Who Is Kaelego In Archive 81? (Is He A Demon Or A God)

Who Is Kaelego In Archive 81? (Is He A Demon Or A God)

One of the most interesting shows you can find on Netflix today is Archive 81 because of how unique it is in its take on the horror genre. While many different horror movies and shows focus on the ghoulish aspect of the story, Archive 81 takes on a different approach because of its supernatural psychological way of telling a horror story. One such being that is supernatural in the series is Kaelogo. But who is Kaelogo, and is he a demon or a god?

Kaelogo is a demon that dwells in the Otherworld. While he may be considered a demon, he is revered by the Vos Society at the Visser as a god or a deity. However, Kaelogo is an entirely original creation made by the showrunners. As such, he is not based on any kind of lore or story outside of Archive 81.

Even though a lot about Archive 81 is psychological in nature, there are plenty of things that are supernatural as well, especially if you notice the fact that the main characters Dan and Melody seem to be transcending time and space by communicating with one another, despite living in separate timelines. This is where Kaelogo’s influence on the entire story comes in.

What Is Kaelego In Archive 81?

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest shows that are available for streaming on Netflix, one of the most interesting shows that you might want to try out is Archive 81, which is a psychological horror-thriller that has a different take on the whole horror genre. It is as unique as any horror show can be because of how it focuses on the slow-burn supernatural psychological aspect of horror.

In case you have already seen Archive 81 but are left confused by the events that transpired near the end of the series, one of the things you might be wondering about is Kaelogo’s identity. Even though Archive 81’s horror aspect is psychological, there are still a lot of things that are supernatural about it. And Kaelogo is one of the biggest supernatural aspects that the show has to offer. But what exactly is Kaelogo?

One of the simplest ways to put it is that Kaelogo is simply a powerful supernatural entity that lives in the Otherworld and is capable of powers beyond our imagination because of his capability of bending the laws of time and space. Now, in case you haven’t noticed, there have been a lot of instances wherein time and space have been bent in Archive 81.

Early on in the series, you may have noticed that Archive 81 tells the story of two different timelines. The first happens in the present time, and it involves Dan, who works as a technician that restores old photos and videos. He was given the task of restoring old footage shot by Melody during the 90s.

Meanwhile, the second timeline happens during the 90s and revolves around the aforementioned Melody, who is shooting a video about a historic apartment building in New York called the Visser. While she may be shooting the video for a school project, she is also doing so to find a way to reconnect with her deadbeat mother.

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As Dan is restoring the footage that Melody took during the 90s, he becomes more and more entangled with the events surrounding the Visser, which burned down during Melody’s timeline. He seems to have noticed something supernatural going on around the people living in the building, all while noticing that people in the Visser were acting strange. It is also worthy to note that none of the bodies of the inhabitants of the Visser were found when it burned down.

Dan dives deeper and deeper into the footage that Melody took. He began to see visions of Melody in real life, as they engaged in conversations as if she were actually right in front of him. At first, anyone would think that this was a product of Dan’s reclusive nature and his history of depression. But it was also revealed that Melody was also having visions and conversations with Dan in her own timeline.

This is what we are saying when there is something supernatural going on in the show, as both Dan and Melody were able to converse with one another as if they were both in the same timeline. And this goes back to the fact that Kaelogo is an entity that is capable of bending the laws of time and space.

Kaelogo, due to his nature as a trickster and as an entity that likes to mess with people, was trapped by the Baldung witches inside a sculpture. Meanwhile, in the Visser, the Vos Society worships Kaelogo’s sculpture and sees him as a deity. And supernatural mold begins to seep out of the sculpture to affect the lives of the people living in the Visser.

Is Kaelego A Demon Or A God?


One of the things that we know about Kaelogo is that he is indeed a supernatural entity with powers that exceed anything that we know of as normal. But is Kaelogo a demon or a god? And is he good or bad?

