‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 2 Review: There Is Definitely Something in the Sky

Looking for light beyond the planet Earth has been, for more than a century, the obsession of many people. Entire communities have been formed both online and in real life that serve the sole purpose of finding out clues and evidence that we have visited before. Most of the people that end up focusing their lives on such an objective do it because they themselves have experienced something beyond human understanding, something that could only be explained by the presence of a real UFO. Episode 2 of Netflix‘s Unsolved Mysteries, deals with one such case.

The second Unsolved Mysteries focuses its runtime on a UFO event that occurred on March 8, 1994. More than 300 people were witnesses to some strange light flying in the sky and moving at incredibly fast speeds. The witnesses included not only normal civilians spending the night on the streets or in their houses, but also meteorologists, policemen, and even veteran pilots. All of them saw these strange lights moving in formation on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. What did they really see that night? No one really knows.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is alien ships that have come to Earth for some reason. When more than 300 people see the same thing, it is there that you know things are should be examined a bit more closely than usual. Of course, it could always be a case of collective craziness or something similar but seems very unlikely. The episode follows the same structure that has made the show so famous, and brings many of the witnesses from that night and also some third parties interested in the event and interviews them.

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The dramatic recreations go a bit further this time as the director has to recreate what it is like to see a UFO for the first time. This is just not only a person walking down the street, but there are also some cool and solid visual effects going around in this episode, and that is pretty cool. The visual aids are also quite solid, as the episode shows tons of graphics to describe the movement of the UFO and more. The reports and the statements given by the witnesses are very detailed, and while they cannot be sure of what they saw, they definitely saw the same thing around the lake.

The episode also puts a lot of focus on the way people treat and see those who say that they have seen UFOs or even contact with aliens. No one in the episodes wants to be seen as a crazy person. It really seems to be an important aspect of the entire affair, especially for those people who are in the sciences. Nevertheless, they cannot deny what they think they saw, and some events become quite emotional when thinking about that night. Some interviewees might come off as people who only want attention, but others truly feel genuine.

While the story of the event is quite interesting and there are many witnesses, this episode loses steam really fast after the first half. The first half sets up the event and what happened very well, so when the latter half of the episode arrives, there is really nothing else to do but repeat the same things over and over again. The episode really only had enough story and facts for a 30-minute episode, so that last stretch feels unnecessary and redundant.

The episode brings to light one of the biggest UFO sightings ever, and it really makes you think about what happened that day. What could be the nature of those lights in the sky? What were they doing? And will they come back? We have to wait and see as this event remains just one more unsolved mystery.

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