Where Is ‘Yellowjackets’ Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed

Where Is Yellowjackets Filmed Filming Locations Revealed

Yellowjackets, the popular thriller mystery series that premiered back in 2021, has been captivating audiences with its intense storyline. But apart from the thrilling plot, viewers have also been intrigued by the show’s stunning locations, which add a realistic and immersive quality to the narrative. The show’s settings have played a vital role in creating a sense of foreboding and mystery, from dense forests to desolate plains. If you’re wondering where these locations are and how the show’s production team captured their essence, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore all filming locations for both seasons of Yellowjackets.

1. Pilot Episode was filmed in Los Angeles

Before the series was officially greenlit, the showrunners decided to use the vicinity of the production crew and other amenities while the pilot episode was filmed. This made sense then, and over time, the show expanded to include plenty of locations known to use today. Eventually, the show moved its filming to Canada completely.

2. Ski Slopes of Mammoth Mountain 

Mammoth mountain scenes

Some pilot scenes were likewise filmed on the ski slopes of the well-known mammoth mountain. The complex is located in the Inyo National Forest and spans Madera and Mono Counties. During winter, the mountain becomes a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding activities.

The locations manager for the pilot episode revealed on Reddit that it was one extremely difficult episode to organize logistically due to high altitude, problems with illumination, and overall weather being horrendous. It’s difficult to use modern filming techniques when you don’t have access to electricity, which is likewise one of the problems identified by the location manager. 

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3. Pacific Coast Highway Malibu Mansion

The expansive Malibu mansion located at 26848 Pacific Coast Highway was used as a filming location for some of the scenes in Yellowjackets that involved Natalie’s rehab, which Taissa financed. The mansion is an impressive 16,107 square feet, and its luxurious amenities made it the perfect backdrop for the show’s setting. Among the mansion’s high-end features is a stunning pool that was likely utilized in filming the rehab scenes. 


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4. John Marshall High School, Los Feliz, Los Angeles

Scenes that involved the girls’ flashbacks to their high school days before they were about to crash in the forest were filmed at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. This public high school is often used for filming, as several shows and movies chose it as their destination to depict the highschool life. Just some of them are: Grease, Boy Meets World, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Supernatural, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Cory in the House, Amityville 4, and iCarly.

 5. Vancouver, British Columbia

After Los Angeles, the filming moved to British Columbia for several reasons. The City and surrounding area offer a lot in terms of diverse locations needed to depict both the civilization and untamed wilderness. Vancouver offers a range of landscapes, from dense forests and rugged mountains to urban areas and suburban neighborhoods, which can provide a backdrop for different scenes.

Vancouver likewise has a thriving filming industry with a lot of skilled workforce and crew members at its disposal. In short, Vancouver offers beautiful locations and a wide range of professions suited for most productions. 

6. Panther Paintball & Airsoft Sports Park in Surrey

During the filming of the show, some scenes were shot at the Surrey Panther Paintball & Airsoft Sports Park, which served as the backdrop for scenes immediately following the plane crash. This location was chosen because it offers a rugged and wooded environment that was perfect for depicting the show’s survivalist themes. The Surrey Panther Paintball & Airsoft Sports Park is frequently used as a filming location for survival scenes in movies and TV shows due to its unique terrain and natural beauty. 

7. The Bridge Studios in Burnaby

Most of the filming naturally utilized British Columbia’s natural beauties, especially the shots of the thick verdant forests. But, some scenes utilized the local Bridge Studios in Burnaby, which operates the largest effects stage in North America. 

8. 2400 Motel, 2400 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

The 2400 Motel, located at 2400 Kingsway, was used as a filming location for the exterior shots of the motel scenes involving Natalie. The motel’s exterior was chosen because it fit the description of a “sketchy” motel that the show’s creators had in mind for Natalie’s character. The 2400 Motel is an older, budget motel that has retained its retro charm and has a distinct appearance that suited the production team’s needs. Its location in Vancouver also made it a convenient choice for filming, as it was likely easily accessible from other filming locations in the city.

9. Stave Lake, Mission, British Columbia

The scenes in Yellowjackets that involved the lake were filmed on the shores of Stave Lake, which is located in Mission, British Columbia. Stave Lake is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and offers a variety of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking. Its picturesque location and scenic beauty made it a perfect location for filming the lake scenes