What Are Legacy Vampires in First Kill? & How Strong Are They?


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First Kill should be one of the most interesting series to watch for those who can’t get enough of vampire drama. This Netflix series follows the Romeo and Juliet story of a vampire and a monster hunter with an LGBTQ twist that only makes the narrative more interesting. Of course, the other half of this duo belongs to a powerful vampire clan called the Legacies. But what are Legacy vampires in First Kill, and how strong are they?

Legacies are vampires that are born from a bloodline that can be directly traced back to Lilith, the original vampire. They are vampires that are born and not made. Legacies are also a lot harder to kill than regular vampires because they can walk in the sunlight and can survive wooden stakes and silver.

The fact that First Kill involves the most powerful vampires in the world makes the story more interesting because it adds a political twist to what is supposedly a romantic series. In that regard, First Kill allows us to see how the politics within the vampire hierarchy itself plays a role in the overall flow of the narrative. That said, let’s look at what we know about Legacy vampires.

What Are Legacy Vampires In First Kill?


One of the things that you probably already know about First Kill is that this is a story that involves vampires. After all, the entire narrative is focused on the relationship between two young teenage girls belonging to opposing sides. One is Calliope, a human that comes from a long line of monster hunters. Meanwhile, the other half is Juliette, who belongs to a long line of vampires.

But the thing about Juliette’s family is that it isn’t like any other kind of vampire we have seen both in and out of the series. We have already seen how easily the monster hunters were able to kill a regular vampire, but Jules’ family is different because of the fact that it belongs to a sacred bloodline called the Legacy. But what are Legacy vampires in First Kill?

A Legacy vampire in First Kill is a vampire bloodline that can be traced all the way back to Lilith, who is regarded as the first vampire in history. Lilith’s history can be traced all the way back to the time of Adam and Eve, as she was the sister of Eve. In that regard, the history behind the Legacy bloodline is something that is potentially longer than recorded human history itself.


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In that regard, the Legacies have a bloodline that can be directly traced to Lilith. That is why they are the highest-ranking vampires in the entire world, as all of the other vampires are simply below them in terms of their social stature and abilities.

Throughout the series, it was also clear that Legacy vampires have a longstanding tradition of killing. They need to kill during their teenage years so that they can become part of the greater Legacy community through a consecration ritual that involves the Emerald Malkia, which is said to be the snake that holds all of the powers of a vampire in one single bite. The only way for a Legacy to be truly part of the community is to have their first kill and to receive the blessing of the Emerald Malkia.

That is why, during the earlier part of the series, Juliette was pressured to have her first kill. Of course, there is also the fact that after she allegedly killed Calliope, she was troubled by the fact that the Emerald Malkia could reject her during her consecration ceremony. But, as the series progressed, she eventually had her first kill.

How Do Legacy Vampires Differ From Regular Vampires?

On top of the fact that Legacy vampires are those that have a bloodline that can be traced all the way back to Lilith, they are also very different from regular vampires in a lot of different ways. That is what makes them special and why they are able to blend in with human society.

First of all, Legacies are born. They are not turned from regular human beings as they can only be born through procreation that involves a vampire with the Legacy bloodline. However, there are some vampires that can still become Legacies if they are blessed by the Emerald Malkia. Sebastian, who is Juliette’s father, is an example of a vampire that became a Legacy when he was blessed by the Emerald Malkia.

Second, Legacy vampires are capable of walking in the daylight. Most other vampires will burn and die when exposed to sunlight, but Legacies can walk out in the sun just like any other human being without experiencing any adverse effects. It can be suggested that humans that are turned into vampires by a Legacy can also walk in the daylight, and that’s why they are called daywalkers.


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Third, Legacy vampires are capable of eating regular food without feeling anything. They can taste and enjoy human food but are not nourished by it. This means that they can blend in with their friends by enjoying human food. The only problem is that they still need to drink blood if they want to nourish themselves, as human food cannot sustain them.

Finally, Legacy vampires do not die from the usual methods of killing a vampire. They cannot be killed by sunlight and are capable of surviving all of the other means that monster hunters often use to kill vampires. That is why they are incredibly difficult to kill and why they have been able to survive as a bloodline for thousands of years already.

What Can Kill A Legacy Vampire?

Monster hunters

From what we have seen in the series, Legacy vampires cannot be killed using the usual methods of killing a vampire. They can walk out in the sun without any problems at all and are more than capable of surviving a wooden stake to the heart, as seen from the fact that Juliette was able to survive Calliope’s stake.

It was suggested during the series that silver was the only way that could be used to kill them, considering that the monster hunters armed themselves with silver spears when they ambushed the legacies. But it was revealed that they could survive silver as well. So, if that’s the case, what can kill a Legacy vampire?

At this point, the monster hunters are still looking for a way to kill Legacies. They thought that silver would do the trick but they ended up realizing that this metal could not kill them as well. As such, it is yet to be explained or revealed what can kill a Legacy, as they are incredibly hard to kill compared to regular vampires. 

It might be possible that a Legacy can be killed through decapitation, but we are yet to see that happening in the series. However, we were able to see a Legacy dying when a vampire drained them. This happened when, out of anger and rage, Sebastian drained Davina, the former matriarch of the Legacies. Other than that, we don’t know what else can kill a Legacy.

At the end of season 1, Calliope was seen vowing to find a way to kill the Legacies out of anger when she found out that Juliette was the one who turned her brother into a vampire. It might be possible that she will discover this in the next season. And there is also a possibility that the Emerald Malkia, which the Legacies keep guarded, is related to this.

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