What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

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The Sweeping Edge enchantment strengthens the power of the sword attack. This enchantment can be added to any sword through an anvil, enchanting table, or game command. You can use the enchanted sword for battles, and see how it increases the damaging capability of your sword.

The sweeping edge on a sword is an enchantment that makes sweep attack blows more destructive. To perform a sweeping attack, hold the attack button and then release the click. When a zombie or skeleton group attacks you, you can use this move to deal with them.

Sweeping edge is an enchantment that does literally what its name says.  When applied to a sword it gives you an edge in terms of how much damage you can do to the opponent group. When combating a group of mobs this enchantment is quite useful as it blows away a larger number of enemies in a single hit. 

Because Minecraft can be very frustrating when you die because you lose all your inventory. So, sweeping edge enchantment is a fantastic feature from the game developers to help the player fight the mob increasing his chances of survival. 

Let us get into more detail and understand in this blog what it is and how it is applied. 

What Is A Sweeping Edge Enchantment Attack?

What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

Sweeping edge is one of the many enchantments in Minecraft. It drastically increases the damage caused to the group of mobs when engaged in combat with them. 

It is a sword enchantment and can only be used for increasing the strength of sword blows. When applied, it does damage to the greater number of mobs rather than doing great damage to fewer mobs.

Airwaves are produced when attacking a mob if the sword is not on cool down. A single move provides the ability to damage multiple enemies, although with reduced effectiveness increasing the damage. Crowd fighting is thus made easier by this technique.

If you hit one zombie with the sword then all the surrounding others within a 4.5 block distance from the player, get hit too. It reduces the time required to combat and also saves the stamina that you can lose while fighting in the game. 

Sweep attack is exclusively for Java edition Minecraft and can’t be done on any other editions. 

What does sweeping edge do?

Presume you are fighting with a group of creepers. If you fight them with a normal sword without any enchantment then the blow you will give them will only knock the Creepers who are closer to you. It only does damage inside a small radius.

But if you apply sweeping edge enchantment to the sword then your area of hit increases meaning you can attack the creepers who are behind the creepers you just hit. 

When you attack a mob, the mobs around the mobs that you hit take less damage but if you apply sweeping edge enchantment you can significantly increase the damage to the mobs that are surrounding and are nearby the mobs you hit. 

Suppose, you hit 10 mobs at once, and there are 10 more behind them that are ready to dart at you. You can efficiently nullify all those 20 mobs in a single blow from sweeping edge enchantment. 

Each sword attack deals an additional 50%/67%/ 75% of the damage to mobs when using sweeping edges for levels 1, 2, 3.

What Is Sweeping Edge Good For?

Consider a mature herd that needs to be slaughtered in Minecraft. With an ordinary sword, killing so many cows will be a challenge, and it will also be very difficult and time-consuming. Using a sweeping sword can prevent this by letting you raise a point for every two swings. In the case of greater numbers of enchantments, this will increase your speed.

This is rather useful when a large number of vicious mobs are gathered near you, and you want to protect yourself from the ‘greater glory- death’.

 Mobs around the ones you’re attacking will be knocked back and damaged by 1. A sweeping attack is performed when swinging the sword downwards, so it is impossible to do it from above the player’s head.

Is Sweeping Edge A Good Enchant?

The amount of knockback from the sweeping edge is about 1 or 2.8 blocks (Knockback is the distance the mob travels when you hit them). All the mob enemies within the range of 1 block horizontally and 0.25 blocks vertically of the attacked mob or within 4 blocks of the player are knocked back. 

Sweeping edge is a useful attack as it can be used to fend off mobs when they’re swarming towards you in a group. 

The important thing to remember is that a sweep attack and a critical hit can’t be performed at the same time. (Critical hit is a hit that does base damage to 150% when you are jumping or falling down.)

How Much Damage Does A Sweep Attack Do?

Based on the following formula, you can determine the damage inflicted by sweep attacks:

1 + Attack_Damage × (Sweeping_Edge_Level / (Sweeping_Edge_Level + 1))


 attack damage = sword damage combined with sharpness, smite, and Bane of Arthropods.

There are three levels of Sweeping edge enchantment

Level 1- The Least efficient

Level 2- Moderate efficient

Level 3 – Most efficient

With the sweeping edge, the damage increases by 50% for levels 1, by 67% for levels 2, and 75% for levels 3.

Sweeping edges are only applicable to swords in survival mode. But in creative mode along with swords, axes can also be enchanted with it. Moreover, if you use an anvil to enchant then any item in the creative mode can be enchanted with this skill. 

A sweeping edge attack can be performed when the attack recharger is full and the player is not moving faster than walking speed. A slashing attack will knockback and damage 1 (half a heart) of the enemies near the hit enemies.

Does Sweeping Edge Work In PVP?

What Does Sweeping Edge Do In Minecraft?

Well in player vs player PVP sweeping edge may not be that much useful as it is used to kill a large number of enemies in one blow. The Thing to understand here is that sweeping edge doesn’t increase the strength of the blow, it increases the number of enemies it impacts. 

Let us say you have 1 enemy to fight. If you sweep an attack against one enemy then the harm will be the same as when you would have attacked without sweep edge. The difference comes when there is a large number of enemies, and you have to cover more area to fight. A sweeping attack creates an impact on a larger area. One blow can reach an enemy that is standing far away from you, but it doesn’t increase the impact on a single player. 

With a sweeping edge, you can hit 10 enemies instead of 1. 

The sweeping attack feature is only available in Java and Bedrock editions.

You cannot do this enchantment in any other edition of this game. But if you play Minecraft pocket edition then I have a secret method that you can use to download sweep attack.

  • Go to Mediafire.com
  • Download Swordsweepaddonv2 file.
  • Chrome will ask you for storage allocation. Allow it to be stored.
  • Install the add-on on your computer.

 Then to activate it you have to go to Add-on settings and click on the Resource packs.

  • Click on the add-on file and hit active. 

Now, you can play as you usually play. Create a world in your Minecraft and use your sword to kill as many enemies as you want. 

Minecraft needs a lot of practice and learning to fully understand it. The vastness of the Minecraft world makes it almost impossible to understand it all. Plenty of aspects make a video game fun. You can read for hours and still won’t be able to know it fully. 

Minecraft is a creative world with many adventures to cover. Imagine when you first heard of it, “An open sandbox without any restriction to build. There are unlimited resources and plenty of tricks and tools that are at your disposal for you to be the king of your world.” 

Moreover, the amazing aspect of the game is that it provides multiple modes to play however you like. If you’re impatient and quickly jump into the game and mine to your satisfaction then Creative mode allows you to do exactly that. Just like a little child who doesn’t bother about food, sleep, and anything else other than playing and experimenting with his toys you can also experiment, break and build whatever you want inside your world. 

There is no need for young players to mine anything and gather resources. Whatever you need is at your disposal and additionally, you can fly too.

How cool is that!!!

Minecraft has everything for everybody. For people who cherish challenges, there’s a survival mode. For adventurous junkies, there is adventure mode. 

If you really like to challenge yourself and aren’t afraid of hurdles in the game then survival mode is the best option as you can explore the world in it and create anything as long as you can keep yourself alive.

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