Who Is Little Nina in The Boys? Meet Katia Winter’s New Character

Season 3 of The Boys continues to heat up as we get to see more and more characters getting introduced to the series. In that regard, one of the most important characters in the next phase of The Boys has just been introduced in episode 3, and it is becoming clear that she might play a huge part in episode 4. We are, of course, talking about Little Nina, who appears to be someone that Frenchie used to work for. But who is Little Nina in The Boys?

Little Nina is a Russian mobster that appears to be trafficking drugs. It was suggested in episode 3 that Frenchie used to work for her but has since left her mob. Little Nina appeared when she had Frenchie kidnapped because she wanted to know where Cherie’s location was.

Little Nina is a character taken straight out of the comics, like a lot of the different characters we have seen in The Boys. While she might not be the exact same character in the comics, it appears that she will play an important role in the next episode, especially because The Boys plan to go to Russia. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at Little Nina in The Boys season 3.

Who Is Little Nina In The Boys?

The latest season of The Boys keeps on getting more interesting every single episode because of how it continues to introduce new characters that may or may not play big roles in the series. Of course, there are some characters that are only there to add a few interesting scenes in the series, but there are some characters that are probably going to have bigger roles in the future.

One such character that we believe is going to have an important role in the future of The Boys is Little Nina, who was introduced during the middle portion of episode 3 in Frenchie’s character arc. So, who is Little Nina in The Boys?

The first three episodes of The Boys have a story arc that focuses on Billy Butcher and the rest of the other Boys in their mission to find information regarding the weapon that supposedly killed Soldier Boy in the 80s. They were desperate enough to find such a weapon because they believed that whatever was strong enough to kill a powerful supe like Soldier Boy could also be strong enough to kill Homelander.

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Butcher’s mission took him to Gunpowder, who he beat up to extract information regarding what happened to Soldier Boy. He found out that Soldier Boy and his team, Payback, were involved in a CIA operation in Nicaragua in 1984 and that that was when Soldier Boy died. And when Butcher learned from Hughie Campbell that Victoria Neuman was a supe, that was when they decided to visit Grace Mallory and Ryan.

But before that, they invited Frenchie to come with them on their visit to Mallory as Butcher seemingly had a hunch that she knew something that she should’ve told The Boys long ago. However, Frenchie told him that he had something personal to attend to.

The Boys went over to Mallory, who Butcher confronted. She told the story of the 1984 incident in Nicaragua as Payback was involved in an attack by the Sandinistas and the Russians on the Contra forces that the US was backing up. It was during that attack by the Sandinistas and the Russians that apparently killed Soldier Boy as Crimson Countess told Mallory that they used a weapon strong enough to kill him. Mallory watched as a helicopter took away Soldier Boy’s body.

Meanwhile, Frenchie was actually helping Cherie, a recurring character who has been in a casual sexual relationship with him. She told him that she needed to get away because she had lost some drugs that belonged to a person named Little Nina. That was when Frenchie gave her a fake passport that allowed her to start fresh elsewhere.

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However, later on, a group of Russians kidnapped Frenchie after telling him that Little Nina wanted to see him. That was when he got taken by force by these Russians to a Russian general store that was supposedly owned by Little Nina. So, who is Little Nina in The Boys?

Apparently, as what we can assume from the conversation between Frenchie and Cherie and then from the one that Frenchie had with Little Nina, she is most likely a Russian smuggler or drug lord. In the conversation she had with Frenchie, it was clear that they used to know one another, as she referred to him as Sergei, which is a Russianized version of Frenchie’s real name, which is Serge.

Little Nina wanted to know where Cherie was because, apparently, the truth was that Cherie stole drugs from her. She also reminded Frenchie of how she used to work for her as one of her mobsters. In that regard, it is clear that there is some history going on between Frenchie and Little Nina. However, Frenchie was able to escape with his life when he told Little Nina that he was now working for the government and that she couldn’t touch him without the government retaliating.

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Near the end of episode 3, Butcher asked where Frenchie was and learned that he was with Little Nina. That was when Butcher got the idea of using Little Nina as a way for The Boys to get to Russia, considering that his ultimate goal was to find out more about what happened to Soldier Boy, whose body had been taken by the Russians in 1984 when they supposedly killed him.

In that regard, while Little Nina didn’t have a lot of screen time in episode 3, there is a good chance that we will see her again in the next episodes, especially if she is going to have a role in The Boys’ infiltration of Russia.

Who Plays Little Nina In The Boys?

In The Boys, Little Nina or Nina Kamenko is played by a Swedish actress named Katia Winter. And if you’re a fan of different TV shows, regardless of their genre, you might have seen Katia Winter in one of them.

Katia Winter has been around for quite a while already as she first appeared in several films in Europe before she moved to the US in 2011 in what was her most visible role as Milla in the movie Arena, which starred Samuel L. Jackson.

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After her move to the US, Katia Winter found success when she was able to land a recurring role in the popular series called Dexter, where she appeared in season 7 of that series as the character named Nadia. She appeared in nine episodes in that 12-episode season as she had a supporting role in the main narrative of that season.

Eventually, she also found herself in the supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow, which is a retelling of the Sleepy Hollow story involving the Headless Horseman. She starred as Katrina Cane in that series, although she didn’t have a huge role in it.

After that, Katia Winter appeared in the Arrowverse, where she became a supporting character in Legends of Tomorrow. She played the role of a Viking warrior in season 3 when there was a story that went all the way back to the 11th century in Greenland. However, she only appeared in a few episodes in the Arrowverse.

She continued to appear in more shows in supporting roles as she was on Blood & Treasure. She also appeared in movies like The Wave, You’re Not Alone, and The Catch. She is set to appear in a few more episodes in season 3 of The Boys.

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