Minecraft: Here’s What Copper Is Used For (7 Best Ideas)

Heres What Copper is Used For In Minecraft 7 Best Ideas

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Minecraft is literally made out of blocks, and even the most humble and most common of blocks have their uses. Copper, on the other hand, is not as common as, let’s say, stone or wood, but you can find it relatively easily at almost all levels. Once you have plenty of it, you’re probably asking, what on earth can all this copper be used for? You can’t craft weapons with it, which is the most obvious use for most metal. But fear not. Here are ten things you can do with copper in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Copper can be used for utilitarian and decorative purposes in Minecraft.
  • The most common things created with copper are lighting rods, spyglass, and brushes.
  • Redstoners frequently utilize copper for redstone components.

Editor’s Note: This guide was updated in November 2023 and reflects up-to-date mechanics and items associated with copper.

Copper is a common ore in Minecraft and has plenty of uses

Now you’ve been mining for an hour or so, and you have returned with a bunch of raw copper, in fact, more than you can handle. Copper is not as fancy as diamonds or not as omnipresent as stone, but it’s extremely valuable if you’re planning on creating more elaborate tools and designs.

copper spawn rate

Raw copper is primarily smelted into copper ingots, and from there it’s used in plenty of recipes.

1. You can build with copper

copper stairs

Building with copper seems like an over-the-top way of letting your friends know that you’ve made it in the world of mining. But, if you look at it from a different perspective, it’s really a conventional way to store your surplus copper ingots. By combining copper ingots you can create copper blocks, slabs, and stairs, which can further be used to decorate your roofs and domes, monuments, landmarks, and other design-related stuff.

2. Create Lighting Rods

lightning rod in Minecraft

By combining three copper ingots, you’re going to create a lighting rod that is further used to divert lightning strikes. Lightning rods in Minecraft are essential for fire prevention, redirecting lightning away from structures and protecting them during thunderstorms. They also enhance safety for villages and serve as decorative elements in various builds. Additionally, lightning rods can be strategically used in redstone contraptions.


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3. Create Spyglass

spyglass in Minecraft

Combining one amethyst shard and two copper ingots will result in the creation of Spyglass. Spyglasses are used for zooming in on distant objects and terrain, allowing players to observe their surroundings more closely. Crafted with copper ingots, spyglasses provide an optical zoom feature, aiding navigation and exploration by providing a closer view of distant landscapes or structures.

4. Create Brushes

minecraft brush

Combining one father, one stick, and one copper ingot will result in a brush that can further be used in archeology while you’re excavating suspicious blocks and uncovering various other items.

5. Upgrade your armor

upgrading armor with copper

Copper can be used to add cool trims to your armors. All you need to do is combine just about any type of armor with copper ingot and smithing template of your choice. There are several color palettes that you can choose from, and it’s much cheaper than gold if you’re going for that look.

6. Play with redstone

Minecraft copper bulb

In redstone builds copper blocks serve primarily as decorative elements, adding color and texture to circuits. They can be used to create contrasts, highlight specific components, and encase redstone structures for a polished appearance. While copper itself doesn’t have functional properties in redstone mechanics, its aesthetic qualities enhance the visual appeal of circuits. Experimenting with copper blocks in wiring layouts can result in visually appealing patterns within redstone creations.

7. Wax your copper blocks

waxed copper

Waxing your copper blocks in Minecraft is necessary to prevent them from oxidizing and changing color over time. When exposed to the air, copper blocks naturally undergo oxidation, transitioning from a reddish color to green. Waxing preserves the original appearance of copper blocks, offering players the option to maintain a specific aesthetic in their builds and structures.

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