What Are the Palaces of the Royal Guard in Bleach?

What Are the Palaces of the Royal Guard in Bleach?

As Bleach fans will know, along with the Gotei 13, there is an additional, smaller Division composed of five extremely powerful Shinigami in the series, known as the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard are a peculiar lot of extremely powerful Shinigami, each of whom resides in their own city, which was crafted and designed according to their wishes. The Royal Guard members reside in their respective palaces, which are going to be the topic of this article. In it, you will find out what the palaces of the Royal Guard in Bleach are.

This article is going to be divided into two major sections. The first one is going to explain the overall structure of the Soul King Palace, as it is quite different from the Seireitei. The second one is going to focus on each Roya Guard’s Captain’s individual city and the palace they reside in. Some of these palaces have been named, while some haven’t so you’re going to find out everything you need to know.

Explaining the Soul King Palace in Bleach?

The Soul King Palace, or the Reiōkyū, is a dimension in Soul Society where the Soul King and the Royal Guard live. It is separated from Soul Society by 72 barriers that can only be penetrated with the Royal Key. If you don’t have the Royal Key, you can only get there by accompanying a member of the Royal Guard or by wearing an item of clothing that contains components of the Royal Key, whose location is kept secret, its location being transmitted verbally from a Gotei 13 Captain-Commander to his successor.


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The Reiōkyū consists of 6 island-like, airborne circular discs, each housing an entire city, and a large, cocoon-like, floating building, the Soul King’s residence. Of the six islands, one is the entrance area that you arrive at when shot up with Kūkaku Shiba’s cannon, and the five others are the respective cities and palaces of the Royal Guard Captains. At the bottom, there are many buildings in the same style as those typical of Seireitei. There is a grand staircase with rows of circular pillars at the bottom and top of these stairs, leading to a wide, flat expanse. The deadly rock walls surrounding the Seireitei are built for the purpose of protecting the Spirit King’s Palace and only appear in emergency situations.

In the next sections of the article, we are going to talk about the individual Palaces and cities of the Royal Guard Captains.

What is the Kirinden, Tenjirō Kirinji’s Palace?


The Kirinden is one of the Palaces belonging to the Royal Guard, its owner being Tenjirō Kirinji. This Palace has a rather unique structure, being just a large city with a structure similar to the Soul Society; it has a kind of the main hall where there is a large thermal bath, with giant rocks and two ponds. The special thing about this thermal bath is that the waters are designed with the aim of regenerating serious injuries.

The first pond is capable of healing minor injuries and expelling evil Reiatsu and Reishi within the person’s body, all of which is expelled to the second pond, called “White Bone Hell.” The second pond, the “Blood Pond Hell,” is very different from the first; this one has an appearance of a red septic post, which is actually the damaged blood from the person’s body. According to Tenjirō, sending the person’s body to the said pond and returning it to the original back, again and again, can totally remove the rotten Reiatsu from the body, healing the person as a whole.

The Kirinden is characterized by having a peculiar healing source capable of surpassing even the abilities of Retsu Unohana, Captain of the 4th Division. It also has an apparently uninhabited city closely related to the Rukongai.

What is the Gatonden, Kirio Hikifune’s Palace?


Gatonden is one of the palaces of the Royal Guards, which is owned by Kirio Hikifune. The building is made up of a series of pillars, which together make the home of Kirio Hikifune, who refers to it as the food palace. The structure of the said palace is open and has large walls. It also has large areas to prepare food, serve it and eat it. The main characteristic of this palace is its huge dining room, where Kirio holds her elaborate banquets and cooks her unique Reiatsu-based cuisine. A sizable dining table and chairs surround it, and numerous lanterns suspended from the ceiling provide overhead lighting.

What is the Hōōden, Ōetsu Nimaiya’s Palace?


Ōetsu Nimaiya is the owner of Hōōden, one of the palaces that belong to the Royal Guards. The royal palace is in the shape of a humble house, sitting on the edge of a cliff, in contrast to the lavish palace that Ichigo and Renji explored upon their arrival in Ōetsu’s City. The sign at the entrance, which states the building’s name, Hōōden, in kanji, is the only distinguishing feature that indicates the significance of the structure.


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However, the palace’s interior is significantly bigger than its appearance would imply. It is a deep well rather than a little space. The main feature of this palace is its size. Although it appears to be a modest hut at first, it is actually a pretty vast, dark, and deep space that houses the Asauchi.

What is Senjumaru Shutara’s Palace?

545Senjumaru27s palace

Senjumaru Shutara’s Palace is one of the two palaces whose names haven’t yet been revealed, as it has not made an appearance in the anime. Yet. The Palace will feature in later episodes, where its name is probably going to be revealed. The Palace is quite peculiar and it is befitting of Senjumaru’s occupation. One of the rooms features a medium-sized cushioned seat built of wooden bars at the top of a flight of steps and is totally covered in a variety of textiles. Senjumaru utilizes this space to measure the people for whom she makes Ōken clothing. It has the most flamboyant design among all the other palaces.

What is Ichibē Hyōsube’s Palace?

545Ichibei27s palace

The second unnamed palace is Ichibē Hyōsube’s Palace, but we assume that it is going to be named once Ichigo actually arrives there in the anime. It is in reality is training dojo that appears as a little structure at the top of a set of stairs cut into a hillside. Reishi is so abundant in the air that it first makes it difficult for visitors who are not acclimated to this density to move or breathe normally, though this can be adjusted over time. Visitors are trained by Ichibē in the inner chamber.

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