‘Warriors of Future’ Ending Explained: How Do the Team Plan to End with Pandora?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Warriors of Future, a new action science fiction film coming straight from Hong Kong that is arriving on Netflix this weekend. The film was already very successful in China, where it managed to become quite a success at the box office. So, Netflix, being Netflix, got its hands on it, and now many people around the world are able to see it. The film is directed by Ng Yuen-fai and stars Louis Koo, Lau Ching-wan, Carina Lau, Philip Keung, and Xiaoxia Cheng.

The film tells the story of a team of elite soldiers living in a post-apocalyptic world that is on the brink of being completely destroyed by a menace of their own creation. The team must now succeed in a suicide mission that could change the world forever. The film focuses mainly on being a grand visual spectacle, and it manages to do so, to a point. The film doesn’t really have the budget to go all out on visuals from beginning to end, but it also couldn’t find the right balance when it comes to characters and story.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Warriors of Future. Read at your own risk.

How Do The Team Plan To End With Pandora?

Warriors of Future is a weird movie in its structure. It is basically divided into two halves: one before the mission and the other one during the mission itself. The movie opens with a long introduction to the world the story sets in. We are told that for many years, Earth has been quite a terrible place to live in. Natural disasters, viruses, and endless wars for resources have turned the planet into a mess. The sad part is that all of these events are consequences of our own making as a species.

In trying to control the disaster humanity had made out of Earth, scientists created a solution that ended up becoming an even greater evil. A genetically enhanced plant they named, Pandora. Pandora’s purpose was to eat out the toxic waste and other waste created after the endless wars that have been occurring on Earth. Sadly. Pandora, living up to its name, was hiding an even bigger threat. The plant went out of control and has been growing, endlessly, and if it keeps growing it will destroy the entire planet.

Fortunately, scientists have created an antidote that could prevent Pandora from growing. The antidote is untested, and no one can say how fast it will work, but it needs to be used. This could be humanity’s last hope. The team is composed of Loi, Chang, Kwong, and supervisors Tam, and Lee Sing. The team gets ready and prepares to look for the source of Pandora and introduce the antidote there, as that could be the place where it is most effective. However, it is also the most dangerous of places, as huge bugs have been nesting on Pandora and serving as its protectors.

Does The Team Success At Stopping Pandora’s Growth?

Once the mission begins, the movie tries to focus more on the characters. However, the script is very thin, and most of the motivations that push the characters forward are very cliché. Loi, for example, is a very rough soldier and a compelling leader, but he has a dead daughter. This trauma carries him through the film as he promises his daughter that he would show her a new Earth where she could live in peace. This didn’t happen, of course, and now Loi is very depressed.

As they reach the place for the mission by helicopter, they are attacked by unknown forces and also the bugs that protect Pandora. It seems like very bad luck. The helicopters crash and most soldiers end up dead. Loi and Chang manage to keep going, and they reunite with an ex-team member called Skunk. He is a great soldier, so they recruit him to help on the mission, even when there is beef between them. Skunk left the force after a fight with Loi. The three of them go back to the crash site to pick up the antidote, but they are attacked by robot forces.

Only one person has the ability to summon such forces. Lee Sing is revealed to be the traitor. He wants the plan to fail as he has invested a lot of money in the Skynet project, an alternative to Pandora, so if Pandora ends up working once again, he would lose all of his investments. Tam stops him and helps the team get out of danger. The fight that ensues is quite long, and Change seems to sacrifice himself to save Pan Pan, a young girl they found in the slums.

Loi and Pan Pan, manage to get the antidote inside Pandora, and they stop their growth. Chang is alive and saves them one last time. Now Pandora is working as intended, and it is cleaning the air and atmosphere of the planet. The movie ends with our heroes celebrating their victory. Pan Pan stays with Loi as his new daughter and Skunk come back to the force. In a post-credit scene, it is revealed our heroes have a new mission, but this time the mission is on the moon.

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