Which Pokémon Has the Longest Name? Top 10 Longest Names

Which Pokémon Has the Longest Name? Top 10 Longest Pokémon Names

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Most people take Pokémon for granted, especially their names. Sure, some names are punny and you notice them because of that, but in most cases, the names go unnoticed. Still, in case you did not know, for the first five Pokémon generations, a Pokémon’s name could not exceed 10 letters because of the in-game mechanics. This changed after Generation V and since then, we have seen some Pokémon with more than 10 letters in their names. In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 Pokémon with the longest names, excluding those that have “Mega”, “Gigantamax”, or some other descrtiptions in their names, since those are simply additions to basic species names.

Before we go to the list, we’d just like to say that the Pokémon with the longest name is Crabominable, whose name has a total of 12 letters.

Top 10 Longest Pokémon Names

10. Hitmonchan – 10 letters


Unlike Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan is a master of the fists with which he manages to knock out any opponent. His skill with his punches has made him learn punches of all kinds, including elemental ones, among others. Hitmonchan is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who has been working towards the world championship. He has an indomitable spirit and never gives up on his opponents.

Because of this, Hitmonchan is often seen in professional boxing contests. He always uses one arm to defend himself and the other to attack, so he never lowers his defense. His punches resemble a power drill and can go through a concrete wall with great ease. Despite everything, Hitmonchan needs a break after 3 minutes of combat to recharge his strength.

9. Weepinbell – 10 letters


It is bell-shaped, with a strong yellow color predominating on its body. It has two sharp leaves which it uses to eat, since if its prey does not fit entirely in its mouth, it slices it into pieces. It also has a large hook on its back, which it uses to sleep by hooking it onto a branch. If he moves in his sleep, he may wake up and find himself on the ground.

Weepinbell has a rather calm personality, though he does not hesitate to attack if he is disturbed. It feeds mainly on insects that it catches in the forests where it lives. If any Pokémon enters its territory, it will not hesitate to attack. When Bellsprout evolves into Weepinbell, its stem and roots disappear.

8. Stonjourner – 11 letters


Stonjourner is based on the Stonehenge dolmen, although it has influences from Nordic cultures and runes, which were their form of writing. The Stonjourner runes come from the Norse peoples of England. ᛝ (Ing), means lord (in reference to his human form) and letter of the god Yngvi, mythical king and first ancestor of the crown of Sweden.

It is also based on the relationship between Stonehenge and archaeoastrology (the relationship between ancient cultures and their mystical knowledge of space). Stonjourner’s body is made up of stones of different sizes, which he moves as if they were limbs. Occasionally, this Pokémon will sprint for a nimble move with long strides.

Although, in general, he likes to spend the day planted in a meadow, watching the path of the sun and enjoying a quiet life. Once a year and on a specific date, they have the habit of appearing out of nowhere to meet and form a circle, always leaving the same space between them. Nobody has managed to find out the reason, but many theories are considered that contemplate the position of the sun, the energy of the earth and other factors.

7. Blacephalon – 11 letters


Blacephalon is an Ultra Beast that belongs to the Fire- and Ghost-types and has existed since Generation VII, in which it was introduced along with the Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

Blacephalon is a human-sized and humanoid Pokémon that is reminiscent of a clown. Its thin body is mainly white in color and has colored elements. The wide basin is yellow and has blue and purple stripes. It also has colorful decorative balls on its body: two white ones on the front and back of the upper body and one purple on the left and one blue on the right knee.

His arms are also colored blue or purple. Its wide, white ruff on which its round headrests is also striking. This is white and has colorful dots and colorful star patterns on the sides. The yellow eyes can be seen on the sides.

In its Shiny form, all of the white body parts are dark purple.

Blacephalon is characterized by its high strength and is very successful with both physical attacks and special attacks. Its defense and its strength points, however, are comparatively low.

6. Corviknight – 11 letters


Corviknight is based on a western jackdaw, a raven-like animal of British origin, as well as the figure of the dark knights of medieval times. Corviknight has dark blue plumage and red eyes. His steely plumage makes him appear to be wearing armor with only his chest plumage and dark claws showing. Its head feathers are also shaped like a helmet.

