Uncharted: Tati Gabrielle Opens Up About Her Character Jo Braddock

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Uncharted, Sony’s movie based on Naughty Dog’s video game series of the same name was recently released in theaters. Tom Holland starred as Nathan Drake, the central character of the whole franchise, and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sully Sullivan, Nathan’s mentor and father figure, at least that’s how it was shown in the games, but they will need a bit more development to reach that kind of relationship on the big screen.

Although the movie featured some known characters from the games, including Sam Drake and Chloe Frazer (interestingly, Elena Fisher wasn’t part of the movie), there were some original characters made exclusively for the movie, and you guessed it, they’re villains. Antonio Banderas played Santiago Moncada, while Tati Gabrielle played Jo Braddock, a mercenary who worked for Moncada.

Now, while fans of this famous PlayStation exclusive are watching the movie in theaters, Gabrielle opened up about her original character in the recent interview.

“We wanted to make sure that she was still full, like that she, yeah, could still hold her own as a character, as well as, like, how she could help, or be an obstacle to Nate and Sully’s journey through this? So, yeah, that was the main focus, and just like allowing also room for us to even possibly see her again, and so just making her as thorough as possible. […] I wanted off rip to be able for you to get both that Braddock was a badass, but that she was classy all in one. And I feel like you do get that when you first meet her at the auction house by seeing her in this, like, beautiful dress, but that’s sort of like edgy, and cut up a little bit, and then boom, you get this sleeve when you’re like, oh, okay, this chick’s got the whole sleeve? And actually, the tattoo only took about five minutes. It was like a giant, like, temporary tattoo that we just laid on my arm and put water on, and then it stayed for like two days. So, I would actually like walk around the city in it too for a while ’cause I was like, yeah, this is cool, I got a sleeve.” — Tati Gabrielle for ComicBook.com

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Uncharted now plays in theaters.