‘Welcome To Eden’ Ending, Explained: Do The Newcomers Manage To Escape The Island?

Welcome to Eden

Welcome to Eden is a new exciting Netflix drama. The show is produced in Spain that tells the story of a group of teenagers who after being deceived into coming to a party on an island, they are basically kidnapped by a sort of group called, Eden. The group led by the mysterious Astrid and her partner Erick is a sort of cult that prays to mother nature. However, as the show progresses, it is clear that the mysterious intentions of the group go beyond what anyone could have thought of.

The show is an excellent mixture of mystery, romance, and thriller elements. The creators basically thought about what would happen if Lost, The Hunger Games, and The 100 could have a baby, the answer is Welcome to Eden, and it has become the number one on Netflix in many countries around the world. Who would have thought that mixing all of those successful stories into one would have the same effect.


‘Welcome to Eden’ Review: The Spanish Series Wears Its Influences On Its Sleeve

During the season, the young protagonists get together to plan their escape. But it is more difficult than it seems, not only they need to face the security of the island, but also the fact that they don’t have an available transport to reach the mainland. What happens at the end with our protagonists? Do they manage to escape? The following paragraphs contain spoilers.

What Happens At The End Of Welcome To Eden Season 1?

Towards the end of the season, our main characters have discovered that Eden is not as heavenly as Astrid sold it. The people inside the island behave more as if they were part of a cult, forgetting their families in the mainland and telling others that they should forget their lives before arriving at the island. Most of the people on the island were selected because of their weak mental state. Which makes them optimal for manipulation.

As the manipulation becomes more and more obvious, Zoa and his friends start planning their escape. During the proceedings they Zoa finds out that there are some members of Eden that equally unhappy about their time on the island and are planning to dethrone Astrid, and Erick from their positions as leaders. Zoa discovers that Bel is the leader of the rebellion, and she has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Welcome to Eden

When Africa starts planning an anniversary event for both Astrid and Erick, someone seems to think it is the perfect moment to make their move. That is how in front of everybody they make a death threat against Astrid, who becomes extremely paranoid for the rest of the series. Later, after that event, someone gets inside Astrid’s house using Ulises’s security card and tries to kill Astrid. The assassin fails but ends up stabbing Erick in the belly.

Astrid doesn’t want anyone to find out and leaves with Erick to an unknown destination. Meanwhile, Ulises and the rest of the members of Eden prepare for the next batch of recruits who will be coming in the next couple of days. Astrid takes Erick to a distant sport, where we meet a young kid named, Isaac, who apparently has the medical skills to save Erick.

Welcome to Eden

Africa, being curious about Erick’s location, goes to the house and finds Ulises’ key card on the ground, she gets inside the house and finds a strange set of computers. She hits a couple of buttons without knowing what they do, and a signal activates. A huge satellite dish that is on the island sends a signal to an unknown destination, and Isaac seems to be excited about it. He has been waiting for this for a long time.

Meanwhile, Gabi, Zoa’s little sister, has been going around posting constantly on social media to be selected to go to the island. The private investigator hired by Ibón’s father has also found a signal that points to the island. It seems Eden is not so secret anymore. Zoa and the rest of the team plan to escape during the party for the new recruits. However, they receive bad news. They are informed that they will need to participate in the party as staff, this throws away all the planning they have done by that point.

Who Dies At The End of Welcome To Eden Season 1?

As the party for the new recruits takes place, Ulises, who manages the island security, discovers the Zoa’s plan to escape and confronts her. He begins to attack Zoa, and she defends herself the best she can, but Ulises is just much stronger than she is. Thankfully, Ibón comes to Zoa’s rescue, and he manages to kill Ulises by drowing him.

Without saying anything, the people arrive at the scene, and they decide that it is fine if Zoa is the only one to leave the Island. She takes her changes but as she is ready to go and get inside the boat, she sees that her little sister, Gabi has arrived at Eden. Of course, that mean she needs to stay to take care of her. Escape the island must wait.

Welcome to Eden

The season ends with many unanswered questions. What is the signal sent by Isaac and the giant dish? Is the cult communing with alien forces? What is the real objective of Eden? What do they really want to do with all these young people, and why they need so many recruits? A second season is incoming, but the possibilities for answers are wide open, really anything could happen. Meanwhile, researching on the real life cult called “Heaven’s Gate” should make clear the inspirations of the creators while creating the show.

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