‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 3 Review: A Body in a Bag Is Never a Good Sign

Unsolved Mysteries is right back with a third volume of the show on Netflix. We are getting ready to review each one of the different mysteries the series has in store for us. Each new episode brings a new mystery to the table, and they range from murder cases to the supernatural. It is fascinating and shocking to see that there are so many unknowns still happening even now in 2022. Technology and the internet have been able to open up and uncover many mysteries, but their power is not limitless.

In Episode 3 of this season of Unsolved Mysteries, the series goes into the present to introduce us to a case that is still in development. This case involves the discovery of a bag in the fields near Michigan. What was in the bag turned out to be the remains of a body, to be more specific, the lower half of a body. The remains would later be identified as belonging to a 39-year-old man called David Carter, who had been missing from his home and work for a couple of days.

The story also involves the character in question, who is at the core of the mystery. Tammy Williams, who was David’s new girlfriend, is, right now, being looked for by the U.S. Marshall office and other authorities. You see, it was apparently Tammy who committed the crime and when she was discovered, she left her home and life behind. Now, Tammy is presumed to be dangerous and on the run. Like in any other episode, the viewer is compelled to give information on the case if they manage to have any.

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This episode is very standard and what really stands out is that Tammy is not a piece of an old forgotten case, but that she is right now somewhere avoiding the authorities. The case is so close to home in terms of a date that it feels like it could have happened just a few weeks ago instead of a full year. It is also quite impressive that Tammy has been managing to avoid the authorities in this day and age, especially with how much publicity the internet and now even Netflix have given to the case.

This episode focuses a lot on what could be considered a passion crime. Tammy was apparently very jealous of everyone and also quite possessive of David, getting mad even when David would take some members of his family to the movie and not her. Tammy is clearly unhinged, and it is very scary to have a person like that running around free. The episode doesn’t really provide any extra information other than that, because there isn’t any until the moment when the authorities manage to catch Tammy and put her behind bars.

The episode also spends a lot of time introducing the victim, David, and how he lived and who he was. So, the episode has this very sad feeling about it, which is understandable. It seems like David was a really nice guy that sadly became involved with the wrong woman. However, the amount of emphasis on this side of the story feels a bit too much, and the other more interesting parts of the case are overshadowed by it.

In this case, the episode feels incomplete for good reason; there is really no telling of what happened to Tammy after she escaped. Is she still on the run, moving constantly through the country? Is she even alive? Could it be that Tammy decides to end things in a more definitive way? We might never know until she is found. This might not be the most interesting of this season’s mysteries, but it is quite shocking because it is happening right now as you are reading this.

SCORE: 6/10

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