‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 5 Ending Explained: What Did the Rangers See During Their Investigations?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 5 of Unsolved Mysteries. The series comes back to Netflix with one more volume, and in this opportunity, the number of cases is small, but the variety to the bunch is quite amazing. The series has managed to gather a substantial audience on the streaming platform and is now ready to give the audience more of what they want. However, the series is struggling to come up with new and interesting cases.

Episode 5 is a clear sign that some things are better left out or cut from a season. In this episode, the material focuses on the stories of two Navajo Rangers who say they have experienced countless supernatural moments during their service in the Rangers organization. The rangers serve more as nature protectors than anything else. For a time, they were ordered to investigate a series of supernatural events that remain quite mysterious among their community.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Unsolved Mysteries Episode 5. Read at your own risk.

What Did The Rangers See During Their Investigations?

Episode 5 of Volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries is a very strange episode when it comes to its structure. We are not presented with one case and follow the clues and explore the different possibilities that might help to solve it. Instead, we are presented with a series of cases that are explored in very shallow ways.

For example, at one point, we are told that there is a lady that has met Bigfoot. The creature has presented itself to her and has even knocked on her door. Interestingly, she recognizes that the creature is Bigfoot and not something else. She describes the figure as not very muscular but full of hair. The lady even installed cameras outside her home to catch up with the creature on video.

Sadly, her efforts amount to nothing as she cannot get a clear image of the creature, just some images of weird shadows here and there. She also manages to capture sound. The sounds are very creepy and could be defined as some animal growl, but not more than that. The clues are just insufficient to make you interested in the case.

The same happens with the rest of the cases that are brought up during the episode. If something is interesting, it is the fact that the rangers who are telling the story link every single case to their Navajo roots. This is pretty cool, as the Navajo culture isn’t something that could be considered mainstream, so it is always great to learn more from it.

Did The Rangers Found Answers During Their Investigations?

However, because most of the happenings get explained as a particular phenomenon to their culture, it seems the rangers don’t have a lot of interest in investigating and resolving these cases. Most of their solutions are just presented as proof that their land is special and connected to nature in ways that no other people could appreciate. This could be true but still leaves us without proper answers or even hints to create our solution for these cases.

The episode then keeps listing the other events around the Navajo territory that could be considered supernatural. UFOs, glowing lights in the sky, skinchangers, and so much more are among those events. The episode lists these events but never goes into too much detail about any of them. The episode could serve as a jumping point into investigating more about these events on our own, but it leaves much to be desired.

The episode ends by telling us that the Rangers are being truthful, even when the evidence is very vague.

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