Was Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever & How Old Was She?

Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever

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Drew Barrymore is a big Hollywood star that brought us a lot of memorable movies. However, while most of her best movies came after the year 2000, there are some people who forget that she was in a blockbuster movie in the 90s. This is where some people wonder whether or not that was her who made a cameo in Val Kilmer’s only appearance as Batman in Batman Forever. So, was Drew Barrymore actually in Batman Forever?

One of the weirdest cameo appearances in Batman Forever was Drew Barrymore as Sugar, who was one of the two female assistants to Two-Face. She represented Two-Face’s “good” side but hardly had any lines or major roles in that film, considering that she was still on the rise.

Despite the fact that Drew Barrymore may be a big actress today, she had to start somewhere while proving her worth as someone who could carry a movie as the lead star. That said, Batman Forever was one of the earliest movies she appeared in while playing a minor role. And she only continued to rise since then.

Was Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever?

When it comes to the sweethearts in the American film industry, it is tough not to include Drew Barrymore on that list. She is as popular and as successful as any actress in Hollywood, and that says a lot because of how massively successful a lot of actresses are. But, of course, there are some actors who have to go through an obscure period of time before they make it big.

Drew Barrymore starred as one of the children in the all-time great movie ET: Extra Terrestrial as a seven-year old girl in 1982. While she still saw some roles as a child and as a teenager, Drew Barrymore struggled to get that one big break she needed right after her days as a child and teenage actress were over. This is why she went through an obscure period in her career.

In line with how Drew Barrymore went through an obscure period in her career, the Batman film franchise also went through the same kind of obscure part. Following the massive success of the two Batman films that starred Michael Keaton, the franchise was looking to hit it big with Batman Forever, which was released three years after the blockbuster Batman Returns film was released. This time, it was Val Kilmer starring as Batman in his only run as Bruce Wayne.

Batman Forever was a subpar film in terms of its critical reception, as the movie couldn’t build up from the success of Keaton’s Batman movies. Of course, we know that this movie was followed up by Batman and Robin, which was even more of a disappointment, despite its All-Star cast.

Going back to our point, the common denominator between Drew Barrymore and the Batman film franchise is that they both went through an obscure moment. But did you know that Barrymore was actually in Batman Forever?

Yes, that’s right. It can be tough to remember the fact that Drew Barrymore was in Batman Forever. And that can be quite understandable because of the fact that the other stars such as Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, and Nicole Kidman were bigger names at that time.

Then again, one of the reasons why some of us also didn’t know that Drew Barrymore was in Batman Forever, despite her massive star power today, is that she was still growing as an actress at that time. It was an obscure moment in her career as she was still working her way up the ladder in terms of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Who Is Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever?

Sugar, Two-Face, Spice

In case you want to catch Drew Barrymore in Batman Forever, look out for one of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent’s female associates. Two-Face was almost always flanked by two women that represented his two opposing sides. The first was Sugar, who represented the villain’s good side. Meanwhile, the other was Spice, who represented Two-Face’s villainous side.

While neither Sugar nor Spice had a lot of lines and roles in the film, what you should know is that Drew Barrymore played one of them. She played the role of Sugar, who was the more lighthearted and sweeter of the two girls working under Two-Face.

Drew Barrymore, as Sugar, didn’t have a lot of roles and lines in the movie, she did play a good part in one of the scenes that involved Bruce Wayne and Edward Nygma (Riddler), as the billionaire was sneaking around during a party to inspect the Riddler’s invention. Throughout the entire movie, she hardly had any lines and worked mostly as an assistant for the villainous Two-Face.


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How Old Was Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever?

One of the reasons why Drew Barrymore’s role in Batman Forever was rather forgettable is the fact that she was still growing as an actress when this film was shot and when the movie premiered. Given that Barrymore was born in 1975, she was still somewhere around 19 during the filming of the movie and was 20 when it was released.

In that sense, Drew Barrymore was at an obscure point in her career because she was still transitioning from her teenage roles to post-teen acting jobs. And it didn’t take long for Drew Barrymore to finally find her big break, as she eventually landed bigger and better starring roles a few years after Batman Forever.

Why Was Drew Barrymore In Batman Forever?

It is tough to really answer why Drew Barrymore was in Batman Forever because casting decisions are the prerogatives of the filmmakers. What we do know is that Sugar, her character in the film, was supposed to be eye candy throughout the entire movie. In a way, choosing an actress as beautiful and as sweet-looking as Drew Barrymore was a good decision on the part of the producers.


Of course, another probable reason behind her role is the fact that Batman Forever, supposedly a blockbuster film, was a good way to boost the careers of up-and-coming actors and actresses. Given the fact that Drew Barrymore was in a period of transitioning from her teenage roles, giving her a more mature role in a blockbuster film was a good way to introduce her as an adult and not as a teen to the movie industry.

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