What Kind of Dog Is Bond Forger in Spy × Family?

What Kind of Dog is Bond Forger in Spy × Family?

And while people usually discuss the human characters of SPY×FAMILY, they are certainly not the only intriguing ones in the series. Namely, if you’ve seen the show, you’ll have noticed a large, friendly, and extremely cute dog, who is the pet of the Forger family. He is very close to Anya Forger and is a very interesting character himself. Bond Forger is a pivotal character in the series and we are going to tell you what kind of a dog he is.

Bond is the Forger Family’s pet. Formerly known as Subject 8, Bond was used in experiments that resulted in him gaining his premonition abilities. Bond is a large dog of an indeterminate breed with fluffy white fur and black paws, noted by Anya Forger to resemble Bondman’s gloves and shoes. He is very close to Anya.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you everything you should know about Bond Forger. The focus is going to be his breed and his story, but we are also going to reveal some additional details about this important and popular SPY×FAMILY character. This article is going to be your go-to guide for all the information on Bond Forger.

What kind of dog is Bond Forger?

Bond is a large dog of an indeterminate breed with fluffy white fur and black paws. Although he is not one, he greatly resembles the Great Pyrenees breed. The Pyrenean mountain dog (known in everyday language as pastou or patou; in Occitan: pastor) is an ancient breed of sheepdog, used in the south-west of France and the north-east of France. Spain, in particular the Pyrenees for the protection of herds against predators, especially the bears that live there. A large dog, strongly built, with long hair and a white coat, it is mentioned in writings as early as the 14th century and the breed standard was set at the beginning of the 20th century. Raised and socialized in the family, it is also a guard dog or a companion dog.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog 3

It is considered one of the oldest documented breeds, because they were known since the Middle Ages, however there are fossils dating from the year 100 BC. It was also used for almost a millennium by Basque shepherds, from where it adopted its name. While in France, it was the official dog of the French court of Louis XIV until its disappearance during the French Revolution and was used as a guard dog in the castles of Gaston Phoebus.

It is believed that this breed is the direct ancestor of the Maremma Sheepdog, although genomic data indicate that the Pyrenean Mountain Dog shares a genetic clade with the Ibizan Hound, Etna Cirneco and the Pharaoh Hound 10 and above all it was the initial breed during the creation of the Leonberger during 1830. It is a molossian type dog, although with more stylized and less round features than usual in the type.

This is one of the largest existing breeds. Adult males weigh between 50 and 60 kg and are usually between 70 and 99 cm tall at the withers. The females are somewhat smaller, between 40 and 50 kg in weight and 65 to 75 cm in height. Males weigh between 40 and 45 kilograms, while females weigh 35 to 40 kilograms.

Their fur is very thick, mainly white with gray or cream-colored spots on the face, legs and sometimes body. Only one in four has completely white fur. Also known as “the magic hair dog”, due to its incredible self-cleaning. Another of its differentiating and common characteristics is the presence of six toes on the hind legs instead of the usual five, a trait supposedly sought after by the original breeders to improve traction on snowy terrain. So they have two spurs on their hind legs and one spur on their front legs.

The Great Pyrenees is considered a loyal and brave dog, an excellent guardian and a strong protector of all those he considers to be in his family, as he can fight to the death to defend his owners. They are highly independent dogs, tremendously patient with children and other animals, and virtually incapable of causing harm to their owners or any of their property.

However, all of your love and care can turn to fierce determination when it comes to defending anything you feel has been put in your charge. It is the quintessential guard dog, especially against any type of predator or animal plague, so it is a dog that does not scare him with practically anything. However, not all benefits. Due to their size, they eat much more than other breeds.

Anya wants to keep Bond

They also have a tendency to be overweight, so they need a lot of exercise and long walks. Despite his serenity, his adventurous instinct that knows no limits must be taken into account, because he manages to escape from his home to explore other places, so to take care of the cattle, it is necessary to fence the land.

It is one of the reasons why this breed is one of the most lost in the United States, due to its adventurous but stubborn behavior. His cautious nature can also cause incidents with strangers, be they people or animals. Without being aggressive, he is very protective. You will not allow any stranger to enter your area or near anything you consider to be under your protection.

Fortunately they are almost always progressive in their reaction. It will start with warning barks, continue with increasingly guttural growls as the distance shortens, and will reach the final consequences only if the intruder has ignored it so far, which is not easy considering the power of its bark. . And despite their natural mistrust, they have been found to adapt to “new” people extremely quickly. Another great characteristic of this breed is that despite its independence, it likes to receive attention from its masters, especially from children.

The Pyrenean mountain dog can present problems at the level of the hips, and more rarely of the elbows, often of genetic origin. Like any large breed dog, he is at risk of osteochondritis dissecting of the shoulders (OCD), unilateral or bilateral, patella luxation, unilateral or bilateral, or eye entropion. The female dog can have 9 to 12 puppies.

He lives for about 12 years. Around the age of 10, or even a little earlier, the dog may have parrot beaks that grow on the spine and can lead to total paralysis of the limbs. Like any large dog, the patou is subject to torsion or dilation of the stomach; feeding it twice a day as an adult seems to be a solution to this fragility.

The effort, the stress before and after the meal also seem to be things to avoid. On a daily basis, the patou does not ingest large volumes of food; it therefore benefits from being particularly nutritious, energetic and digestible. Untimely washing seems harmful to him. Dry brushing seems more suitable.

Is Bond a loyal dog?

Bond is shown to be a very gentle dog, as he uses his premonition abilities to rescue a child from being hit by a falling board and helps Anya Forger change the future by preventing Loid Forger’s death. He also helps Anya retrieve her favorite pair of gloves from a ferocious dog by intimidating him.

How did Bond get his powers?

Bond was known as Subject 8 of a research initiative called “Project Apple”, conducted by the previous Ostanian regime for the purpose of producing highly intelligent animals from a variety of species. When the research was closed by the new administration, the former test subjects, including Bond, ended up on the black market.


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Eventually, they fell into the hands of a terrorist group led by Keith Kepler and were crudely trained as suicide bombers. During his time as a guinea pig, he is treated cruelly and considered replaceable by researchers, as he is fed disgusting food, frequently given injections, and is electrocuted at high voltage.

After escaping the Ostanian research facility, Bond was captured by Keith Kepler, who intended to use him as a dog bomb to assassinate Westalis Foreign Minister Brantz. During this time, he had a premonition of seeing the Forgers. Later that day, as he was being taken for a walk, he passed Anya Folger who read his mind, realizing that the dog could see into the future.

What are Bond’s abilities and skills?

As a result of the experimentation, Bond is highly intelligent for a dog and has gained premonition abilities. Although the terrorists tried to train him as a suicide bomber, he likely resisted due to his enhanced intelligence. Bond gained abilities to predict the future from the experiments done on him, allowing Bond to briefly see the future, as well as when events change the future.

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