Where to Watch Below Deck All Seasons

Below Deck is an adventurous, comedy-filled reality television series that first aired on July 1, 2013, and still runs to date. It is a Bravo original series currently in its eighth season developed by Mark Cronin, Rebecca Henning, and Doug Henning. A high reception by viewers has since led to the launch of several spin-off series like Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

This Reality TV Series brings to life the now-famous motto “work hard, play harder” expressed by the main characters. The main characters, a group of young yachties (as they are called), get to deal with their boss and differing clients. They do this while dealing with their personal problems and living aboard the yacht. Nevertheless, if you fancy a comedic adventure with a touch of romance, then you’re right in searching for Below Deck.

Good things, they say, are hard to come by. And I rightly know this. Also, this is true for the rib-cracking and captivating series. Where to watch Below Deck all seasons, which is very much sought after. Being aired on Cable TV at inception, it proves challenging to get all the fun from this series today. For your convenience, I will point out reliable online locations where you can enjoy this series even for free!

Where to Watch Below Deck All Seasons at a Glance

I would use the term ‘captivating’ to appropriately describe Below Deck. One time, I forgot to get popcorn but could not bring myself to pause that episode even though I wanted to. I must say that Henning and Cronin did an excellent job in building anticipation for every subsequent episode.

This suspense, I can bet, will immediately arouse in you the desire to get all episodes of this series at once. So, where can you watch all seasons of Below Deck at a glance?

Below Deck is a top TV Series on-demand. So, it is not surprising that you can only access it on top movie sites. Some of such sites include; Netflix, Bravo TV, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Peacock, Hayu e.t.c.

On these sites, you can get all seasons of Below Deck as well as all spin-off series at a glance. While some allow for downloads, others only permit streaming. Now, let me discuss in detail where you can access all seasons of Below Deck.

Where to Watch Below Deck All Seasons

Notwithstanding the high demand, the Below deck remains an article of ostentation in the movie industry due to its qualitative content. Still, this does not make this much-cherished Reality TV Series out of reach. So let us now look at some sites and applications that deliver this series for your viewership.

Bravo TV

You can watch Below Deck on Bravo TV’s official site and the Bravo Now App. This occupies first place on my list partly because it is the official site and app of the network airing this series. The other reason is the efficiency and overall completeness of this series on Bravo TV.

Did you know that you can even get new episodes the very next day after they air on Bravo Now App? All you have to do is download the Bravo Now app and sign in. Once you are signed in, select shows on the main menu and search for ‘Below Deck.’ You can then stream or download any episode of your choice beginning from the very first season.


Another good site to get all seasons of Below Deck is Hayu. On Hayu, all seasons are available, plus Hayu is also reliable to keep you up to date with newly released episodes. One advantage here is that you do not have to be a premium subscriber to access Below Deck.

Amazon Prime

For a fair subscription price, Amazon Prime also offers a good viewing experience on this series. With Amazon Prime, you get to catch every single episode and spin-off series ever released at the same rate. Additionally, when you are subscribed to Amazon, you get to watch this reality series anytime, anywhere.


Netflix is also a convenient site to watch Below Deck. Recently, Netflix also released a trailer for an all-new season of Below Deck; hence we anticipate a new release soon. An appropriate subscription on Netflix assures you non-stop and up-to-date entertainment from Below Deck.


You can also watch all seasons of Below Deck on Showmax. Using the Showmax official website or the Showmax App, you can catch even the latest episodes of Below Deck. As an incentive, installing the Showmax App gives you 14 days free trial to enable you to enjoy Below Deck and other series.


I was also able to stream Below Deck on Peacock, and from my experience, I would recommend this site for streaming. 

Other places

Still, if you can handle a premium subscription for your convenience, you can also watch Below Deck on Hulu, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV. Despite having aired for so long, Below Deck remains a viewing sensation, a Reality TV Series on-demand. As a result, Below Deck is also available for streaming on VOD (Video On Demand) platforms. These VOD platforms include; Apple TV, Vudu, and Google Play.

Where to Watch Below Deck For Free

Though exciting and captivating, limited access to Below Deck has made it relatively expensive to access where available. This becomes overwhelming if you are just beginning the series with so many episodes aired already!

If you intend to join the adventures on Below Deck, it could be discouraging to consider the cost, and rightly so. Perhaps you, like me, do not like the idea of attachment or a recurring expenditure in the form of a subscription. Well, whatever the reasons, I can argue that it comes up short in comparison to your desire to watch this series, especially after a preview.

So where can you watch all seasons of Below Deck for free? Honestly, there are few sites where you can access Below Deck for a price and much less for free. However, join me to see some sites where you can watch this series for free and legally.

Bravo TV

Again, I will begin with Bravo TV. While you can stream Below Deck on Bravo Now App as a subscriber, you can also stream on the website. Additionally, on Bravo TV’s official website, you can stream this series for free without subscribing or even logging in.

One thing to have in mind is that watching a series on Bravo’s official website is like watching a show on television. For one thing, you do not get to choose the video quality, though the default is usually standard. A second reason is that you would have to sit through a lot of commercials in each episode.

Besides these shortcomings, you are sure to enjoy your viewing experience with a reasonably stable internet connection. From my point of view, I doubt that a few extra minutes for commercials would hurt.


Another option worth considering is Showmax. The Showmax app offers a full 14 days free trial. Interestingly, there is no limit to how much you can watch in this 14 days trial period.

A reasonable concern is whether or not one can complete this interesting series in just 14 days. Well, I believe that depends on how much time you have on hand and how much you are willing to devote. Whatever the case, a movie freak like me knows that a 14-day free head start is invaluable.


The world’s favorite Netflix also offers a 7-day free trial. As we earlier stated, Netflix features seasons of Below Deck and is an excellent site to start the series from scratch. 


You can also access Below Deck on YouTube TV on a 7-day free trial. This is also applicable to Fubo TV and Sling TV. On these sites, you would be required to log in and enjoy your trial for free.

All seasons of Below Deck are available for streaming on these websites and applications discussed above and on a free trial. One thing is sure, though; it will surely be difficult to watch all available episodes on the free trial. So, like me, it is best to view them as good head starts except when using Bravo’s official website.

Below Deck is an indeed interesting Reality TV Series everyone should watch. From this article, we have seen numerous sites to stream Below Deck. It also shows free sites to get Below Deck legally!

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