‘We Lost Our Human’ Ending Explained: Do Pud and Ham Find Their Human in the End?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for We Lost Our Human, the newest interactive experience coming from Netflix, which arrives this weekend on the platform. The experience is segmented into small chunks of stories that loop into themselves according to your choices. The average runtime for the experience is close to two hours, and even after you reach an ending, there are other endings that you can achieve. So, in this, We Lost Our Human Ending Explained, we are going through just one of the playthroughs that might be similar or completely different to yours.

Chris Garbutt and Rikke Absjoern direct the film. The cast also includes several well-known actors doing the voices, and it all feels like a very solid production. However, the plot feels a bit inconsistent. Instead of taking us through a cohesive and comprehensive storyline, We Lost Our Human seems to be a collection of sketches that fill the gaps between more important story segments that serve as the axis. This experience is closer to a Telltale Game or a Quantum Dream game than anything on the platform, but the quality of the story is far from it.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for We Lost Our Human. Read at your own risk.

How Do Pub and Ham Lose Their Human in the First Place?

For all its complication during the main body of the experience, We Lost Our Human begins with a very simple premise. We meet our two main characters, Pud, a cat, and Ham, a dog. The two live as pets in the same apartment under the care of the same human. Their owner is just a single woman, whom they have named “Human.” They love Human and wait patiently each day by the door for the moment when Human arrives, so they can share their stories about what happened to them that day with her.


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However, both pets are quite different from each other. As a cat, Pud is lazier, wants to cuddle, eat, and sleep, and mainly serves as the company for Human. Meanwhile, Ham behaves exactly like a dog would. She is often quite unable not to move around, she wants to hug everything and everyone, and she also wants to have Human as her friend. These two pets are quite different, and Pud definitely doesn’t like Ham’s overly energetic behavior every minute of every day. It is quite tiresome for him.

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One day, when Human arrives, Ham and Pud are already ready to fight for her attention. It is here that the interactive experience takes place. You can choose to focus on Ham over Puds and vice-versa. This means that, for example, the one character you decide to focus on will do something to catch Human attention, etc. However, for most of the experience, the choices don’t really amount to much that can change the story. Most of the decisions made only open one short scene focusing on the character you selected to focus on.

Depending on your choices, the characters diverge at one point, and you might start seeing more of Pud or Ham. So, in the end, there could be a couple more playthroughs after the first one to see everything. Well, no matter what you choose, Human throws her food over some cables, which causes a short circuit that shuts down all technology in her apartment and the building. Human goes to her room all stressed out as she has a deadline coming up, and Pud and Ham go to sleep without knowing that things will be very different in the morning.

Do Pud and Ham Find Their Human in the End?

When Pud and Ham wake up the next morning, they are all ready for a new day. However, there is something off about this day. It seems Human went out earlier, as she is not in her bed and forgot to give Pud and Ham their breakfast. While trying to find food to start their day, the characters meet a small, weird creature called “I.T.,” which references “Information Technology.” IT works as technical support for the universe, and something has happened to it since last night.

IT investigation takes it to Human’s apartment and to Ham and Pud. As they start traveling outside their apartment to find Human, the pets make an alarming discovery. It seems that when the chili hit the cables, and the short circuit was initiated, the event caused a glitch in the universe. The result of that glitch seems to be deleting the human species from the universe. Pud and Ham blame each other, but the story’s main point is that these two characters will need to understand that they are family and should help each other when it comes to living together and loving Human.

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Pud and Ham go on their separate adventures, and there they find that they are traveling through a multiverse. They meet several versions of themselves while traveling, and these versions are mostly quite paranoid and dangerous. One version, in specific, wants to delete the entire universe because it cannot share it with Human anymore. Through your choices as a viewer, you will be able to take the character down a specific path that will lead you to several endings.


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In one ending, the one I got. Ham and Pud suggest that the universe must be turned off and on, like Human does to her computer when it doesn’t work properly. IT finds a reset bottom for the universe, and they must push it before it collapses. However, to push the bottom, one character must sacrifice the other. Only by not sacrificing the other character but choosing to save it will the universe actually reset itself after being shut down completely. In the end, Human appears back in their apartment, and Ham and Pud end up happy together, knowing they are family.

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