Who Is Bill Watkins in Spy x Family? (& Who Is the Voice Behind Him)

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As Spy x Family is heating up and is proceeding with its events, more and more characters are getting introduced into the series, regardless of how big or small their roles may be. In that regard, one of the characters that ended up in episode 10 is an Eden College student named Bill Watkins, who was on the opposite side of a dodgeball game that Anya participated in. So, who is Bill Watkins in Spy x Family?

Bill Watkins is the six-year-old son of an army major and is a student that attends Eden College in a class that’s separate from Anya’s. He is a freak of nature when it comes to his natural prowess as an athlete because he is so much bigger and more muscular than any of the students in his grade.

The introduction of Bill Watkins in Spy x Family added a comedic twist that was great for the fans of the series. Nevertheless, he played a minor role as the antagonist of the dodgeball game that both Anya and Damian wanted to win so badly. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Bill Watkins and the one who voices the character.

Who Is Bill Watkins In Spy x Family?

Like any good anime, Spy x Family keeps on making the show funnier and more interesting by adding characters that add some color to the storyline. This was what happened in episode 10 of Spy x Family when the kids over at Eden College were tasked to play a game of dodgeball in what they believed was a chance for them to earn a Stella Star, which would have allowed them to get one step closer to becoming an Imperial Scholar.

The first to hear about this was Damian, who devised a strategy with his friends so that they could help him win the MVP of that game and hopefully a Stella. Meanwhile, Anya heard about the chance to win a Stella in the dodgeball game as well and proceeded to tell Loid and Yor about it. That was when Yor decided to let her undergo a rigorous training regimen that worked on her physical strength, pitching technique, and stamina.


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During the dodgeball game, however, they ran into the opposing team’s star athlete. The kid’s name was Bill Watkins, who was the biggest threat to Damian’s and Anya’s chances of winning the game’s MVP and possibly a Stella. But who is this new character in Spy x Family?

Bill Watkins is the six-year-old son of a major working for the national army and is also a student attending Eden Academy. And the funny part was the fact that he was portrayed to be a lot bigger and more muscular than any six-year-old kid ever.

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In Spy x Family, Bill Watkins is almost twice as tall as any of his classmates, and that means that he is nearly as tall as a regular-sized adult in the anime. However, his physique is freakish because he has the muscle density of a prime adult athlete.

It was this physique and natural intelligence that allowed Bill Watkins to excel at any sport since his kindergarten days. In fact, he won all of the tournaments he took part in as a young boy, and that was one of the funny parts of the anime because the other characters didn’t even think that kindergarteners were already taking part in high-level athletic competitions.

The addition of Bill Watkins in the episode proved to be one of the funniest parts of the entire anime because there is no way that a freak of nature exists at the age of six. It also seems to be a play at the common anime troupes of teenagers having the muscle definition and the size of full-grown adults, as Spy x Family took it a step further by making a six-year-old kid look like an adult himself.

What Happened To Bill Watkins In Spy x Family?

During episode 10 of the Spy x Family anime, both Damian and Anya took part in a dodgeball game, believing that it was their chance to win a Stella for the first time since attending Eden College. However, Damian already knew about the biggest obstacle in their way, thanks to his intel regarding the opposing class. This obstacle was, of course, Bill Watkins.

In that episode, Bill’s backstory was briefly explored as his athletic background was told. It was even shown that he also trained hard for that game because he believed that there was also a Stella on the line. In the flashback of his training, it was seen that he was strong enough that he could bend light poles with his dodgeball pitch.

He was also shown meeting up with his father, who he called “daddy,” as that was one of the funniest scenes of the episode. And his father was proud of his son’s efforts as an athlete that could end up becoming the best athlete that Eden College could produce, considering that Bill Watkins was a freak of nature in terms of his natural physique.

During the game, Bill was singlehandedly eliminating every student in Anya’s class with dodgeball pitches that were strong enough to take out multiple students in one throw. On top of that, he was adept at blocking dodgeball pitches with one hand as none of the other students stood a chance against this mammoth man-child.


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Bill eliminated all of the students except for Anya and Damian. However, he proceeded to try to eliminate Anya but to no avail because she was using her powers as a telepath to tell where Bill was going to throw the ball. However, Anya slipped and was in a position for Bill to take advantage of when he threw a pitch that would have eliminated her.

That was when Damian forgot all about the fact that he wanted to become MVP and took the shot for Anya. Feeling motivated by the fact that she could win the game all by herself, Anya used her secret move in a dramatic sequence that ended up in her throwing a dud. Bill proceeded to eliminate her with a single throw.


However, at the end of the game, Bill Watkins thought that he was going to win the MVP and a Stella, only to get shot down by Henry Henderson, who said that there was no way he was going to give a Stella for a simple game of dodgeball. He even told Bill that he should be penalizing him for the harsh language that he used during the game.

Who Is The Voice Behind Bill Watkins?

One of the funniest parts of Spy x Family was the fact that Bill Watkins carried the voice of a grown man throughout the entire episode. He is actually voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto, who is one of the most prominent voice actors in the anime industry.

Hiroki Yasumoto started out as the voice of Yasutora Sado in the Bleach anime. He ended up earning more roles as his career progressed and even went on to have voice-acting jobs in numerous anime series every year. Yasumoto also voiced Elfman in the Fairy Tail anime, as he seems to be adept at lending his voice to large and manly anime characters.

In that regard, bringing in Hiroki Yasumoto to voice Bill Watkins in Spy x Family was a nice touch on the part of the director of the anime because it only made the character funnier. It’s hard to imagine a six-year-old kid having the same voice as full-grown adult anime characters like Sado and Elfman. 

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