‘Troll’ Ending Explained: Why Is the Troll Marching to Oslo?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Troll, the newest monster Netflix flick coming straight from the land of trolls itself, Norway. The film is directed by Roar Uthaug, and stars Ine Marie Willmann, Kim S. Falck-Jorgensen, Mads Sjogard Pettersen, and Gard B. Eidsvold. The film tells the story of Nora, a paleobiologist who is called to action by the Norwegian government when a giant troll comes out of a faraway mountain and starts wreacking havoc around the country. Now Nora needs to go back to her childhood and remember the old tales if she wants to stop the creature.

Troll is another excellent troll movie coming out of Norway. It feels like the spiritual successor to the also fantastic Troll Hunter from 2010, although a bit more conventional in its execution. The film combines a classic giant monster story, with the folk tales of Norwegian lore and also a good measure of political statements but never without forgetting to be fun and entertaining. The film manages to create amazing visual effects sequences that have nothing to envy on big Hollywood productions. It is really one of the best films in the genre, even if the story is a bit generic.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Troll. Read at your own risk.

Why Did Nora’s Father Went To A Mental Hospital?

The film begins with young Nora and her father Tobias hiking through the mountains. When they hit the top, Tobias tries to remember Nora of the legend about how the mountains are really just a bunch of trolls that were turned into stone. Nora doesn’t believe any of this, but her father tells her that while the saying goes like, “You have to see to believe.” sometimes, “You have to believe to be able to see”. Nora tries to, and she sees the faces of the trolls in the mountains.

We flash forward into the future, and we see a group of miners digging hard into the heart of a mountain. Outside, protesters cry out loudly against mining activity in the area. The miners hit something with their drills, and there is a huge explosion. A lot of people died, and something big came out of the mountain. The government receives news about this, and they meet to resolve the issue. We meet Nora, now older, and a paleobiologist. She is working, excavating fossils when she gets called by the Prime Minister. She is received by Andreas, the prime minister’s assistant.

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At the meeting, the experts begin to theorize the cause of the explosion. This is insane because there are high-resolution pictures of footprints all around the mountain. Only Andreas and Nora seem to see the footprints for what they are. When they see a phone video, it is revealed that a humanoid form came out of the mountain. There is clearly something supernatural going on here. Captain Holm is tasked with helping Nora get what she needs. She decides to take a chopper ride to her father’s place. Holm and Andreas follow after her.

They reach a very isolated place in the mountains. Nora warns Holm and Andreas that her father is a bit crazy and that he lost his mind many years ago. Tobias receives them violently, but when Nora explains the situation and shows him the video, he is on board to help. It is revealed that Tobias believes the government has redacted the existence of trolls for thousands of years, and that he was thrown into a mental hospital when he was ready to reveal the entire truth. The team follows Tobias’ lead deeper inside the mountains.

Why Is The Troll Marching To Oslo?

Tobias and the team reach an area, and there they meet the troll face-to-face. Tobias believes he isn’t violent, but that he feels lost and scared, as he has just awoken from a long sleep into a world he knows nothing about. The government still doesn’t want to believe that they are dealing with a troll, and they start a military operation to kill the troll. The troll faces the military, but their weapons are too weak to do him any harm. The troll destroyed the military, but Tobias tries to make contact with it, and it doesn’t seem violent.

However, the moment the monster is shot, and when he turns to see what is shooting him, he smashes against Tobias by accident, killing him. Before dying, he tells Nora about a home, a palace, and a king. Back at the base, the team believes they must think outside the box. Nora believes the solution is inside her father’s research and the fairy tales. Trolls hate sunlight, should eat after midnight, and many other stories like that. The troll marches directly to the capital city of Oslo. They tried to stop him with bells, but this just makes him angrier.

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Nora and Andreas get out of the task force and begin their independent research as Oslo is being evacuated. Nora remembers her father’s last words, and she goes with Andreas to the Royal Palace, where they are received by a man who knew Tobias and admits they sent him to the mental hospital to shut him up. It is revealed that the royal palace is built on top of the Troll King’s home and that the troll going around is the last living troll from that royal line. Nora discovers that the bones of the trolls are hurt by UV light.

Nora calls Holm and tasks him with finding the biggest UV light possible, while she and Andreas use the skull of a troll child to lure the troll away from Oslo. Holm comes through, and they trap the troll with UV lights. The entire country watches the creature die a painful death. Nora tries to stop it, but the weather clears out, and the sun does the rest, turning the troll into stone, and killing it. Nora and Andreas are triumphant, but Andreas asks if it would be possible if there are more out there. A post-credit scene seems to suggest there might be more trolls inside the mountain.

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