Here’s What Kind of Elf Legolas Is in ‘The Lord of the Rings’

what kind of elf is legolas

Legolas was part of the Fellowship of the Ring in The Lord of the Rings, and he was there on behalf of his father, Elvenking Thranduil of Mirkwood. Legolas acted as a messenger and archer. He utilized his sensitive hearing attacks with his perfect marksmanship. He was valuable on the journey across the Middle-earth. He eventually made up with Gimli, the dwarf, despite their differences. But one aspect of Legolas’ character remains unexplored: what kind of Elf was he?

Legolas is a half Sindar elf. He was the son of Elven-king Thranduil, who hails from Doriath. However, the identity of his mother is unknown. However, he still has all the abilities that are typical of his race. He was famous for his Elven bow and white knife.  

Legolas had a single long knife in the books with his Galadhrim bow. However, he had two long knives and his bow in the movies. He is known for his lightweight; he can walk on snow and land, hardly leaving any prints, and he also moves faster. This makes it difficult to track him. He could see in the dark and also see longer distances using his keen eyesight. He traveled to 45 leagues in 4 days with Gimli and Aragorn because he could walk while sleeping. He could tame horses by muttering a few ancient words. 

After parting with the fellowship from Fangom Forest, Legolas’s love for nature propelled him to go back so he could absorb the view and wonders. Legolas was a gentle, easy-going, and caring Elf. Though Elves and dwarves do not see eye to eye, Legolas cares for his friend Gimli the Dwarf like any other person. However, because of his age, he seemed to patronize the mortals around him. Though he has good looks, he is really old. 


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Legolas is a Grey-elf

By birth, Legolas is a Grey-elf, and he is a Sinda. Sinda is a part of the Third Clan of the Eldar. They were part of the clan that stayed in the Middle-earth after the disappearance of Elu Thingol. Other clans that stayed behind in the Middle-earth are Green Elves, Falmari, Laiquendi, Silvan Elves, and Nandor. Legolas was Oropher’s Grandson. Oropher was a noble in Doriath.

When Doriath fell, he survived, and he moved his family east. He established Mirkwood among the Silvans in Greenwood. The move east was to get as far away as possible from the Dwarves of Khazad-dum. Oropher later died.

Legolas is a half Sindar Elf. He is Thranduil’s son, and Thranduil is the King of Northern Mirkwood. He was the one called “Elvenking” in ‘The Hobbit’. Thranduil is a Sindar and Grey Elf. He ruled over the wood elves of Mirkwood. He was at the fellowship to speak on behalf of the Elf sentries. This means that Legolas is a half-Sindar Elf, also known as Wood-elves. He is a half-Sindar Elf because the identity of his mother is unknown

Though Legolas is good-looking, we must admit that he is one of the oldest characters in the tale. His true age was not mentioned, but he referred to Aragorn and Gimli as having children; Aragorn was 87, and Gimli was 140 before the start of the quest. He also has powers that Elves of his kind possess. He can hear what the stones are thinking. He can also sense the feelings of trees.

Legolas does not need sleeping. He dreams while walking. When the rest are asleep, he stands by to watch. Later on, Legolas takes a nap with his eyes open. He is also very light. He does not sink into the snow, though he weighs a normal man. So, this makes it difficult to track him. 


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Is Legolas a mortal?

Elves have ties to a physical world, and they love it dearly. So, they never die until the physical world dies. Elves do not get sick, don’t age, and are difficult to kill. When their body gets separated from the spirit, it is usually a traumatic experience. To Elves, death is a sign of the world’s imperfect state.

When elves are killed, they usually return from Mandos, but there is an apocalypse coming that would wipe them all out. Legolas has shown long ago that he does not get sick and is a tough kill. However, the apocalypse that would happen later means that he is mortal. He would eventually die. It might just take a longer time than humans. 

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