What Does Sweeping Edge Do in Minecraft?

What Does Sweeping Edge Do in Minecraft?

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Enchantments are crucial to increase the performance, efficiency, and attacking power of your Minecraft’s tools. Different tools require different enchantments and each enchantment gives the tools a different effect. The world of Minecraft offers you numerous ways to make your footholds strong. Enchantments are one of those ways, and Sweeping Edge is one of those enchantments. Many players can get this enchantment to maximize the damage and attack power of their swords. But what does Minecraft’s sweeping edge do?

Sweeping Edge is an enchantment for your sword that allows you to use your sword for a very long time. The very purpose of this enchantment is to make your sword more effective. Not only will it enable you to play efficiently, but it also increases your survival rate. You can also achieve your end goal of getting ender pearls with this enchantment. 

When your sword has Sweeping Edge III, you will have the ability to protect yourself from the deadly monsters in a much better way. A sweeping edge increases the damage to your enemies. It usually boosts your sword for more effective sweep attacks. It also helps you a lot when you are alone. Sweeping Edge is exclusive to the Minecraft Java Edition. In comparison, all the other platforms do not support this enchantment. 

Read on to learn more about what Sweeping Edge does, what weapons you can enchant with it, and everything you need to know about this enchantment. 

What Does Sweeping Edge Do?

What does Sweeping Edge do in Minecraft?

A Sweeping Edge is an enchantment that increases the overall damage power of a sword. Generally, a Sweeping Edge is all about damage and destruction. So, if you think that’s the only benefit you can have from it, you need to reconsider. Sweeping Edge is much more than an enchantment for your sword. If you wish to increase your survival rate, you won’t find better enchantment than the Sweeping Edge.

A sweeping attack can occur only when you are alone and walking at average speed. Your sword recharge meter bar should be 84.8% or above it. Not only can you kill your targeted enemy, but it also helps you to kill other enemies standing with the targeted one. You can perform this attack by hitting an enemy or a mob below its head. So, getting this enchantment for the sword is the dream of every player in Minecraft.


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Is Sweeping Edge Good?

Sweeping Edge is an excellent enchantment to have in Minecraft. You can use it up to three levels, and at each level, it offers you different damage attacks. However, the sweeping Edge three has taken the lead with its maximum efficiency and damage power. It would help if you got maximum experience points to reach the higher levels of sweeping edge enchantment. 

For example:

For Level I

            You can increase your sword’s damage attack up to 50% by using the Sweeping Edge I 

For Level II

            You can increase your sword’s damage attack up to 67% by using Sweeping Edge II.

For Level III

            You can increase your sword’s damage attack up to 75% by using Sweeping Edge III.


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What Is Sweeping Edge Good For?

Sweeping Edge is a must-have enchantment for your sword when many hostile mobs and zombies around you. You can kill tons of mobs in no time. Sweeping Edge is suitable for:

1. Surviving In Minecraft Gameplay 

When you use a sword enchanted with sweeping Edge, you can easily win your enemies as a sweeping edge sword is more efficient than a simple sword. It will help you to protect yourself from your enemies.

2. Battling With Your Enemies More Effectively

The sweep attack damage would be effective when you have the undead mobs and zombies around you. So, get this enchantment for your sword to compete with your enemies.

3. Enhancing The Performance Of Your Sword

You can enhance the performance of your weapon with the sweeping Edge. You will get:

  • 50% enhanced performance with the sweeping edge 1
  • 67% enhanced performance with the sweeping edge 2
  • 75% enhanced performance with the sweeping edge 3

4. Increasing Your Chances To Kill Ender Dragon 

What does Sweeping Edge do in Minecraft?

You can remain alive for an extended time if you use these enchanted weapons for your safety. You can also kill the other players one-by-one. By doing so, you will ultimately increase your chances of killing the ender dragon. In addition to this, it will also make you able to get the ender pearls. 

5. Hitting More Than One Mob In A Single Hit

An enchanted sword will help you to kill multiple players in no time. You can get rid of your maximum number of enemies in a single hit. It is the most important output of an enchanted sword. 

6. Fighting Creepers, Zombies, And Skeletons

You can easily fight with the creepers, zombies, skeletons, monsters, and wild creatures using your sword enchanted with sweeping Edge. You can also fend off your enemies with it.  

Do Sweep Attacks Do Less Damage?

Sweeping Edge is the most efficient enchantment for the sword. Sweep attacks help to increase your sword’s attack damage up to level III. You can use this enchantment with different levels. These attacks allow you to fend off your enemies when you have a handful of mobs around you. These attacks are more damaging and deadly when compared with simple attacks. You can hit your enemy with the 75% enhanced performance of your enchanted sword. 

A sweeping attack is a kind of attack in which you can easily knock back all the enemies within 0.25 blocks vertically and one block horizontally around the targeted mob. It also shows that you can effectively kill more than one player at a time. Sweep attacks will do minor damage when you are moving in your world.

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