Where To Watch the John Wick Movies?

Where To Watch the John Wick Movies?

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A lot of people aren’t in that kind of situation that they can afford every major streaming service subscription, which is why they often have to pick just one or two. Seeing how the market is shifting towards streaming services, making a final decision is quite difficult and people often have different criteria when choosing their subscriptions. Some listen to friends, some read reviews and others scroll through the content. The latter is a very important criterium, as you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth when content is concerned, and it is because of that reason that we have decided to help all John Wick fans out there to make their decision.

As far as major streaming services are concerned, all three John Wick movies are available only on Amazon Prime. Other streaming services do not have the John Wick trilogy in their slate.

In today’s article, you are going to find out something about the John Wick trilogy. After that introductory note, we are going to tell you where you can watch the trilogy, i.e., which of the major services have the trilogy in their slate so you can make your decision if you’re a Wick fan. Enjoy!

What are the John Wick movies about?

Shortly after the wife of John Wick, a retired hit man, dies of illness, the widower is ambushed by a group of three thugs in his home; the thugs end up killing his late wife’s dog and stealing his car. Through contacts, he can find out that the leader of the group is Iosef Tarasov, the son of his former employer Viggo Tarasov; Wick wovs to take his revenge on Iosef.

Since Viggo has also learned what his son has done in the meantime and he wants to protect him, he instructs some of his syndicate supporters to kill Wick, but this fails. Viggo then puts a bounty of two million US dollars on him and also assigns Marcus, an acquaintance of Wick, to murder him. Since Iosef escapes a first attack by John, the latter burns down Viggo’s money hiding place, which leads to a confrontation between the two.


Viggo’s men can overwhelm John at first, but are turned off by Marcus, who shows solidarity with Wick. John can then get the whereabouts of his son from Viggo, whereupon he seeks out Iosef, eliminates his protectors and finally kills him too. Almost at the same time, Viggo murders Marcus because of his betrayal, which is why John subsequently kills Viggo.

A few days after the death of Viggo Tarasov, John Wick is visited by Santino D’Antonio, who once helped him to leave the milieu and received a coin from John for it. D’Antonio asks John using the guilt coin to carry out an order for him, but Wick initially refuses, which is why D’Antonio burns down his house. Afterwards, John is reminded by Winston, the manager of the Continental Hotel, on the floor of which killing is not allowed, that a guilt coin is mandatory.

He then accepts D’Antonio’s order: He should kill his sister Gianna so that Santino can get to her seat in the High Chamber. Although John was able to successfully carry out the mission in Rome, eliminating numerous of Gianna’s followers, Santino had also turned against Wick in the meantime to avenge the murder of his sister. Because of this, he puts a $7-million bounty on Wick, causing all of the New York assassins to come after him.

Wick2 scaled

Wounded by several battles, John finally seeks the help of the Bowery King, the leader of a network of false homeless people in the underworld, who provides him with weapons and ammunition. After Wick was able to kill D’Antonio’s followers man by man, Santino flees to the Continental, where he feels safe. But Wick kills him within the walls of the hotel, which is why John is informed a little later by Winston that his bounty has been doubled and that he will be denied any support in the future due to his rule violation.

With the “excommunicado” of John Wick imminent and all the hit men in town hunting him down, his goal is to get out of New York. To do this, he seeks out the Director, a woman from his Belarusian past, who smuggles him to Casablanca. There he asks the hit man Sofia, from whom he still has a debt token, to take him to the Elder, a high-ranking member of the High Table, from whom he hopes to get his bounty waiver.

Together, they manage to get to the whereabouts of the Elder via the assassin Berrada and then to eliminate Berrada and his men after a confrontation between the two parties. In the desert, the exhausted John finally meets the Elder, who agrees to waive John’s bounty if he swears his loyalty to the High Table and kills Winston.

Since John refuses to kill the hotel manager back in New York, the judge secularizes the New York Continental, which allows killing inside the hotel. John and the concierge Charon are able to kill all attackers sent by the High Chamber under the direction of the hit man Zero, which is why Winston and the judge agree on a deal: In return for the reopening of the Continental, Winston swears his loyalty to the High Table again. He then shoots Wick, who falls from the roof of the hotel and is then picked up by a trailer of the Bowery King, who was previously badly wounded by Zero. Both join forces against the High Table.

Where Can You Watch the John Wick Movies?

In this section, we are going to go through all the major streaming services and tell you where you can actually stream the three John Wick films, which might be a crucial point in making your decision which service you are going to subscribe to. Be aware, though, that streaming services tend to change their rosters so the movies probably won’t be available forever, but due to the movies’ current popularity, you can expect them to remain available for some time. All of the information is correct as of March 1, 2021.

Is John Wick on Netflix?

Sadly, John Wick fans who have a subscription to Netflix are not able to watch the trilogy on the streaming platform, as Netflix doesn’t have John Wick or its sequels in their slate.

Is John Wick on Amazon Prime?

Luckily for the John Wick fans out there, Amazon Prime does have all three movie in its library and you are able to rent or buy them from the service. The prices are as follows:

John Wick$3.99$7.99
John Wick: Chapter 2$3.99$.799
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum$3.99$9.99

Is John Wick on Hulu?

Sadly, John Wick fans who have a subscription to Hulu are not able to watch the trilogy on the streaming platform, as Hulu doesn’t have John Wick or its sequels in their slate.

Is John Wick on HBO Max?

Sadly, John Wick fans who have a subscription to HBO Max are not able to watch the trilogy on the streaming platform, as HBO Max doesn’t have John Wick or its sequels in their slate.

Is John Wick on Disney+?

Sadly, John Wick fans who have a subscription to Disney+ are not able to watch the trilogy on the streaming platform, as Disney+ doesn’t have John Wick or its sequels in their slate.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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