There are many ways you can describe Kaelogo. He may be seen as the central antagonist of the series, but what you should know is that it is difficult to truly tell whether or not he is a demon or a god because things aren’t always black and white when it comes to certain situations.

Some people can call Kaelogo an elder god that loves playing tricks on people but is not entirely bad. As you may have noticed in the series, he has done a lot of things, but he hasn’t done anything that’s truly wrong. Kaelogo never harmed or injured anyone directly, even though a lot of the bad things happened due to his influence on the Vos Society and the people living in the Visser. But as far as whether or not he did something bad directly, that wasn’t something we saw in Archive 81.

Then again, Kaelogo does have a chilling appearance that is certainly going to scare anyone. This could mean that he is actually a demon. He may not be the one directly pulling the strings, but he does have an influence on what is happening because Kaelogo was the reason why the Vos Society was sacrificing human beings in an attempt to summon him from the Otherworld.

But the one thing that you will truly point to the possibility that Kaelogo is, in fact, a demon is that the Baldung witches sacrificed their own magic so that they could trap Kaelogo in a statue. Considering that people don’t normally trap other entities without reason, there must be a good reason why the Baldung didn’t want Kaelogo moving freely around our world.

Is ‘Archive 81’s Kaelego Based On A Real Myth?

By now, you probably already know a bit more about Kaelogo and what he is capable of. We also know that the supernatural things happening in the series all stem from his powers. However, is Kaelogo something that was born out of a real-life myth? Is he someone that the showrunners took from folklore?

The one thing that you should know about Kaelogo’s origins is that this is an entity that was originally created by the showrunners. There is no real myth regarding Kaelogo because he is entirely original and exclusive to the world of Archive 81. But it sure is a long stretch to say that he was simply born out of the showrunners’ mind because Kaelogo must have been a creation drawn out of inspiration from other myths and legends.

There is an element of HP Lovecraft in Kaelogo’s entire being, as we have seen plenty of supernatural entities or elder gods in Lovecraftian works. In a way, Kaelogo’s existence is probably inspired by some of the works of HP Lovecraft. But the fact of the matter is that this is a monster that was created by the showrunners and was not stolen or copied from any other work.

What Happened To Kaelego?

What Happened To Kaelego?

At this point, it is easy to conclude that you already know a lot about Kaelogo and how he influences the story. You probably already know that much of the story of Archive 81 revolves around Kaelogo and the different organizations that look to either keep him trapped or to release him in our world. But what exactly happened to Kaelogo?

Throughout the entire series, we were led to believe that Melody’s deadbeat mother abandoned her because she was a worthless mom who just didn’t want to have a child. We also know that she was actually living in the Visser before the events of the series.

However, in the latter portion of the series, we learn more about Melody’s mom, who is actually a Baldung witch that gave Melody up because she wanted her daughter to live a normal life. And the reason why Melody couldn’t live a normal life when she was around her mother is due to the fact that these witches were looking to keep Kaelogo at bay using their magic. Melody’s mom didn’t want her around that kind of life.

So, while the Baldung witches were successful in trapping Kaelogo in a statue, the Vos Society was able to use the souls of the inhabitants of the Visser to try to summon the demon/god. This means that Melody’s soul has been trapped in the Otherworld since 1994.

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Dan travels to the Otherworld with the help of Melody’s mom. However, in the Otherworld, Kaelogo uses his powers of trickery and persuasion to try to convince Dan that his family was also still alive in this different world and that Dan could stay in the Otherworld to live a happy life.

But Dan was able to break out of Kaelogo’s hold and escape with Melody while also getting past the demon/god in the process. However, Samuel grabs Melody and tries to keep her from escaping. This led to Melody waking up in the present day while Dan switches places with her and wakes up in 1994.

Meanwhile, as for Kaelogo, it can be speculated that he is still trapped in the Otherworld and is trying to find a way to escape it. The only way for us to determine Kaelogo’s ultimate fate is for a second season to arrive. This means that the ball is now on Netflix’s side to decide whether or not Archive 81 should be renewed for another season.

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