What Does Alex Like as a Gift in Stardew Valley?

Alex gifts Stardew Valley

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One of the best parts of Stardew Valley is the fact that you can truly become a part of the local community and leave your impact on it. You can get to know the locals through friendship, rivalry, and even marriage if you decide to go down that route. Stardew Valley has plenty of eligible partners strolling around, and the key, like in real life is simply to get them to like you. The fastest’s way to NPCs heart is through gifts, and in today’s guide, we’re going to analyze one specific NPC, Alex. Before we advance to the details let’s see what does Alex like as a gift in Stardew Valley. 

Alex likes to receive complete breakfast, salmon dinner as well as other universally “loved” gifts. Alex also likes to receive eggs (except for the Void Egg) and all other universally “liked” gifts. Remember that most relationship points will be awarded to you if you gift Alex with something that he truly loves. The likes are a great alternative as well, but will not offer as many points. 

Now that we know what kind of gifts Alex likes, it’s time to analyze his character in more depth. If you’re interested in Alex in the context of a potential marriage candidate, stay with us and keep reading!

Who is Alex in Stardew Valley?

Alex is an NPC in Stardew Valley that can be considered a sports buff. He can come across as arrogant and brutish when you first meet him, but like with most other NPCs he truly softens down the more your relationship with him progresses. Alex is really focused on sports and can be seen spending most of his time lifting weights or spending time with his friends.

Alex sports
As soon as you meet Alex, you will notice that he loves sports

He also has quite a social circle. He lives with his grandparents George and Evelyn, who are an adorable older couple and in some cases, you will manage to befriend them faster than Alex. 

Alex also has a dog named Dusty and is friends with the local community as well. An NPC named Hailey can be considered his best friend. 

Alex works as an Ice Cream Scooper during the summer, and the rest of the year he enjoys a life of leisure. I’ve already mentioned how Alex leaves the impression of an arrogant annoying NPC, which changes as you continue building a relationship with him and he opens up to you about his tragic past. 


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How to get Alex to like you in Stardew Valley?

The fastest way to raise your relationship status with Alex is through gifts. You can gift Alex twice a week and his favorite gifts are the following: 

  • Complete breakfast (made with 1x Fried Egg, 1x Milk, 1x Hashbrown, 1x Pancake) 
  • Salmon Dinner (made with 1x salmon, 1x amaranth, 1x kale) 

Alex also likes to receive all universal “loves” 

  • golden pumpkin (obtained during Spirit’s Eve Festival)
  • magic rock candy (dropped by Haunted Skulls)
  • pearl (highest drop rate from artifact trove)
  • prismatic shard (highest drop rate from Mystic Stone in the Mines, extremely rare gem)
  • rabbit’s foot (obtained from a rabbit or Traveling Cart) 

Mentioned items are Alex’s favorite gifts to receive but you can surprise him with a few other “liked” items as well such as Eggs. Alex mentions how he eats a lot of eggs daily to keep his peak physique from deteriorating. Eggs are an excellent source of protein so in a sense it makes sense. Be careful not to give Alex the Void Egg, as he hates it. The easiest way to obtain eggs is if you have your own poultry farm. 

eggs Stardew Valley
Alex “likes” eggs

Alex also likes to receive all universal likes such as food, artisan goods, minerals, stones, vegetables, etc. 

Universal likes are worth half points when compared to “loves”, but they are by far the easier of the two to acquire. 

Alex’s birthday is on Summer 13. He will appreciate it if you bring him a gift that he likes. 

How many hearts do you need to date Alex in Stardew Valley?

You need 8 hearts to start dating Alex is Stardew Valley. After you’ve hit eight hearts, you can present Alex with a bouquet acquired from Pierre’s General Goods Store. Presenting Alex with a bouquet will lead to the two of you dating. 

You can marry Alex after you’ve hit 10 hearts with him. You can marry Alex after presenting him with Mermaid’s Pendant. 

What are the benefits of marrying Alex in Stardew Valley? 

After you marry Alex he moves in with you and dedicates one empty room to his home gym. There are no real benefits to marrying him except for the fact that Evelyn and George start treating you nicely now that you are part of the family. From time to time Alex will present you with a gift, or help around the farm. But that’s pretty much it. 

George Stardew Valley
George and Evelyn will comment on your marriage to Alex and welcome you to the family

Why is Haley always with Alex Stardew Valley?

Haley and Alex are always together because they are considered friends. During the Flower Dance, if non of them dances with you due to too low relationship status, they will dance with each other. 


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And that’s pretty much it, the whole guide on Alex’s likes and dislikes. To sum everything up Alex is one of the 12 NPCs available for marriage in Stardew Valley. You can get him to like you by gifting him with his favorite things in the world complete breakfast and salmon dinner. Other universal likes and loves will work as well but will not award as many relationship points to you. Once you’ve married Alex he will act like any other married NPC. He will adopt a slightly different schedule, he will take room for himself and will start helping around the farm more. 

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