Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 All Seasons? [The Complete Guide]

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 all Seasons

Brooklyn 99 is a police procedural comedy television series created by Daniel Goor and Michael Schurr. The series premiered on Fox on September 17, 2013, and came to a heralded conclusion on September 16, 2021, with 153 hilarious episodes through 8 seasons. Indeed, the public received Brooklyn 99 so well that despite cancellation by Fox after season 5, NBC took it up with an increased viewers rating. However, now, after the show ended, fans are wondering where to watch Brooklyn 99 all seasons. 

This hilarious SITCOM features a brilliant yet carefree detective, Jake Peralta, and his dysfunctional team. It follows how the entire team, especially Jake, is forced to buckle up and follow the rules with the arrival of a new and stern police captain. Certainly, every episode is packed with humor and educative content, giving insight into the principles of fighting crime. So keep reading as I outline and explain in detail where and how to watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99.

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99: All Seasons

Asking where one can watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99 is not a question for dummies; even veteran movie lovers need direction here. I know this because I was once searching for this TV show myself, this forms the inspiration for this article. But, honestly, a good television show that premiered so far back and remained on demand is hard to come by.

After airing for seven years, one would expect the quality of any TV show to depreciate. Maybe so, but this is not the case with Brooklyn 99, which has remained a sensation to millions of viewers worldwide. Instead, the high-quality content of this television show has ironically led to the increased restriction in access. 

Still, Brooklyn 99 is not totally out of reach, as there are still a handful of stores where you can enjoy all seasons. Keep in mind that some of these stores have geo-restricted content for the series, in fact, others require subscriptions and premium subscriptions. However, I can still attest that the cost is worth this entertaining and educative television show.

Below is a list of where to watch Brooklyn 99 all seasons:

  • NBC’s official website
  • Fox
  • Hulu
  • Peacock
  • Netflix
  • FuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube
  • AT & T TV Now

All seasons of Brooklyn 99 are available on NBC’s official website, and seasons 1 to 5 remain accessible on Fox. Also, Hulu and Peacock are good sites to stream all seasons of Brooklyn 99, especially after the most recent episodes. Additionally, Netflix carries over 90% of the entire series and is a good site for streaming at a fair subscription fee.

Also, Brooklyn 99 can be streamed on Showmax, which currently has seasons 1 to 7 online. Nevertheless, other reliable sites for streaming this TV show include; FuboTV, Sling Tv, YouTube, and AT & T TV Now.

Is Brooklyn 99 On Netflix?

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 all Seasons

Netflix, a top-rated source of online entertainment, has continued to prove its reliability over the years, attracting millions of subscribers annually. However, this has been achieved through Netflix’s original productions, availability of free movies for streaming and download, and acquiring licenses to stream original productions of other networks. This is why I speedily turn to Netflix for on-demand TV shows like Brooklyn 99.

In this instance also, Netflix has not failed because Brooklyn 99 is available on the platform. Currently, Netflix has the first seven seasons of Brooklyn 99, not carrying only the eighth and final season which recently premiered in August 2021. Furthermore, Brooklyn 99 can be streamed on Netflix with an account subscription of £5.99 per month, meaning no premium subscription is required.

It may come up a little disappointing that a leading network like Netflix cannot make season eight available for streaming. This is simply because Netflix has failed to obtain a streaming license for this show since NBC took it up. Subsequently, NBC has made this show exclusive to their network and others owned by them, such as Peacock.

The good news, though, is that this limitation is limited. So yes, it is a huge possibility that you can stream the final season of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix around March or April in 2022. However, this good news does not encompass everyone, since Brooklyn 99 is geo-restricted content on Netflix.

I still consider it praiseworthy that Netflix has taken a step to extend viewership to over 30 more countries, unlike Hulu, which restricts Brooklyn 99 to the United States. So, if you live in a geo-restricted country, you may still not be able to access Brooklyn 99 on Netflix even with a full subscription. And yes, you can check whether your country is geo-restricted right there on Netflix.

If it so happens that you live in a geo-restricted country, the only way to watch Brooklyn 99 would be to change your location. However, keep reading to see other places where you can watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99 wherever you may be.

Is Brooklyn 99 on Amazon Prime?

As the name suggests, having a Prime membership works like possessing a master key that opens all doors to entertainment. Indeed, having an Amazon Prime membership gives one access to thousands of movies and series on popular demand. So, does this mean I can watch Brooklyn 99 on Amazon Prime?

All 153 episodes of Brooklyn 99 are available on Amazon, and this is a fact. Yet, streaming them on Amazon or Amazon Prime is not a possibility. Furthermore, it is quite unfortunate that a Prime membership does not help as you cannot also use it to stream Brooklyn 99. 

Up till today, the only viable way to watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99 on Amazon Prime is by purchasing them on digital stores. Exploring this option, you also can rent these copies on Amazon Instant Videos, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes. 

An advantage of the rent or purchase option on Amazon is a lack of restriction, neither time nor location. At any place around the world, you can purchase any season or episode of Brooklyn 99, with seasons one to seven are available for now. Again, once rented, you have ample time to watch and rewatch any episode at the exact cost with unlimited time for a purchased copy.

