toolsmith villagers offer four items in trade: diamond shovels, diamond axes, diamond pickaxes, and diamond hoes.

Villagers have five levels, with two trades per level.

At the novice level, you can offer them coal in quantities of 15, and this will give you emeralds, 16 trades, and two XP. One emerald will give you one of the four weapons above in stone, plus 12 trades and one XP.

This trade expires after 15 trades and is one of the best value trades in the game. It will also form a source of emeralds which can be used at higher levels. Once you’ve done the 15 trades, the toolsmith will have to return to their job block for some time for it to replenish.

The next level up, apprentice, 4 iron gives you one iron and 10 XP, while 36 emeralds will give you a bell and 12 trades with 5 XP.

A journeyman, you can swap 30 flints for an emerald, 12 trades, and 20 XP. After that, you can offer 7 to 22 emeralds for iron shovels, axes, or pickaxes or 11 to 27 for a diamond hoe and 3 trades with XP.

All of these weapons will also start coming with enchantments.


Best Villagers To Trade With In Minecraft

The reason there is a range of emeralds is that it is an analogy to the enchantments you get in the enchanting table.

For example, if you have 15 bookshelves covering levels 2 to 10; level 6 to 21, and; level 30,  it will be as if you were enchanting with only 13 bookshelves i.e.level 2 to 9 and level 5 to 19.

This prevents you from getting the third one, level 26 to 27, so you’ll never see a toolsmith selling any tool with efficiency five, but coming in the lower level variants.

For the expert level, one diamond gets you an emerald with 12 trades and 30 XP, and then 18 to 35 emeralds for a diamond ax, and 11 to 27 emeralds for a diamond shovel, also getting three trades and 15 XP.

At the master level, there is a single trade which is 11 to 27 emeralds for a diamond pickaxe, three trades, and 30 XP.

In Bedrock Edition, villagers instead have seven to 10 trade slots. Overlapping trades will tend to display only possible trades for that slot on a probability basis.

How To Get Better Trades or Upgrades With Your Toolsmith Villager?

Players can get personal discounts or fines based on their reputation.

A positive reputation is gained through completing the zombie villager cure process, with the villager that was cured giving a permanent, large discount.

In the Java Edition, a negative reputation is gained by hitting or killing villagers, and you’ll also get a positive reputation by healing villagers or doing lots of trades.

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