When Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer?

When Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer?

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Lucifer Morningstar constantly joked about being the Devil incarnate in the first three seasons of Lucifer, but it turns out he was telling the truth about his true nature the entire time. Except for Ella and Dan, everyone on the program is aware of Lucifer’s demonic visage, but when did Chloe learn about Lucifer? 

After a protracted fight, Lucifer ultimately murdered Cain, revealing his real identity. The big reveal came as the cliffhanger in the finale of season 3.

How did the famous detective react and how exactly did Lucifer out himself, well, keep reading and you will know all you need. 

Does Lucifer Ever Reveal Himself To Chloe? 

Lucifer Morningstar, originally Samuel, is the notorious king of hell and one of God’s younger angels. He left his position as ruler of the underworld after becoming tired of it and went to Earth to open a nightclub in Los Angeles.

He fell in love with LAPD Detective Chloe Decker on Earth (played by Lauren German). However, he attempted for months to conceal his actual identity as the devil, but it was ultimately too much for him to bear. In the season three finale, Chloe discovered Lucifer’s demonic face.

After protecting Chloe with his angel wings and flying her to the top of a rooftop, he returned to Cain and slashed the world’s first killer with a demon sword.

He wasn’t aware, though, that Chloe had observed the entire episode, including Lucifer’s demon face. Chloe struggled to accept Lucifer’s true identity in the first few episodes of Lucifer season four.

It was stated that once Lucifer’s name was revealed, she went on vacation to cope with the startling revelation. Things also changed for Lucifer when he realized his presence in Los Angeles was really bringing “hell on Earth,” and his demon visage began to reveal itself.

Lucifer also learned that he was ‘weak’ around Chloe, implying that she was his first love rather than Eve (Inbar Lavi), as he had previously assumed.

Lucifer discovered his weakness early in the series after being injured while attempting to solve crimes alongside her.

However, it wasn’t until the duo were reunited in season four, episode two, following his demon unmasking, that he discovered his unique weakness.

Chloe, it appears, was also aware of what was going on.

What Episode Does Chloe Find Out Lucifer Is Really The Devil?

When Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer?

Season five of Lucifer has given Lucifer/Chloe fans a lot to be thankful for, but do you recall the first time Lucifer exposed his face to Chloe? The huge event forever altered their relationship, and if you’ve been following since the beginning, you’ll recall that Chloe seeing Lucifer’s demon face was nearly the final thing we ever saw on the program.

The huge announcement occurred as a cliffhanger at the end of season three, which was first supposed to be the show’s surprise series finale when Fox canceled it (it was, of course, later rescued by Netflix to run through season six). 

Throughout the season, Chloe and Lucifer are pitted against an opponent who turns out to be Cain – yes, the Cain from the Bible, who slaughtered his brother. When it comes time to confront him, Chloe initially jumps in front of Lucifer to shield him and shot Cain, but in a supernatural battle like this, that’s not the end of things. Lucifer rescues Chloe and then returns to finally defeat Cain.

Cain’s henchmen eventually leave the scene, leaving just Cain and Lucifer, who draws a knife on Cain as one of the few things that can really kill him. Cain contemplates going to heaven as he dies, but Lucifer mocks him, showing that Cain understands in his heart that he deserves hell, not heaven. 

As he condemns Cain, Lucifer’s visage begins to progressively change, with burning crimson eyes and flames rising up his face. Chloe walks into the room, and Lucifer turns to face her, showing his true, wicked visage. The program concludes with her reply, a calm, “It’s all real.”

Does Lucifer Show His Wings To Chloe? 

Lucifer argues that his wings returned because he felt good about himself for the first time in a long time and that he earned them back. When Pierce’s soldiers open fire on him and Chloe, Lucifer shields them with his wings. The wings are damaged and bloodied, but Lucifer is still able to transport Chloe to the roof. She is unconscious and is not aware of their presence.

For the most part, Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to know. He plays with the notion, and by the conclusion of Season 2, he is ready to show her his devil face. Then he regains his wings, which he despises. He despises what they stand for and believes they are the work of God. That is his deliberate motive for not revealing Chloe. 

The subconscious reason, which he alluded to immediately before the conclusion, is that he is afraid Chloe would flee. Not only because of his devil face, which is frightening but because the knowledge of divinity and everything he told her being true may overwhelm her. 

He presumably can’t take the notion of Chloe reacting the same way Linda did, and he thinks that the disclosure would put a stop to any love emotions between them.

The wings are rather lovely, but he doesn’t want Chloe to see them and associate them with him, with the Lucifer he feels he is.

Does Chloe Accept Lucifer As The Devil?

When Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer?

Eventually, Chloe acknowledges that, despite his actions, she enjoys working with Lucifer, and when Lucifer formally becomes a civilian consultant for the L.A.P.D., they officially become partners. Lucifer is known to be upfront and honest with Chloe, assuring her of his actual nature as the Devil. While Chloe continues to deny that Lucifer is the devil, Lucifer has learned that her presence weakens him for an unknown and inexplicable cause. 

Chloe and Lucifer are known to clash on occasion, as Chloe is upset by Lucifer’s actions and Lucifer is angered because Chloe wants to do an inquiry by the book. Despite their differences, Lucifer and Chloe have formed a deep connection as both friends and partners. Lucifer and Chloe grow to rely on one another for both assistance and personal concerns.

Following her discovery that Lucifer was the devil, Chloe was overwhelmed by anxiety and uncertainty about whether or not the suave, yet sympathetic guy she had grown to love was an act. As a result, Father Kinley duped her into believing Lucifer was wicked incarnate. She altered her mind once Lucifer revealed that he feels weak around her.

 Because Eve had wormed her way into their lives, Chloe became increasingly concerned that Eve was promoting Lucifer’s bad conduct. As Chloe dies in his arms, she reminds Lucifer that they all made an individual decision to engage in the struggle in some manner and that she isn’t truly to blame for Dan’s death.

When Chloe dies at the hands of Michael, her spirit ascends to Heaven since she no longer feels bad about Dan. Naturally, Michael is ecstatic with this change of events, knowing that Lucifer cannot follow Chloe to Heaven or he would perish. That was the terms of Lucifer’s first exile, and the Devil recognizes this when he decided to sacrifice himself to bring her back.

How Does Chloe React To Lucifer’s Devil Face?

Chloe arrives at the newest crime scene, and despite her desire to work, Lucifer spends her interview with the victim’s wife, Lenore, gazing at her until she takes him away.

She claims she’s alright. She and Trixie traveled to Europe, and she reflected on what she observed. Is she comfortable with it, with him? He’s always given her the truth, and she believes she knew it all along. And how does she feel about it? She is eager to return to work.

When Lucifer touches Chloe’s shoulder as she walks away, she flinches. When Lucifer asks Dan for his “expertise” in similar circumstances, the detective informs him, “it implies that they detest you, that they want you as far away from them as possible, since your very touch makes them recoil in revulsion.”

Linda is more helpful, and the devil leaves their talk convinced that Chloe is putting her problems onto their research. He can utilize the instance to assist her in comprehending her emotions. He attempts to assess Chloe’s thoughts about what she may have sensed. Chloe said she was befuddled, deceived, and even terrified.

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