Is Brooklyn 99 on HBO Max?

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 all Seasons

Whenever I think of lengthy but yet captivating series like Vikings, I end up thinking of HBO Max. However, it is like an archive for a series worth watching over and over again and passing down to generations. HBO Max is well known for housing various TV shows that have stood the test of time and remained on demand, the likes of Brooklyn 99. 

So, can you watch Brooklyn 99 on HBO Max? Unfortunately, however surprising this may come, Brooklyn 99 is not on HBO Max. Why and how this is possible remains a mystery, but I guess that NBC wishes to keep the show as an NBC exclusive. 

However, if you have a free trial or a running subscription on HBO Max, you can access other SITCOMS shows like Brooklyn 99. In addition, there is Barry, a crime comedy-drama, and Veep, a political satire comedy television series. You could also enjoy The Office, Silicon Valley, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and so much more to keep you entertained with humor.

Is Brooklyn 99 on Disney Plus?

Besides being home to many exciting and captivating comedy TV series, Disney is an excellent place to search for Brooklyn 99. Considering the hilarious nature of this award-winning series, it is no doubt compatible content for Disney Plus. However, it is a dead-end search for Brooklyn 99 on Disney Plus

Disney Plus does not contain even a single episode of Brooklyn 99; this does not come as a surprise to me. This is because Disney has been quite conservative when it is streaming Original Productions from other Networks. 

Nevertheless, if you do not mind intellectual and hilarious cartoons, Disney offers a host of them. One such cartoon is the Simpsons, which has over 31 seasons and is still in popular demand.  Also, on Disney Plus, you can also enjoy comedy from Gravity Falls, the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars and its spinoffs.

Is Brooklyn 99 on Hulu?

All seasons of Brooklyn 99 are available for streaming on Hulu at this time. From a contract with NBC, Hulu was the only network alongside Peacock, owned by NBC that streamed every episode of season 8 the very day after they aired on NBC. 

Remember, only Hulu subscribers can watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99 on Hulu. Nevertheless, you do not have to be a premium subscriber, and at the rate of $5.99 per month before you can watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can also sign up immediately and get a free trial with which you can watch Brooklyn 99.

Hulu promises a splendid viewing experience with HD preference and an option to subscribe without ads. A shortcoming of Hulu is its geo-restricting of Brooklyn 99 for viewers outside of the United States. Other than this, any U.S subscriber on Hulu will find all 153 episodes of Brooklyn 99 available for streaming on Hulu.

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 For Free

Where to Watch Brooklyn 99 all Seasons

However entertaining and captivating Brooklyn 99 has proven to be, it is undoubtedly an expensive commodity considering the required subscription. Thus, the cost of binge-watching Brooklyn 99 is worth considering and, where possible, ideal for reducing or even eliminating. In line with this, is it pertinent to understand if it is possible to watch Brooklyn 99 for free? 

From my experience, it is very possible to watch Brooklyn 99 for free. However, the various places where Brooklyn 99 is available for free varies with the quantity allowed and duration of free streaming. Let me now discuss how to watch Brooklyn 99 on these sites for free.

I will start with the current owners of the show – NBC. As an incentive to encourage viewership, NBC permits free streaming for an entire season of Brooklyn 99 on NBC. So, if you are beginning the series, you are guaranteed 22 episodes in season 1, while you would enjoy about 23 episodes if you are resuming the series.

Another streaming service, Peacock also owned by NBC Universal, is an excellent site to get Brooklyn 99 for free. As soon as you sign up, Peacock offers a 7-days free trial for first-time users. Thus, you don’t even need to subscribe first, and you can still enjoy all seasons of Brooklyn 99 with the free trial. Additionally, there is no limit to what you can watch during this period, so I advise you to make the most of those seven days.

Are you a subscriber on Hulu? If not, endeavor to sign up as a new customer soon, as this will earn you a 30-days free trial. With this free trial, I can personally visualize 30 days of binge-watching Brooklyn 99. Nonetheless, you have to be in the U.S to access Brooklyn 99 on Hulu, and if you are, this is an excellent place to catch all episodes for free.

Netflix is not left out in the free trials. Netflix also offers a full 7-days free trial for prospective customers. With this free trial, you can catch episodes of Brooklyn 99 from seasons 1 to 7 and soon, season 8 too, all with subtitles. All you need is to be located at a non-restricted location, and Netflix offers an extensive range of just your needs.

Showmax is also an excellent place to stream Brooklyn 99 for free either on the website or the Showmax app. Also, Showmax currently has seven seasons of Brooklyn 99 and offers a 14-days trial period which you can use to stream this show. Imagine 14 days of constant entertainment from Brooklyn 99 and at no cost. 

Another streaming service where you can watch episodes of Brooklyn 99 for free is Fubo TV. This is possible using the 7-days free trial the network offers since Brooklyn 99 is also available for streaming during this period. However, I’d encourage you to select a near-perfect time to start any free trial to ensure you maximally utilize your free but limited time.

Brooklyn 99 is a must-watch. That is why it remains in popular demand even today despite that the shows have been concluded. However difficult it may seem, it is not impossible to watch all seasons of Brooklyn 99. 

These guidelines above are a sure guide for a satisfying viewing experience.

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