Who Are Eros And Pip The Troll In The Eternals?

Eros And Pip The Troll

The Eternals, which had a theatrical release back in November 2021, is now streaming on Disney+. This means that, whether it is your first time watching or if you are watching it again, you can fast-forward the end credits to go to the post-credit scenes. In the first post-credit scene, we saw Eros and Pip the Troll making an appearance to the three Eternals that left Earth on their ship. But who exactly are Eros and Pip the Troll?

Eros, who uses the hero name Starfox, is an Eternal who was born on the planet Titan. Born on Titan, Eros is also the brother of the Mad Titan Thanos. Eros is accompanied by Pip the Troll, who was introduced as Starfox’s sidekick but is actually the sidekick to Adam Warlock in the comics.

The introduction of Starfox and Pip the Troll opens up a lot of opportunities for the MCU moving forward, as we can see a lot of potential events. We know that the Celestials were introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy and that Adam Warlock is an upcoming character in Vol. 3. That said, there is a possibility for the Eternals and the Guardians to cross over in the future, thanks to this connection.

Who Is Eros?

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When the Eternals premiered in theaters in November of 2021 and became available for streaming in Disney+ during the second week of January 2022, it became apparent that there were going to be a lot of questions about it moving forward due to the potential scenarios that could happen in the future. And this is due in large part to the fact that, like any Marvel movie, the Eternals showed two post-credit scenes that open up plenty of opportunities moving forward.

So, if you have seen the Eternals in theaters, you may have missed the post-credit scenes when you decided to leave the theater early. The good news is that you can stream it on Disney+ and skip the credits to look at the post-credit scenes. Of course, the first post-credit scene was especially intriguing because of the potential it opened up.

In the first post-credit scene, we see Thena, Druig, and Makkari in their ship, wondering why they were yet to hear anything from the other Eternals left on Earth. Using their keen senses, Thena and Makkari were able to immediately understand that someone was about to enter their ship, all while Druig was wondering what was going on.

From there, a teleportation gate opened up, as Pip the Troll popped out of it clumsily while saying that he was never going to teleport drunk once again. When asked who he was, Pip introduced a man named Eros as royalty on the planet of Titan, the brother of Thanos, and the vanquisher of Black Roger (he said Robert, but Eros corrected him on that).

After the fancy introduction from the troll, Eros introduced himself as Starfox and as a fellow Eternal. He also said that he believed that the Celestial Arishem, the same one who created the Eternals, had something to do with the fact that the Eternals could not contact their teammates left on Earth. Eros then showed them the same sphere that Ajak and Sersi used to contact to contact Arishem, all while proving that he was indeed a fellow Eternal.

That said, who exactly is Eros?

The introduction that Pip the Troll made was spot on. Eros is indeed an Eternal who was born on Titan, the same planet that was destroyed due to a lack of resources, according to Thanos. And we saw the remnants of Titan in Avengers: Infinity War when some of the Avengers fought the Mad Titan in an attempt to keep the Time Stone away from him.

Going back, in the comics, Eros is indeed an Eternal, as he is the youngest son of two Eternals, A’Lars and Sui-San. Of course, the eldest son of those Eternals was Thanos, who we know of as the big bad villain in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

While Eros was growing up in Titan, he eventually joined the royal family of the planet and was given the title of Prince. In the comics, there is no certainty whether he is also a prince, but what we do know is that he grew up as a carefree womanizer in Titan.

As an Eternal, Eros is capable of many different powers. In the comics, he has superhuman strength that is on par with the likes of Spider-Man. He is also immensely durable and capable of regeneration, but not to the same extent as Ajak’s regenerative powers. Of course, Eros is practically immortal because he does not age or, at the very least, ages at a much slower rate compared to humans and other humanoid creatures.

Is Eros Really Thanos Brother?

One of the most surprising things that we heard from Pip the Troll when he introduced Eros is that he is the brother of Thanos. So, is it really true that Eros is Thanos’ brother, considering that they have nothing in common as far as their looks are concerned?

In the comics, Eros and Thanos are actually brothers born to parents who are Eternals themselves. This may come as a surprise because, again, Eros and Thanos look nothing alike. On top of that, this is also surprising due to one of the changes that the MCU introduced to the Eternals in the film.

