‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 4 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Buffalo Jim?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 4 of Unsolved Mysteries. The series comes back once again to Netflix for a third Volume. This new volume brings several cases from different sources. We have a couple of gruesome and mysterious murder cases, but we also dwell more into the supernatural with cases involving ghosts, spirits, and even aliens. Conspiracy theories don’t look that crazy after you start seeing some of these cases with actual interviews with the people who were there.

Episode 4 focuses on the mysterious death of Buffalo Jim. This man was so lovable by the Las Vegas community that he himself could be considered one of the great attractions of the city. However, a dispute with one of his neighbors and some truly sketchy evidence bring doubt to his death when he is found in a hotel room as if he has been the victim of a cocaine overdose. Everything about the case screams foul play, yet it seems that none of the authorities are interested enough to conduct a competent investigation properly.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Episode 4. Read at your own risk.

Who Was Buffalo Jim?

Buffalo Jim was one of the unique personalities in the city of Las Vegas. The man was a self-made mechanic, a wrestling personality, a political leader, and also a celebrity in the city. The man built a wonderful family and a business that was recognized not only in the city of Las Vegas but also in many states over. You could say that Buffalo Jim was doing a great job at being a spoke person for Las Vegas. It is a city that should not exist, as it is a huge metropolis in the middle of the desert, and yet, it exists and thrives by its own rules.

Buffalo Jim was also a father, and although he ended up separated from his wife, her daughters remained close to him until the day of his death. It is really sad to hear Jim’s daughters talking about how he was able to always bring energy to any room he stepped in, how he was a loving father that always tried to be there not only for his children but also for his friends and the people of Las Vegas. However, everything changed when he began having problems with a man named Rick Rizzolo.

Rick was not only his neighbor but also his landlord. And it seems that with time, the relationship became sour. Rizzolo was the owner of a stripper club just next to Jim’s garage shop, and a discussion on parking spaces could have been the seed for Rizzolo to plan Jim’s death. It is unfortunate, but everything seems to point out that Rizzolo was also involved in some sketchy business, which he managed from his stripper club.

The area was becoming violent and nasty, and that made Jim angry, as it was bad for his business.

Who Killed Buffalo Jim?

Jim’s body was found on April 6, 2008, by a cleaning lady of a Motel 6 located on Boulder Highway. The body was found in a storage position, and a strange quantity of white powder was found over his body and beard. When the morticians did the expected toxicology test, they found that cocaine had been the cause of death in combination with his heart disease. Friends and family found this weird because Jim had been sober from the substance for many years and was proud of it.

One of his daughters also picked up his phone and called one of the last people that had talked to his father in life. The person on the other line was a woman named Lisa, who sounded concerned for Jim at first, but then changed his story to show that she didn’t know Jim. Both Jim and Lisa had shared the room, and she might have been there when Jim died. It was also proved that she had been a dancer in Rizzolo’s stripper club, so there was a connection there between the two.

Jim also received a letter warning him that Rizzolo was up to no good and that he and his family could be in danger. The inside of Jim’s car was also moved and cleaned up on the inside by some unknown person, but the police didn’t follow any of these leads, so the murder remains a mystery. Was this just a vengeance act on Rizzolo’s part? Did Jim have a hidden part of his life? There are many possibilities, but we might never know the truth unless someone involved comes forward to talk, and that seems like a very slim possibility.

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