Corviknight is said to be the strongest Pokémon in the skies of the Galar region, and they are often seen flying fearlessly by them, popularly being nicknamed “the graceful lord of the skies”. Apparently, a look and a squawk from these Pokémon is enough to intimidate any Pokémon that dares to stand up to them.

Thanks to their intelligence and incomparable ability to fly, many take passengers from one town to another as employees of the Aerotaxis Galar company. Through the Gigantamax phenomenon, Corviknight with a Gigantamax factor are able to transform into Gigantamax Corviknight during combat.

5. Barraskewda – 11 letters


Barraskewda is based on a barracuda, a skewer, and an underwater torpedo as it uses its tail fin as a propeller to propel itself and move underwater when hunting. His jaw is as sharp as a spear and as hard as steel. It spins its tail fin to propel itself and lunges at prey, which it skewers at speeds exceeding 100 knots. Its meat is surprisingly delicious and highly valued in haute cuisine.

4. Centiskorch – 11 letters


Centiskorch is based on a giant scolopendra and a radiator. However, its design could also be inspired by fire centipedes, capable of producing light in its body through bioluminescence. The shape of its body is completely flat and elongated, reddish in color. The area of ​​his belly has yellowish circles. It has a cross of fire across its face and another at the end of its tail. His eyes are thin and yellowish.

This is an aggressive Pokémon that can reach 800 ºC in body temperature. When attacking, Centiskorch uses his body like a whip to launch himself at his opponent. His burning body can burn anyone who gets close without having to come into contact with him and with his sharp fangs he is capable of tearing his opponents to pieces.

3. Polteageist – 11 letters


Polteageist is based on a teapot, a poltergeist, and the genies that live inside magic lamps. Polteageist’s body is made up of black tea and has an unmistakable aroma and taste. He only lets a trainer he trusts taste it. However, taking too much can cause indigestion and stomach pain.

Many Polteageists take up residence in hotels and restaurants, disguised and hidden among the crockery. They can pour their power into leftover tea to create more of their kind, so they are often considered a pest.

2. Fletchinder – 11 letters


Fletchinder is based on a Japanese nightingale. Fletchinder is a Pokémon of great beauty both physically and for its melodious chirp. It shoots sparks from its beak and sets tall grass on fire to surprise its prey and catch them when they try to escape. He also takes the opportunity to toast them in this way before eating them.

If you need to reach more speed to hunt or flee, you can heat the bag inside your belly. Fletchinders are highly territorial and will not tolerate under any circumstances another Fletchinder invading their territory, whose radius extends for several kilometers. In the event that this occurs, very violent altercations take place for control of the hunting areas.

1. Crabominable – 12 letters


Crabominable is based on a yeti crab. Much of its body is covered in white fur, but cream-colored streaks stand out on its head. His face acquires a light blue tone and in it you can see his round white eyes and his huge mouth. His abdomen is bluish with light blue stripes and similar shades can be seen on the lower part of his arms.

He walks on four legs with ice blue tips. A Crabrawler got lost and ended up on a snowy mountain. Being forced to endure the cold, this Pokémon evolved and grew hair. He throws punches indiscriminately and, in moments of desperation, can rip off his own pincers and fire them like rockets. Inside these pincers, icy air accumulates, and the blows he deals with them are capable of shattering even thick walls of ice. His frantic punches have even stopped avalanches.

What Pokémon move has the longest name?

Before we finish this article, here is a piece of trivia. The move which has the longest name in the English versions, with a total of 25 letters, is Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom. It is is a damage-dealing Ghost-type Z-Move introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is the exclusive Z-Move of Lunala and Dawn Wings Necrozma and an upgraded version of their signature move, Moongeist Beam.


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After obtaining Z-Power, the user, Lunala, attacks the target with full force. This move can ignore the effect of the target’s Ability. This move can’t be used. It’s recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can’t be remembered. It cannot be used in battle.

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