It was revealed in the Eternals that they are actually synthetic beings that were created by Arishem, an immensely powerful Celestial. This means that they are artificial and are not organic, unlike humans. This is one of the reasons why Sprite, as old as she is, never grew up, which was something she was bitter about.

So, being synthetic, the Eternals were not capable of bearing children. If it were possible for them to do so, then Sersi and Ikaris would have had children of their own.


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However, it could be possible that Arishem, at one point, created Eternals that are capable of aging and are organic. One of the reasons why Arishem meant for the Eternals to be synthetic is so that they could not evolve. This was something that was revealed when the Eternals discovered that the Deviants were also made by Arishem and were sent to planets to make sure that predators would not eat off intelligent lifeforms. But the Deviants became predators as well.

In an attempt to correct his mistakes, Arishem sent Eternals to kill the Deviants. He also meant for them to be synthetic and incapable of evolution so that they would not become predators like the Deviants.

So, it could be possible that the parents of Eros and Thanos were actually organic Eternals that Arishem realized were mistakes. This mistake could have also prompted him to make the next Eternals synthetic to prevent them from bearing children.

Why Is Thanos Purple But Eros Isn’t?

In the comics, the reason why Thanos is purple and Eros isn’t is due to the fact that Thanos is part-Deviant. As mentioned, the Deviants were also created by Arishem. Meanwhile, Eros came out as a normal Eternal.

Considering that Thanos’ parents and the Deviants were created by the same Celestial and that, in the comics, the Eternals are organic, it could be possible that Thanos’ parents had some of the genetics of the Deviants and that the genes were passed on to Thanos. This explains why Thanos is purple and why he has such a twisted mindset.

Meanwhile, in the MCU, it could also be possible that the same scenario is the reason why Thanos is purple. If our theory about organic Eternals holds true, it could be possible that these organic Eternals also hold some of the genes of the Deviants and that Thanos’ could have inherited it from his parents. 

Why Did Eros Appear In Eternals?

So, the reason why Eros appeared in the Eternals in the post-credit scene is due to the fact that he also went against the wishes of Arishem. Of course, since he discovered that the Eternals on Earth also went against their creator’s wishes, he joined up with them in an attempt to try to find a way to save the other Eternals and free themselves from Arishem’s chains.

Eros’ introduction to the MCU also opens up a lot of opportunities for the Eternals moving forward, especially when you understand how the different characters and stories in Marvel are so interconnected. This could open up a future meeting of the Eternals and the Guardians of the Galaxy, as the Celestials were first introduced in the MCU through the Guardians. Of course, there is also another connection that we are going to talk about. 

Who Is Pip The Troll?


We can never forget about Pip the Troll, who was the first one to teleport into the Eternals’ ship and introduce Eros to the Eternals. But who exactly is Pip the Troll?

In the MCU’s Fandom page on Eros, it was actually Eros himself who created Pip the Troll to be his companion. But Pip has a deeper history in the comics, as Pip was actually a prince on the planet of Laxidazia and was not a troll. 

However, Pip found himself in the wrong company and eventually became a troll after drinking enchanted liquor. He also found himself in the service of Adam Warlock as his sidekick in an attempt to overthrow the Magus. 

So, in short, Pip is actually Adam Warlock’s companion in the comics. But this could open up another connection between the Eternals and the Guardians, as Adam Warlock will be revealed as a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Who Plays Pip In The Eternals?

In case you find Pip familiar, you should know that he is portrayed by Patton Oswald, who actually played the voice of Remy the Rat in the hit Disney animated movie Ratatouille. He also had a role in Agents of SHIELD as Keonig.

How Strong Is Pip The Troll?

In the comics, Pip the Troll doesn’t have any specific powers that are unique to him. However, he was once a member of the Infinity Watch, which kept guard of the Infinity Stones. Carrying the Space Stone allowed Pip to teleport at will. And even after losing the stone, he could still teleport due to how long his exposure to the Space Stone was.

Who Is Pip To Eros?

As mentioned, Pip the Troll is simply a traveling companion to Eros in the MCU. Eros was the one who created Pip. However, this connection between the two characters in the comics was hardly ever explored.

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